How do you find inspiration for writing?

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  1. Shane1728

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    Writing is one of the skills that are difficult to develop. That is why writers need to find inspirations to make their work effective and outstanding. As a writer, I make other writers my inspirations. I read their works. I study their style of writing. These help me make my own style, so that my readers can learn things from my work.
  2. Laurene

    Laurene New Member

    I have only one inspiration for writing that is to inspired other people. Because through writing I am free to express what I want to say to my family especially to those people who criticize me. When I am sad I just turned my attention to writing and by that it lessened the pain that I felt.
    Why is for the other people it is just too easy to hurt other people feelings? That is the always main topic of my piece. Through this way I help other people who has the same problem like mine. Through writing I can interact to those people who has the same situation like mine. I do believed that writing is not just a art it has a special significant meaning that hard to explain, that the only one who can explain is the heart of a true writer.
  3. Eljo12

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    Writing is linked much more to listening than to speaking, which is why I invite you immediately to think of the writer's block as an unrenounceable experience of knowing and listening to you.
    Divide the writing into three steps.
    Writing a content is an always divided task in three steps. In the first collect the material and the ideas and sketch a synthetic lineup. Not a list of the telephone, but a reasoned index of the elements that make up your story along with the logical steps that link them.
    In the second phase of writing, consider one element at a time among those that make up your lineup and face it as if nothing existed, either before or after it. Write down, think as little as possible, let yourself go, be instinctive and do not stop if you realize you made a typo.
    In the third phase, after letting the text rest for at least an hour, reread everything aloud (if possible print the text, read on screen breaks your attention) and be inflexible towards: errors (obviously), too long periods or without rhythm.
  4. vivalavanda

    vivalavanda New Member

    I find inspiration for everything surrounds me. You just need to open your eyes and observe. I create stories inside my head when I am looking at the people and when I finally got a foundation for the story, I will write it in my notebook.
  5. carolinasky

    carolinasky New Member

    I have went through this for years although I do not consider myself a professional writer, but I am a writer. I think any of us who write seem to have this issue of writer's block or clouded mind. I have cleaned house to get away from what I am doing to take my mind away. I have done the going for a walk, playing with my dogs,any other activity besides writing and brain storming. A different routine the next day can also possibly put pep in your step. I agree just a little change can help.
  6. tikosi tina

    tikosi tina New Member

    I think sometimes it is essential to spend some time with a clear mind to find inspiration.Ideas are everywhere.Going for a walk and by searching the world around, you can gain some inspiration.You can notice everyday things and develop them in a different way.You can also find inspiration by engaging with an online community,with creative people.Engaging in discussions you can discover various concepts and ideas,that provoke inspiration in a new way.
  7. adamsmom

    adamsmom New Member

    Reading books and various articles definitely help me in finding inspiration whenever I write. Sure there are times that I experience writer's block and when that happens, I simply sleep it off and give myself a break. You will know for yourself if you're in the mood for some writing. Sometimes, good inspiration are those that you see everyday. You just have to broaden your perspective, open your eyes to see it.
  8. Kim Yansel

    Kim Yansel New Member

    There is a secret place I call as my personal den, and there is where I mostly I refresh my mind. It is actually a sand bar located in the end of my town's airport runway, and it is only available during low tides. Thankfully, when I need to find such inspiration, (which is actually solitude and peace) my den is there!

    P.S. : The horizon at 6 PM is stunningly beautiful! A very good inspiration to look forward what is going to happen the next day!
  9. Daisyray15

    Daisyray15 New Member

    There are times that no matter how much you want to write, you just can't. This is because of lack motivation and inspiration. You feel incomplete, that there's lackingLet’s admit that every writer needs an inspiration. Writers must be motivated and inspired to bring out the best in themselves. The good thing about inspiration is you can find it anywhere and everywhere, even from the unlikeliest sources or unexpected ways. Find a place where you know you won't be disturbed. Intention. Set your intention or goal. Breathe. Once your intention is set, sit down in any way you like, and close your eyes. Observe. When thoughts and feelings start arising, just observe and accept them as they are.
  10. mohamed20022

    mohamed20022 New Member

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  11. Joey Mercado

    Joey Mercado Member

    I can say that this question is somewhat a good one especially for people like me who use to be a writer nor a journalist on my early age (way back in my elementary and high school life). People tend to have a different inspiration in writing. But for me I find my inspiration in EVERYTHING. Cause looking at the better side that everything here is good and you can writes anything by just looking at it in any ways. We can write good composition stating our loved for our family, loved ones and even in our own country. We can write speech of motivation for our brokenhearted best friend or self . and we can see the beauty of nature but looking at it and expressing it on making some good poems. Everything can be your inspiration as long as you had this dedication on you and the motivation for you to WRITE. Hope this comment helps and bring good vibes
  12. Fcoded

    Fcoded New Member

    Everything about me is the passion which I have got about writing. I've been a freelance writer for sometime now and as a student I see that as a means of learning while working for clients. I'm currently studying to become a doctor and working as a freelance writer has opened my eyes to learn so much about life and how to relate with others.

    Most writers get inspirations from experiences and reading which is general. Naturally for me, I get inspired to write whenever I relax my mind. I get a good composure of myself whenever I relax my mind so I think straight and fast, then, I will get some messages and start to write

    It's always good to write. Writing is life! Lol.
  13. dhoyalahoy

    dhoyalahoy New Member

    Your passion must be your first inspiration. The reason why you are doing that is because you love to write. Nobody in the world has taught you how to love writing; it is your heart chooses writing as your passion.

    The question could be, what if you are out of the gas; you are tired, seems no audience or subscriber on your blogs or may be you have written too many but still no appreciation from readers. How can I know if writing is really for me?

    Validation will come first from your heart and second from writers. You heard me right. We tend to please readers to the extent of forgetting to ask guidance from writers who have experienced a slow-start.

    Inspiration will ablaze once we know you're in the right track. No matter how difficult your road is, you're pretty sure about your destination.
  14. I am not a writer but I love to write.
    I put my heart in a paper when I can't say it out loud.
    I find it difficult to talk regarding problems or whatever that comes to mind. I have trouble sharing it to others.
    I used to write poems pertaining to a person that's dear to me. Give it to them and I was appreciated for it or maybe they were just being kind :oops:.
    I documented my life, write it in a booklet for a school project and I got a nice feedback for it.
    My inspiration for writing is my feelings.
  15. AfricanChild

    AfricanChild New Member

    As a freelance writer, I am most inspired to write as soon as I wake up in the morning when my mind is completely clear as that is when my mental activity is at its prime. I take advantage of such hours to write samples from scratch for the purpose of building my portfolio.

    However, this is not to say that I cannot write during the afternoon or evening. I still do so, especially because most of the time I have writing projects for my clients to complete before set deadlines. And if I want to get paid, I must submit my work. So in this case, I could say deadlines motivate me to write as well.:)

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