How do you find inspiration for writing?

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  1. veb

    veb New Member

    Like every writer, whether for a book or song, inspiration comes in every opportunity that comes your way, sometimes when we see or heard something from somebody, our mind function and we can relate that situation from the topic or subject that we're about to write. So basically we can have our inspiration on the people we see, things around us, to new or old places we visited, its endless we just need to make our imagination flow and boom we have our story to tell or new song.
  2. Nikko0209

    Nikko0209 New Member

    I am a lousy writer. Actually, I would just write if I am required to do so. I feel like I am losing the inspiration to write. Or maybe writing is really not my passion. But reading some fora here, i realized that writing really helps other people to express all their hard feelings and anxiety in life. It is really inspiring how a certain thing changes the way people see about life. i hope I could see that i me. Maybe not now but soon enough I would see something or someone that would make me so inspired and be in love.
  3. Iscea

    Iscea New Member

    Personally, I've found that inspiration comes from anything and everything.

    Whether it's character interactions in a video game that gives me an idea for a particular type of character relationship in a story, or seeing something interesting in real life - the seemingly most innocuous things can cause my brain to make creative leaps to something only peripherally related. A few months back, a question someone posted on a forum board gave me an idea for a whole mini series.

    I have however, noticed that unfortunately inspiration never seems to come when you're looking for it.
  4. red3light5

    red3light5 New Member

    I started reading when i was just a kid. It was started with only story books and then i start to read all kinds of books. After reading thousands of different kind of books, i belive i have too much knowledge to write on too many topics. Its reason i am writing on different kind of websites because my mind if full with too many ideas automatically after reading a lot.
  5. I find it in everyday life events. I also find it on other stories, in peoples lives, in television. I find inspiration when I remember that writing is my passion.
  6. pzykhedelic

    pzykhedelic New Member

    A good writer must be a wide reader. We cannot talk about the things that we do not know or just rely on the opinion and hearsay of other people to make a good wrting piece. We can derive inspiration in writing from past experiences or treasured memories. Written articles which are based on true to life stories makes a great impact to the reader, those piece of art captivates ones imagination and stir his feelings.
  7. Isterd

    Isterd New Member

    The best moment to find inspiration is when you are trying to sleep but you aren't in the dream world yet. In that moment, my immagination starts to explore new ideas: then i take my block notes and i start writing what i saw so i won't forget it in the next day. Even listening to music helps me a lot for the same reason. In particular Ambient Music tends to make me dream with open eyes.

    Then, after some time, i'll take back what i've writen and i can start working on it.
  8. yuzupon

    yuzupon Member

    My favorite singer/idols were my sole inspiration. Whatever they do in real life, I would turn it into a story. I would try to create something and correlate them with the kind of fantasy I have in my mind. But I'm kind of preoccupied with my relationship at the moment so I haven't been updated. Instead I turn my head over heels feeling of my gf into poems and give one to her every monthsary.
  9. oppoa71

    oppoa71 New Member

    Writings are my passion, I love writing because I can justify my feelings and of course I can enhance my mental capability of course. I started writing when I was a child, no wonder why I love writing. And because of this site I can make use of my passion in earning.
  10. EmmiJadeShow

    EmmiJadeShow Member

    I watch a lot of YouTube videos for inspiration. I've been obsessed with the series Defunctland's about abandoned/cancelled theme park rides, and I've written a lot with amusement parks lately, haha.
  11. Deign

    Deign New Member

    Writing creatively is just as any other form of art.

    It's best achieved when you have things to say, dreams to document, perspectives to play with.

    You can whiff off repetition, motifs, fads, or flavor of the moments.

    I think the best way to have creative things to write about is to do stimulating things.

    Go outside. Look at things objectively. Walk down alleys, hike up to a point. Have conversations in coffee shops. Take a day trip to a little town an hour away from your house and see what things and people are like there. Put yourself in places, and describe the details to yourself. What did that diner feel like? Do you remember the waxy linoleum tables?
  12. prescilla-go9i

    prescilla-go9i New Member

    I do find my inspiration in writing from my experience in my life, my bad times and good times. I make it as a strenght to have a goal in writing. All my hurtaches, I used it as my inspiration to pursue writing though i know my capacity and capability but still i know i need to used it for me to succed.
  13. jk5glad

    jk5glad New Member

    Finding my inspiration in writing gets me to walk through the world with open eyes, open heart, and open soul.
    I traverse mountains, find myself watching the sunset at the beach, and cuddle my little ones, but there's just so much more to be inspired of. I draw my inspiration in writing from every simple things I enjoy in my life.
  14. Kelvingonzales17

    Kelvingonzales17 New Member

    I love to share my feelings through writing. I am not a blogger or a writer but I love writing because I am a freelancer now and I think this is one that I need to work on to my skills how to be a creative writer. I think it will help me to have an idea of what is going on in real life and how can I handle different struggle that will come to me in my new career.
  15. majoy88

    majoy88 New Member

    You must remember always the reason why you started writing to come up with an awesome masterpiece. Of course, you must find a place where you're comfortable and where you savor the beautiful scenery.

    TOMSHANJ Member

    move a round and see what people do, how they behave, their reaction to certain things, how they handle one another, check the nature and its changes...looks at posts people love commenting about, listen to songs that are on the hearts of many and get their message, read news and see why people are different , watch family movies and see what some homes miss believe me you will never fail to have what to write. THATS ME HOW ABOUT YOU?
  17. passionatewriter1

    passionatewriter1 New Member

    Ever since I was young, I loved reading and writing. I used to write creative compositions, and praises from teachers motivated me so much. I was always active when it came to reading and writing in class, while in primary and high school.
    However, this was not the case after joining my bachelor's degree course, although I used to read various novels, which I do up to date. After graduating, and tarmacking for long, the last option I had was writing what I have consumed over the years. The painful experience after graduating motivated me to start writing and this is the reason that keeps me going.
    To cut the long story short, always remember why you started, and how bad you wanted it. Every time you feel demotivated, rewind your mind and remember your "WHY?" Thanks.
  18. NoberBoh28

    NoberBoh28 New Member

    When I was young, I always wanted to be a newscaster of a certain TV Network. Moreover, it was also the reason why I joined the journalism club during High School days. Writing can be in any forms where you can be descriptive, narrative or be technical at some point. In my case, my inspiration of writing an article is my country. I live in a third world country where political dynasty and corruption are non-stop. Both of our poverty and inflation rate are increasing from time to time causing it more difficult to survive on our daily lives. Everytime, I walk on the street, it made me sad to see a young child asking for food since he has not been eaten for the whole day. It made me cry seeing the nearby mountain on its brown color where it used to be super green. Those factors are the main key elements why I write a post on social media and start inspiring people to do the same thing.
  19. LesY

    LesY New Member

    I agree with you, it is necessary to take a break from our computer or any device and go for a walk. That has done wonders for me. Also to combat writer's block I always write any thought that comes to my mind at any given moment in the "Notes" section of my phone so later I can add more things to it and create a story or post with it, depending on the project I'm working on.

    I might add I've seen many people struggle with it because we are always thought we need to do things a certain way or they will not work, thus limiting our creative side which is what is needed to write. Of course, there should be some linings but everyone has their way of writing. I usually start by pieces, I just write phrases or words that summarize what I feel or think without filters and then delve in the story I'm telling and follow its course rather than mark it.
  20. jakeandrew

    jakeandrew New Member

    As for me, I set my mood if I want to write in this day or the next day and so on. I find inspiration through the calmness of my mind and the environment itself . I find it easy to write if there is peace in my place that will give you focus on what are you doing, less distractions that affect my mind in writing.
  21. angie828

    angie828 New Member

    I carry a notebook with me and write down ideas that I have. Something may spark my interest and I get an idea that I want to write about. It could be the way someone said something to me, a funny joke, an article of clothing. Ideas just come to me out of nowhere, so it is just easy for me to jot them down while I remember.
  22. Xane911

    Xane911 Member

    Writing is all about what's inside our heart and mind which we want to express. Indeed if we need to write something we must have an inspiration to be able to deliver the most beautiful article we can offer. For me my inspiration for writing articles and blogs is my family. Thinking about them allows me to come up with different topics and information to the extent of my knowledge that I've learned in the past. Inspiration is a process which derives us to think about the people we are most dear of. Every writer has its story and the idea of being able to write is a blessing, with a purpose, and that purpose becomes inspiration to others through the thoughts and experiences that we share through in our articles.
  23. Ric

    Ric Member

    Writing inspiration comes from understanding something about yourself and working with that. When you understand yourself you can change your direction in how you approach topics coming from a heart space, fantasy place, dark place, or practical place. Inspiration comes from what drives you. The most approached emotion is passion even when being logical and practical. At that time it is controlled in a balanced manner
  24. JuiceAndJam

    JuiceAndJam New Member

    Inspiration for me comes in many forms, music, reading, watching, etc.. For music, getting lost into a track allows me to obtain a flow and some ideas that I'll want to put on paper. Since there is a large selection of music, I can obtain new and unique ideas endlessly. Reading is another form of inspiration, for seeing what other people put down and how they did so fills me with ways to reform what I have done, all the while getting new ideas for myself. This can also be applied to watching movies or television, or playing video games.
  25. elirose7890

    elirose7890 Member

    All writers need to refresh their inspiration from time to time. Daily life is full of writing inspiration, and inspiration can be found in books and stories as well. Boosting your creativity will help generate fresh ideas and beat writer's block. Almost anything can be a muse, so I try different methods and inspirations to get inspired like write about what you observe, visit a busy place and people watch for ideas, and listening to music to get more ideas and inspirations.
  26. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    when someone inspires us it boosts the writers more creative
  27. johngreen6651

    johngreen6651 New Member

    i use a plain notebook, although a nice journal can be motivating. Write down thoughts and inspirations and quotes and snippets of good writing I find on pieces of dialog and plot ideas and new characters. Then go back to the journal when I need ideas
  28. randy135

    randy135 New Member

    Most inspiration for my articles/blogs come from my own interests or experience. I either want to share a passion or to write something that can help people who have similar problems that I once had. For example, I used to be overweight in the past and I know how bad it feel to struggle everytime to get your body in shape but then give up because it's too hard. So recently I just wrote an article to give some advices to help newbies avoid common pitfalls when they first start their weight loss campaign, thus help them save time and do that more effectively
  29. jcheek

    jcheek New Member

    I also get my inspiration for writing from personal experiences and passions. For example, I love dogs, and have had many throughout my life. I've also had service dogs, as I am blind, and have learned the best, most humane way to train them. This experience has fueled my passion for dogs and I love to share what I've learned. I also like to write about legal topics, as I am a trained paralegal and enjoy giving people information about how to assert their rights when wronged.
  30. cheapdenim

    cheapdenim New Member

    My inspiration really depends on what it is I am writing.

    If we're talking about fiction, my inspiration comes primarily from my experiences. This could be an actual event that happened, an interesting person I encountered, or just a feeling that I've had. I struggle to write about something that I cannot relate to, or have not experienced.

    I also take heed from the books and stories that I really enjoy. For example, I love gritty, Australian fiction that deals with ordinary people facing normal, but tough challenges. Be it; a controlling relationship, drugs, or loss of purpose. I will use this basis to write a story. Not copying another person's story - just writing in the same genre that I enjoy reading.

    Once I even dreamed up a whole novel idea, and wrote it down as soon as I woke up. I wish this happened more often!

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