How do you find inspiration for writing?

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  1. veb

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    Like every writer, whether for a book or song, inspiration comes in every opportunity that comes your way, sometimes when we see or heard something from somebody, our mind function and we can relate that situation from the topic or subject that we're about to write. So basically we can have our inspiration on the people we see, things around us, to new or old places we visited, its endless we just need to make our imagination flow and boom we have our story to tell or new song.
  2. Nikko0209

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    I am a lousy writer. Actually, I would just write if I am required to do so. I feel like I am losing the inspiration to write. Or maybe writing is really not my passion. But reading some fora here, i realized that writing really helps other people to express all their hard feelings and anxiety in life. It is really inspiring how a certain thing changes the way people see about life. i hope I could see that i me. Maybe not now but soon enough I would see something or someone that would make me so inspired and be in love.
  3. Iscea

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    Personally, I've found that inspiration comes from anything and everything.

    Whether it's character interactions in a video game that gives me an idea for a particular type of character relationship in a story, or seeing something interesting in real life - the seemingly most innocuous things can cause my brain to make creative leaps to something only peripherally related. A few months back, a question someone posted on a forum board gave me an idea for a whole mini series.

    I have however, noticed that unfortunately inspiration never seems to come when you're looking for it.
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    I started reading when i was just a kid. It was started with only story books and then i start to read all kinds of books. After reading thousands of different kind of books, i belive i have too much knowledge to write on too many topics. Its reason i am writing on different kind of websites because my mind if full with too many ideas automatically after reading a lot.
  5. I find it in everyday life events. I also find it on other stories, in peoples lives, in television. I find inspiration when I remember that writing is my passion.
  6. pzykhedelic

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    A good writer must be a wide reader. We cannot talk about the things that we do not know or just rely on the opinion and hearsay of other people to make a good wrting piece. We can derive inspiration in writing from past experiences or treasured memories. Written articles which are based on true to life stories makes a great impact to the reader, those piece of art captivates ones imagination and stir his feelings.
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    The best moment to find inspiration is when you are trying to sleep but you aren't in the dream world yet. In that moment, my immagination starts to explore new ideas: then i take my block notes and i start writing what i saw so i won't forget it in the next day. Even listening to music helps me a lot for the same reason. In particular Ambient Music tends to make me dream with open eyes.

    Then, after some time, i'll take back what i've writen and i can start working on it.

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