How do you find inspiration for writing?

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  1. Flinn

    Flinn New Member

    We all have something inside that we want to share to the world. You just need to find it. Another one, thing of yourself as a book author, imagine the success of writing your book after publishing. Those are my inspirations.
  2. jazzlightly

    jazzlightly New Member

    I find inspiration by either in the noise or silence. There are times when I love the chaos in my mind when I'm listening to music or watching and just allow the stream of ideas in my head flow through. Sometimes, I flood myself with my memories, emotions, rational thoughts, and random words to come up with a really weird but awesome angle on topics like love and life. On the other hand, I would just be in a really quiet room and just clear my mind until I find a train of thought that I fancy or can stay with until I finish writing about it.
  3. kervymestiola

    kervymestiola New Member

    Here are the 5 thins you needto consider to be inspired to write.

    1. Quietude. Find a place where you know you won’t be disturbed. This doesn’t work for me at all if I know that anyone can come into the room at any time, so make sure you find a place where you can relax.

    2. Intention. It could be anything. Brainstorming a topic, clearing something you’ve been stuck on, or even feeling out what steps you should take next in your life. This process is about tapping into your core.

    3. Breathe. Once your intention is set, sit down in any way you like, and close your eyes. On a chair, cross-legged or lotus, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are comfortable. Start with a few deep breaths, and then put all of your focus on your breath.

    4. Observe. When thoughts and feelings start arising, just observe and accept them as they are. You will get caught up in them from time to time. When that happens, bring your focus back to your breath and keep going.

    5. Write. Once you’ve done this for a few minutes, you will feel a sense of calm and clarity. Open your eyes, keep breathing, and start writing. If nothing happens, I usually close my eyes and go back to breathing. You will know when you’ve done this enough, because you will feel a sense of calm, peace and joy.
  4. Pacats23

    Pacats23 New Member

    I based my writing in truth. Especially from the teaching of old peoples, from i had learned from studying, consulting and research. Nothing really beats the truthfulness of a topic because no one will believe in you if you got random information from one source or consulting to a person who doesn't have a good idea in that topic. We can always depend on truth because it gives us that inner peace that we are looking for. As long as i know that what I'm writing is true, i makes me feel good.
  5. readhel

    readhel New Member

    Having an inspiration for writing is not just a desirable thing, it's an integral part of the writing process. Every writer should have an inspiration to write in order to produce quality inspiring writing. Writing journal is a good way to find an inspiration in writing. You just need a notebook or something you can write in everyday. Write down thoughts and quotes of a good writing you find and a pieces of dialog and plot ideas. Movies and Books can also be a good inspiration for writing. Conversation with friends, family and love ones in real life are the best inspiration in writing. They stir up and contribute ideas.
  6. toledoq

    toledoq New Member

    I once asked my friend this question because, honestly, I did not know what to do when I was without inspiration. Their answer? "Go take a good shower." It has, hilariously, worked wonders for me. That said, I do get a bit of creative inspiration by listening to music. Music is always a good way to think of specific scenarios or scenes, if you're into writing fiction.
  7. ralphesan

    ralphesan New Member

    Well for me, inspiration comes in various forms. I can get inspired just from observing a trend, reading works of other writers, personal experiences really an important role too, in fact majority of my writings are inspired by these. So, inspirations for writing can be about anything that I feel is worthy to write about, has a unique perspective and could be worthy of catching a reader's attention.
  8. princewill

    princewill New Member

    For me, the best time i write is at night ,in a quite place and listening to a melancholic music
  9. jldg

    jldg New Member

    Inspiration in writing comes from how I feel or how I think about a certain idea. Expounding and creating a clear point about it inspires me. Relaying a crystal clear message about a certain topic and being able to create an impact to the community because of it, makes me want to write more.
  10. martes30

    martes30 New Member

    It is really hard to find inspiration in writing. Sometimes, it really takes a real motivation for you to be able to inspire yourself and be an inspiration to others in writing. It is not easy to writie something, especially when it is just a requirement and not somethings that interest you. But, in order for you to be inspired in writing, think of your goal, your end game. Find a reason why you are writing, and make sure it is worth it.
  11. aytee

    aytee New Member

    the best way i know is to question your mind with "what" question. i mean what you want to write on, after which you find a quiet place where you wont be disturbed.
    go along with your notepad
    start mind storming about the idea you want to write about

    mind you, the ideas won't come fully formed, but jolt down whatever comes which can be used as you are writing
  12. renzobusmion

    renzobusmion New Member

    Fantization makes you writes good quality of stories, let your imagination produce something beyond your thinking.
  13. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    I find my inspiration in writing by remembering the essential experiences I have in my life. Inspiration can be found anywhere in the world, you can get an inspiration through people's experiences and through the current events. But for me, finding inspiration using your own experience is the best and safer way.
  14. kianluis

    kianluis New Member

    Inspiration comes in bursts for me. I can never sit down and force myself to write something I'm not interested in. I need to be able to connect with the material for my words to flow. Of course, non-fiction writing is different but when it comes to fiction writing, I need to be inspired to be able to write at all.

    I find that I can write at the most 9k words a day because I tend to research extensively about a scene, looking for scenes, possible locations, possible history etc. It takes me a lot of time to formulate a scene because I need to understand the setting as a whole before I can place my characters in it. Another obstacle for me is character logic. My characters' actions need to make sense within the context of the story as well as the situation. If not, I can't continue unless I solve it to make it work.

    When I'm having trouble, I find that staying away from my writing helps. Maybe playing some shooter games or watching a movie. As long as I don't force it, things come smoothly.
  15. Chfuen99

    Chfuen99 New Member

    I love to write. However, i find it very difficult to start writing especially if there are no topics that comes to mind, my fulltime work is eating too much of my time and if my mind is just completely on a holiday mode. So, what I tend to do is just to start scribbling what comes first into my mind, taking inspiration on what I have done for the day, or even when I have done nothing, I will write it anyway. Thinking too much of what inspires me, move me away from the beauty of what is infront of me. While appreciating what is already there, helps me write with ease. Therefore, inspiration need not be that complex, it can come from even those mundane scene right outside your window.

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