How do you find motivation to keep writing?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by kristink27, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. kristink27

    kristink27 New Member

    Hello everyone!
    I am really interested in becoming a writer and believe I have a lot of good ideas. My problem is my lack of self-discipline. I get very easily distracted, usually by the internet and social media, so while I have all these ideas I feel that my writing progress is painfully slow.
    I would like to know how you writers find the discipline to keep at it while writing. Any tips and tricks you can share with me?
  2. Klsbrd

    Klsbrd New Member

    I definitely hear you on getting distracted easily! Bottom line, you have to block out time every day to write. If you don't have a planner of some kind, get one!

    I like to set a big writing goal (example, "Finish Chapters 1-5"), and break that goal down into daily, weekly, or biweekly goals. This way I feel like I'm moving towards something and not just floundering around. This sounds simple, but it will have a huge impact on your mentality when you sit down to write.
  3. Writing can be an exercise to your thought, gives a clear idea and expressing your heart through it. But definately you will be able to distinguish what you want to say. Writing is very important,without writing, Look! There is no books and magazines and all. That’s why writing is a fundamental thing that we want to spend.
  4. Boymeep

    Boymeep New Member

    Always remember the reason that makes you want to write your story. And when you're already starting, find some songs that relate to the story, and that will really motivate you to write when you listen to them. And also try to switch off all electronic communication.
  5. zekebaby

    zekebaby New Member

    Hi. How about setting up a music playlist to get you in the mood of writing. The genre of music must depend on the story you will write. The trick is to pump yourself up to get motivated to start. As you progress, change your music to instrumentals only. Because lyrics will distract your thinking. Whenever you feel that your motivation to continue writing slows down, take a break and play again your favorite tunes. Music really helps to get motivated in writing.
  6. Ella23

    Ella23 New Member

    I find myself motivated to keep on writing through the music that I find in the internet or the change of scenery. Music shifts the mood of the writer depending on the genre. The lyrics can put or make the mind create a scenario in his/her story that inspiring them of new ideas. The scenery may also tickle the creative side of the writers as it helps them visualize or calms them enough to create new ideas for their stories. Another thing is a person can also inspire a writer, simply the best characteristic or even the worst characteristic of one person can give off an idea. Look around you there are many things to inspire your mind and turn them into your imagination.
  7. Feia2018

    Feia2018 New Member

    How about reading? I actually get additional inspirations through books and magazine i read to get those creative ideas and subjects flowing I've personally set a goal before in regards to writing like a novel or a poem or something and unfortunately it didn't work for me so i did the playlist as well it did work for a short time then i ran out of things to say. So what i did is i kept myself inspired by reading various books and magazines i read i downloaded PDF's that i think is helpful to my writing and continues to write bit by bit and i always bring a small handy book with me and i add phrases, words and paragraphs when i feel inspired to do so.
  8. SolChar

    SolChar New Member

    For me, and with me many people, starting is usualkly the hardest. So, I made writing a habit. In the same flow of pouring coffee in the morning and brushing my teeth, I made a moment to write.
    In order to make it a habit, I selected a specific time for my writing. I live an irregular life due to work, so this moment is usually an hour before work, or after work depending on the shift I work. When I sit down in the same chair as I always do, I get in the right mind-set. I silence my phone or open the app Forest, I get myself my bottle of water and open my latest chapter and I read it. This is my routine; I sit in the same spot, around the same time, I read the last few pages to get into my characters heads again. Then, I have to write at least 50 words.
    Most days, when I get past those first 50, the rest of the hour flies by and I tend to go over it.

    I don't bother with quality on the first draft either, just that I tell my characters stories.
  9. jenfrancisco26

    jenfrancisco26 New Member

    For me the best way to become a writer is be a reader first. In writing, It takes commitment, self-discipline, and desire just how you do in reading. Do not let other distractions get in the way of your writing goals, set aside time every day to write. Yes, I know your schedule is jam-packed. But you deserve a writing rendezvous with yourself. We owe ourselves some creative, meaningful time in our lives. So make time and not find time. Also, consider the time where you are most inspired.
  10. jamjam123

    jamjam123 New Member

    This is an incredibly annoying problem for me too... whoops. Usually I can manage it alright, but if I'm really desperate to get work done, the only way to do so is to turn off notifications for everything and close any unrelated tabs. It also helps to have a part that I'm especially looking forward to to write, since I'll automatically focus on it more.
  11. JAnnBowers

    JAnnBowers New Member

    My kids keep me motivated because they understand and accept that this is what I enjoy doing most besides spending time with them. They all enjoy reading and listening to my poetry. My meditation helps to empower me and to keep me grounded and focused. If I don't meditate I can't find my creativity. Lastly, my coffee keeps me going when my chronic fatigue sets in the afternoon.
  12. touchferrer

    touchferrer New Member

    How do I find motivation in writing?
    Well, the better way to start is knowing yourself better, know what makes you inspire, your weaknesses and strengths, your own reason why you are doing this kind of art, knowing what your dreams are and how they'll make you a better writer in the future.
    Everything starts within you. You may find writing as a hollow space in the beginning but once you fill it with your thoughts, every part of it is gold and colorful. You yourself is already a physical embodiment of art.
    Everyone is wonderful and everyone of you is an art.

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