How do you find the motivation to keep working out?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Robilas, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. Robilas

    Robilas New Member

    I've been working out for almost two years now and it really changed my life - I lost a lot of weight and I feel better about myself and my body. However now I mostly exercise to stay in shape and to relieve some stress, and I'm feeling a lack of motivation lately.

    So how do you find the motivation to work out? Do you have a specific goal, like losing weight, or do you do it to stay healthy? Have you ever taken a break from exercising regularly, and how it went?
  2. somilica

    somilica New Member

    I have injured both shoulders last year and can't train for a while. Furthermore, neck problems came and prolonged my healing process. I can't wait to get in shape. Being strong and staying that way should be enough of a motivation. If you are not enjoying the training, change the way you train. People say you don't know what you have until it's gone and you should enjoy training while you can.
  3. calebchoke

    calebchoke New Member

    You have to keep setting new goals over time. Setting new goals will push you to greater heights. You can't just set one goal, reach that goal, then stop. Life does not work that way, let alone your health. Depending on what you want to achieve, you have to set goals that suits what you want to achieve. Set unrealistic goals if you have to, this will help you to push yourself to that goal faster.
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  4. menelas82

    menelas82 Member

    find others who are just as motivated as me.and also give me encouragement to keep going.
  5. menelas82

    menelas82 Member

    keep a stronge mental mind state and staying focus on the goals i have set for my self.
  6. AWPEK

    AWPEK New Member

    That may be true, but your friends can't keep on motivating you and sometimes they also lose their motivation in working out. I suggest that if you don't have your own motivation to lose weight then you shouldn't try to ask for help from others. The first step to success is to give it your all and not expect for someone else to give it to you.
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  7. cjfung

    cjfung New Member

    Motivation in the gym can only come from yourself. Friends will eventually get bored and a personal trainer is simply paid to motivate you so it can seem insincere. You've lost the weight and now feel better with yourself physically and aesthetically but what you need to keep yourself going is to keep pushing the limit. If you can run a thousand meters in eight minutes, aim to get to seven or if you can squat your body weight, aim to push past that. In fitness, there is no end but rather continuous ways to improve yourself.
  8. evol14life

    evol14life New Member

    It always depends on why u r there. Then use that as motivation. The best motivation u can get is either from youre haters or not ending up like someone you care about.If u have both in mind it could be a beautiful disaster weather u apply it to youre work out or in every day life. Turning all of that anger and sadness helped me buy my first home when i was 19. no help from anyone but the Ben Franklin's in my pocket.. so if u cant stay positive turn that anger into something new
  9. Justin Johnson

    Justin Johnson New Member

    The best way to find motivation to keep working out is to take pictures of your results. Anytime you get tired of working out always go back to your pictures and look at the before and after photos. Its will immediately give you motivation because you dont want to look like what you did before you started working out. Its also always good to surround yourself around people that are motivated but motivation should always start with yourself or it wont work. Its also a good thing to listen to motivational speakers.
  10. Randy Cruz

    Randy Cruz New Member

    From the three years that i have been working out. I have learned that no matter what you want to do in life. You have to remind your mind in many different ways to keep going . Understanding that , when it came to working out. I always looked for reasons as to why i should be working . I found motivation by asking a lot of questions, Researching ways to making it seem like i am not working out, by venting to others about how important it is to work out. Continuing to simply trick my mind to understand that working out is something of importance. If you can teach your mind you can motivate.
  11. CJ Deala

    CJ Deala New Member

    To find motivation, you must first get to know yourself and learn how your mind is wired. Once you can spot and identify what causes you to slack mentally, you can now take psychical actions. Just because its Monday and everyone is having a good gym day, most those people wont be there after Wednesday and then they wonder why they aren't happy inside. I personally used to struggle with depression by looking at people who were ahead of me. But instead of putting doubt for yourself, turn that into motivation by saying i'm taking his ideas, and making them better with my own personal tweaks. Don't get lost following someone else's footsteps when your meant to follow your own unique path.
  12. roxanam84

    roxanam84 Member

    A good way to find motivation for working out is to ask a friend to join you. You can even make some contests with friends just to make things more exciting.
  13. anishiji

    anishiji New Member

    My continuing motivation to keep working out has been my health. I have seen what happens when I give up and let go of my body's needs. I do not want to go through that again. Working out can be so much more than just exercise, it can be the betterment of one's self and health.
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  14. Sharkie

    Sharkie New Member

    You have to stop thunking because you find excuses. Just do it no matter what. Train your brain!
  15. lilac1234

    lilac1234 New Member

    I'm also working out to stay in shape and to relieve stress and I although I don't have any specific weight loss goals, I want to tone up and have some more muscle definition. Whenever I don't work out for a while, I start feeling really sluggish and tired throughout the day but I find that on days when I work out, I'm a lot more clear-minded. I've taken a few breaks from regular exercise, but I just find that I'm way more productive when I have a regular habit of exercising. Plus, I'm motivated to work out because it makes me want to eat better. To me, working out isn't just to lose weight, it really helps me improve in other areas of my life which is what keeps me motivated.
  16. alicia26

    alicia26 New Member

    As a personal trainer I must say. Ok so I am not a personal trainer but I do work out so I can give a little advice on how to get and stay motivated to exercise. Try to find a workout partner who's consistent and motivated if not then make a playlist of your favorite jams and imagine you're getting in shape for your high school prom. My personal favorite motivation method is me tell myself ''if I don't work out today I may not get a chance to see my kids grow up''.
  17. Jack Frost

    Jack Frost New Member

    Working out is a part of life. It is a lifestyle. You should not get burnt out with it. If you are hitting the wall, it is probably due to a poor diet, or failing to progressively challenge yourself in the workouts. Working out is an addiction all unto itself. When you start noticing the definition of your abs, or how strong you are, it all just fuels the ego to do more and more. You definitely need to see results in order to keep a positive attitude towards fitness.

    You can't go eat junk food and twenty tacos, and run for half an hour, and feel confident. No, you are going to fall into the choice between two opposing worlds. Do I want immediate satisfaction from food as an addiction? Or do I want the long-term satisfaction from fitness as a solution to many problems in my life. Just think of the potential long-term health care costs you are saving yourself. Consider how superficial people are, and the great benefit that comes from being a fit and attractive person.
  18. Scooter

    Scooter New Member

    I find the motivation to keep working out is simply by following a daily routine that enables me to gain the everyday energy to accomplish these workouts. I'll tell you at least 2 motivators: #1. Get up and go to bed at the exact time every day. #2. Reduce your consumption of fatty foods.
  19. Rossog

    Rossog New Member

    My motivation to keep working out is that I imagine falling in the shadow of someone ,somewhere,working harder than me and achieving his goals in life
  20. tfin1212

    tfin1212 New Member

    When I was in college as a scholarship athlete, I didn't need a whole lot of motivation. I wanted to be a pro and the school was paying for my education. As I age, I find motivation in my family. My son wants me to be active with him. My wife is younger than me and I want to be around with her for a long time. Also I want to look good.
  21. drig38

    drig38 New Member

    I look at a tone of motivational videos on YouTube. There easy to find and really help with getting me up and moving, especially anime related ones there great.
  22. amitkokiladitya

    amitkokiladitya New Member

    Starting a workout regime is really easy but to stay motivated and carry it forward on a regular basis is really tough. Most of us start workouts with an intention of losing weight. The majority of us give up as soon as our goal is achieved. Only a few are able to practice it regularly.

    The best way to stay motivated for a workout is to think and be excited about the post exercise feelings. Endorphins that are released after every work out regime give a feeling of wellness. An addiction to this feeling helps me a lot to get up from the couch and hit the floor. I love the sweat coming out of my body and it gives me an inner bliss to feel that I'm relieving my body of all the toxins.
  23. hwarren126

    hwarren126 New Member

    My motivation to exercise took an enormous turn earlier this year. In January, I was hospitalized with blood clots in my lungs. My oxygen level had dipped to 67%. It seems that this was a chronic condition that I lived with unknowingly for who know how many years, but it was exaggerated by my inactivity due to eye surgery. So now, exercising is crucial to my healthy life.
  24. grljungmo

    grljungmo New Member

    I usually think about ow satisfied I'd feel when done working out. Whenever I finish running or playing a game of soccer, I feel refreshed and get what's known as a 'runner's high' where I feel refreshed and on top of the world. Therefore, in order to motivate myself to run, I think about the way I'd feel after running and the satisfaction I'd get and I feel good to go!
  25. hellozon

    hellozon New Member

    For me a workout is yoga, so my motivation is listening to my body. I occasionally go through stretches where work drains me of all energy for anything else, so I'll slack on my yoga practice, but then my body will be achy and sore. Avoiding the soreness and associated headaches are enough to get me back to my daily routine.
  26. terryfree80

    terryfree80 New Member

    I guess in my case, my motivation is the end goal. That is to lose 60lbs and build muscle and relative strength. I'm 37 years old and I'm currently shaped like a plum. When I feel the lack of motivation coming on, I just look at a picture of whenI was fat and tell myself, "I refuse to go backward!" I always say motivate yourself by setting smaller goals. especially once you start dropping the pounds. If you like to shop for clothes, by an outfit a size or two less than what you currently wear. then, set a goal to fit into that outfit by such and such date. Work toward that goal. Setting small goals helps me a lot. Setting too big of a goal is fine, as long as you are setting smaller goals, that will eventually get you to the bigger goal. Never stop setting goals. Always focus on becoming better than you were yesterday.
  27. lpharris

    lpharris New Member

    Finding the motivation to keep working out, can sometimes be difficult. When I get into this mode, I think about how much better I feel, when I do exercise. I'm more mentally focused, energized and happy. Then, I just do it. At other times, when I do not feel like working out, I just take a walk. This always improves my mood and motivates me to do more.
  28. Raymond Batista Jr.

    Raymond Batista Jr. New Member

    My motivation with working out would consist of: Have a daily routine. I split my workouts as well other than tiring myself out trying to work on every body part in the single day and being sore the next. Ex: One day for triceps, biceps, shoulders, back, chest. 1 Whole leg day. Repeat. Also, working out is healthy in general, who does not want to be healthy right?
  29. EricAlex

    EricAlex New Member

    Honestly, the motivation to make me push harder and harder at the gym,is music. When I put my headphones in my ears and I play the music I like, it kind of hypes me up and makes my stronger.
  30. glondon

    glondon New Member

    Set an alarm for an hour of the day that you KNOW you will be free. This is a no-excuse approach to working out. You know that you have nothing else to do during that hour, and may as well work out.

    I also use applications for my iPhone like Productive, which keeps me on track for all my daily habits. It is a great tool.

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