How do you flavor your water?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by emilydorothy, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. emilydorothy

    emilydorothy New Member

    In order to add flavor to a healthy alternative, flavored water has become a fad of sorts. How do you flavor your water? I'm sure there's many ways i haven't heard of. I like adding cucumber and mint, lemon, or tea.
  2. Nimmymiller

    Nimmymiller New Member

    I'm very lucky in the sense that I like plain boring water without any flavouring. I know this isn't the case for us all.
    I guess it comes down to how healthy you want to be. If you don't care about sugar go and reach for the fruit squash. If like me you like a healthy approach to life added some fresh lemon or cucumber. It has great health benefits and improves your skin.
  3. Megan Boudinot

    Megan Boudinot New Member

    I like to put a couple lemon wedges in my water. It has some great health benefits to it and tastes great! It's a win-win. ;)
  4. james andrews

    james andrews New Member

    Although I'm fine just drinking plain water, I have in the past used some citrus zest - lime, lemon, orange, take your pick - mixed with a little sugar. I then ass a couple of cubes of ice, and I've got a nice, refreshing drink for a summer's evening.
  5. Sherri Johnson

    Sherri Johnson New Member

    I love those Crystal Light packets and sometimes I will use lemon, mint, lime and a cucumber in my infuser. I will drink that all day everyday!
  6. loveree

    loveree New Member

    add some lemons, or cinnamon is good. Also the instant tea packets you buy at the grocery.
  7. dancingspiders

    dancingspiders New Member

    I just can't drink flavored water. I just can't. When a waiter asks if I want lemon in my water? No way, Jose. When my mother offers me a Crystal Light packet? Not a chance. I especially can't drink those pre-flavored waters in bottles.
    Plain water is the way to go.

    I wonder if it's strange that I feel that way, considering I enjoy tea, lemonade, and other drinks made with water. Something about flavored water just tastes...well, watered down. I guess I see a lot of the little fruit-flavor packets and I expect them to taste sweet like juice. And you know what, they never do.
  8. spschool

    spschool New Member

    I am absolutely addicted to Crystal Light! My favorite flavor is strawberry, and I drink it every day. It allows me to drink so much more water than I would otherwise! I highly recommend it!
  9. Springmama

    Springmama New Member

    I love to add fresh fruits and veggies to my water! So far, I've tried cucumber, lemon, strawberries and mint! My guilty pleasure is Crystal Light. I hate to admit that I love it, but I really do. I know that artificial sweeteners can be almost as bad for the body as sugar, though.
  10. JoshK

    JoshK New Member

    I've only just started drinking a lot of water as I'm doing more exercise as summer is round the corner. At the moment I don't really mind the taste of water, I just drink it and that's that, but sometimes it can get a bit boring so I add a bit of squash in there, sometimes orange or sometimes black current, and that adds a nice taste and it's different to!
  11. morganlhoooper

    morganlhoooper New Member

    I have also started drinking more water to stay hydrated this summer. I do not like to drink plain water unless I am exercising or being fairly active. I have been experimenting lately with new flavors and I have found that sliced strawberries and lemons add a nice flavor when you let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours. When I am in a hurry and want flavored water, I opt for a Propel water flavoring packet that you add to a regular bottle of water. They have zero calories and zero grams of sugar.
  12. Vercingetorix

    Vercingetorix New Member

    I recently started drinking water flavored with Mio water enhancer. It comes in a little squeeze bottle, and you put a few drops in your water bottle and you're good to go. It has no sugar or calories and has a pretty good flavor. They also make versions with caffeine in them if that is your preference. There are a couple varieties that I don't care for, but most of them are pretty tasty. Mio is the most common national brand but grocery stores around here have a whole section for water enhancers with many brands to check out. Some people may take issue with the fact that they contain aspartame or other artificial flavors, but you can also find versions that are sweetened with natural stevia. I really cut down on my beverage costs by using this product, as it is much cheaper then buying pre-mixed drinks in bottles or cans.
  13. Amara Brady

    Amara Brady New Member

    I cut up fresh cucumber & strawberries once a week and drop them in a pitcher and cover them in water and let it sit for a few hours. Cucumber water is so refreshing. I could drink it forever! The strawberry water is so sweet. Lemon water is supposedly really helpful when trying to get rid of belly fat, but it's so shockingly tart that it's hard for me to drink. Some of the grocery stores near me have begun to sell fruit infused waters. It really seems to be catching on.
  14. Blazes

    Blazes New Member

    Crystal Light! I am addicted to this stuff. It has made me love water, and I enjoy it more than soda.

    With no Crystal Light on hand, I could just add a pinch of Kool-Aid or some lemon juice. Lemon juice diluted with water creates an amazing post-workout drink. Refreshing and healthy!
  15. mommacalla

    mommacalla New Member

    I often add premade water flavor enhancers, such as those from the brand Mio, as well as Crystal Light and Nestea. I can often find these brands at a discounted price at dollar stores. Otherwise, I am likely to just add lemon or drink plain water.
  16. ajanny

    ajanny New Member

    A couple of days ago I took some strawberries, fresh basil leaves and a couple of slices of lemon and mixed them in my water bottle that I keep on my desk. It was a great way to use up some of the berries and basil before they go bad. I don't usually like plain water so it's a good way to trick myself into drinking more water.
  17. Ricardogv650

    Ricardogv650 New Member

    It's a good idea to drink water and to skip the concentrated sugar drinks now a days, heres some of my favorite recipes I know to make drinking water fun and delicious. *All fresh cut fruit and leaves for 1lt. 1.) 4 cucumber slices, 3 orange slices and 5 mint leaves 2.) 2 lemon wedges, 2 lime wedges and 2 orange slices 3.) 3 cucumber slices, 2 split strawberries and 3 basil leaves 4.) 2 split strawberries, 4 slices of kiwi and 5 mint leaves
    Cheers, I hope you enjoy ;)
  18. Clyde Gambrel

    Clyde Gambrel New Member

    Currently not really too huge into favoring my water with the favor packets you can purchase at the supermarket. The recent news about artificial sweaters have turn me off from those. However I do enjoy a little squeezed lemon in my water during lunch.
  19. Drea Turner

    Drea Turner New Member

    I think I must have been given juice too often as a child because growing up, I never really liked water and almost never drank it unless an alternative was unavailable and I was extremely dehydrated. Water is still not my favorite drink, but I make it tolerable by adding lemon, cucumber, or berries.
  20. Freelancepreneur

    Freelancepreneur New Member

    In fairness, I have tried a lot of different drink mixes but ultimately I always come to the conclusion that in fact, the best drink to have is just water by itself. You can add a flavored mix to it, but ultimately at least for me I can never find the right one. With this being said, I would personally rather just stick to drinking water!
  21. toomuchma

    toomuchma New Member

    I might just have the world's least sensitive tastebuds, but if you told me that you had stuck fruit in my water I wouldn't be able to tell if you were lying or not. Personally I just drink water straight. If I want flavor I just accept that it requires sugar. If I want to taste fruit or whatnot, I'd rather eat the fruit than ruin it by soaking it until it's soggy. Plus, fiber!
  22. Romero

    Romero New Member

    Lemon. Nothing beats it.
  23. KellyW

    KellyW New Member

    I spruce up my filtered water by adding lime cordial to it. Its especially nice when the water is sparkling- its really refreshing and has virtually no calories. Sliced strawberries in a jug of filtered water left for an hour or two is also great.
  24. phoebe4s

    phoebe4s New Member

    I don't like plain water very much, but I know it's the one thing I need the most. I flavor mine with lemon. I also mix orange juice in with my water. I usually buy flavored water if I am on the go. I don't know as if Vitamin Water is the healthiest, but I find myself drinking it often. When I have drank half of it, I usually just add more water. In my mind, that is my answer to consuming more water...without it having to taste so plain! :)
  25. Alicia36

    Alicia36 Member

    I like to flavor my water with those single crystal light packs.
  26. kheimer

    kheimer New Member

    I love adding lemon to my water, adding lemon to the water also adds a ton of health benefits, such as clear skin. I try not to add anything to water with sugar or artificial sweeteners that take away the health value. Another favorite is cucumber because it is so refreshing.
  27. KellyW

    KellyW New Member

    I've never tried cucumber. Apparently its full of important electrolytes and promotes joint health, relieves gout and arthritis pain.
  28. sciencelabrador

    sciencelabrador New Member

    I dont! I prefer plain water. If I do need flavor, I usually get a sparkling juice.
  29. FredCash

    FredCash New Member

    I do not flavor my water and I prefer water plain. Water-Flavoring is just adding a little flavor for a lot of calories.
  30. MandaMoooooo

    MandaMoooooo New Member

    I personally have only tried fresh lemon in my water. I prefer regular water in its natural state. However, a lot of people use cucumbers, a citrus fruit, or frozen berries to enhance the flavor of their water. It's definitely something to try before mixing a sugary packet of flavoring to your water!

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