How do you flavor your water?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by emilydorothy, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Alissa Rook

    Alissa Rook New Member

    I really enjoy flavored water and typically don't drink anything besides water unless it's for a special occasion. My favorite way to flavor my water is Lemon, Strawberry, and Basil. It needs to sit at least 24 hours to really get the mix of flavors. I tend to make my water in large quantities and then fill my water bottle over the next couple days. After I've finished off the container in the fridge I usually refill once before dumping. I typically drink about 72oz of water a day, so with a refill that's probably around 5 days of water for me before I need to add fresh flavors again. Cucumber, Mint, and Lime is another great combo.
  2. KegynAllen

    KegynAllen New Member

    Packaged flavor mixes are usually pretty awful for your body. I like to use true lemon, lime or orange; it is basically dehydrated citrus juice. It is a healthy and cost effective. Try ordering it on amazon or go to whole foods.
  3. xila

    xila New Member

    Here's my recipe for ginger-water-beer:

    Grate ginger and squeeze the juices into a bottle of water. Add a squeeze of honey. Shake and enjoy.
  4. Jessicaelise

    Jessicaelise New Member

    I'm not a big water drinker in the first place so I definitely need some sort of flavoring for it. I have tried multiple types and have to say my favorite is Crystal light packets. They seem to get the flavor just how I like it and it doesn't add all the sugar to it.
  5. fable

    fable Member

    Try Doterra Oils! I flavor my water with Doterra Lemon or Peppermint and the result is wonderful! One drop and there's such and obvious surge of flavor. And... maybe it's mental, but I swear its more refreshing!
  6. samborabora

    samborabora New Member

    I actually tend to have water plain, just as is. :) If I do have flavoured water, I love strawberry and sometimes just adding a little lemon to tepid water is great for my voice when singing and very soothing!
  7. purplepens88

    purplepens88 New Member

    I never drank water growing up. I find that water unless ice cold is unappealing. I find that to adding flavour to my water makes me reach out and drink more. I like to add lemon or lime slices to my water bottle. Think about it, you get flavour and some vitamin C. When you add crystals to your water you are adding, sweetners, artificial color etc. Just stick to adding fruit for a healthier option.
  8. strawberrydollar

    strawberrydollar New Member

    I have used lemons and limes a lot in my water. Just cut them up and add them to a pitcher of water and let them soak. It is a good detox for your body. I also enjoy using crystal light and Mio drink mixes. The squirt bottles are nice and convenient for on the go.
  9. Khatib22

    Khatib22 New Member

    For the most part I tend to just stick to plain water, but if I'm looking for something to spice my water up, I generally use Mio. This is mainly due to the fact that my local grocery store was selling the bottles for a dollar a piece and I decided to pick up like 50 of them (it's a lot, I know, judge me) for future use.
  10. starfish

    starfish New Member

    Fruit is the simplest and healthiest way to add a splash of flavor to your water. As you mentioned, cucumber, mint lemon and tea are all great choices. Have you tried berries? Strawberries, and raspberries impart a nice flavor to water. I also enjoy kiwi, melon or citrus fruits such as: limes or a flavorful tangerine!
  11. Annie101

    Annie101 New Member

    Not a big fan of flavored water. I understand this can make children drink more water, or rather that is the rational I hear mostly from proponents of flavored water, notably the parents themselves.

    But then again, water is water. I have nothing against benign additives if it helps people drink more fluid.

    One thing I do quite frequently though, is to add basil seeds to my drinks. I let it soak overnight and it is an interesting feeling is all I can say. Try it out. It also has a lot of health benefits.
  12. purplepens88

    purplepens88 New Member

    I like to make a ginger tea. Boil water and add 3 slices of ginger. Let it steep for about 5 minutes, strain and you have a great natural tea and the health benefits of ginger. Ginger tea is great when you are starting a cold. It will help with a sore throat and cough. Just add some soothing honey to it.
  13. lettse

    lettse New Member

    My latest obsession is adding different kinds of fruits to my water. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to spice up their water a little bit. Sometimes, I will cut up some lemon and lime slices and add that to my water. It will add just a smidge of flavor to your water without being too overpowering. Two or three slices of each should do the trick. Another combination I've tried recently is sliced strawberries, lime, and cucumber. This is such a great comdination because you get the sweetness of the strawberries combined with the tanginess of the lime; its light and fresh! The great thing about fruit infused water is that you can get super creative and come up with your own recipes. You can't go wrong!
  14. ragnar

    ragnar New Member

    I like to flavor my water but always get called out on it. Perhaps the fad hasn't reached Sweden yet. My personal favorite is a few drops of lemon concentrate per litre (.2 gallons) of water. Sometimes I add ice and mix it up in the blender as well.
  15. Mandoli

    Mandoli New Member

    I've tried actual flavored water before. It's actually not that special. I can drink it if it's the last thing available for me, but besides that... I don't drink it. I'll put the packets of Crystal Light in water if I need an "iced tea" or something along those lines, though.

    Any other time, it's seltzer or actual water.
  16. burroffg

    burroffg New Member

    I find that rosemary with rolled mint leaves is the way to go for me. Its extremely refreshing, especially with the summer heat beating down on us here in Georgia. It also offers several health benefits as the combination of rosemary and mint helps with my chronic headaches for pollen allergies.
  17. AshR

    AshR New Member

    Sometimes I'll flavor my water with a mixture of herbs and fruits (mint and lime or mint and grapefruit wedges are two of my favorite combinations lately). Other times when I am on-the-go I'll quickly put a small squirt of Mio into my water bottle. My favorite Mio flavoring is Fruit Punch.
  18. princessshy

    princessshy New Member

    I started flavoring my water because I wanted to loose weight. Everyday, I would put some lemons and mint in my water. I eventually felt energized and my skin started to clear up. I also notice when I drink lemon and mint water, my menstrual cramps are not bad.
  19. OhSerena

    OhSerena New Member

    I bought one of those water infused bottles from Amazon and I usually put lemons or cucumbers in it. Sadly, I haven't done it in a while and have been drinking more soda's and juices lately. I'll have to break out the bottle and put something fun in the water.
  20. Robyn Rogers

    Robyn Rogers New Member

    I really enjoy infused water. It's a great way to give water a natural and healthy twist. I like letting various fruits, such as blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and more infuse in water overnight. I take it out the next morning and squeeze in some lemon and it has a nice, mild lemonade-like flavor. I also enjoy making a large pitcher of green or black tea and then doing the same, letting fruit flavors infuse into the tea overnight so I have so nice infused iced tea for the next day.

    You can do any combination of fruit/vegetable/herbs in your water. I had a coworker that liked eggplant infused water. Now, I personally prefer fruits, but the combinations of additions to your water are endless. Pinterest has many ideas to dress up your plain water. Whatever you think might be good, try it.
  21. CrisTx

    CrisTx New Member

    Lately I have been flavouring my water with currant (the red one) syrup. It just adds that "je ne sais quoi" that makes me drink the right amount of liquid per day. Otherwise I barely drink 0,5L/day which is not good health wise.
    But I am also a big fan of tea. Plain black or fruit flavoured, there are so many to chose from, nowadays. There is even a "Blackberry Muffin" flavoured tea from Lipton. And I got to say, it's very tasty.
  22. Buscemi7

    Buscemi7 New Member

    Cucumber, lemon, and lime is my favourite combination. It does taste strange at first, but I've cut down on sugary drinks because of how tasty fruit-infused water is.
  23. jp270

    jp270 New Member

    I usually just put lemon in my water if anything at all but I have recently been thinking about trying strawberries or blueberries or maybe even blackberries even know they are not my favorite!
  24. marlis

    marlis Member

    I love to flavor my water so that it can also be a detox. I have quite a number of recipes but my favorite is using 1litre of water, a sliced lemon, a sliced cucumber and about 10-20 mint leaves. If left in the frogs overnight to infuse then it becomes a detox water. I also mix my cup of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of pepper, 4 tablespoon of lemon and a tablespoon of honey (great weight loss remedy)
  25. Ultravioletlife

    Ultravioletlife New Member

    Sliced fruits such as berries, lemons, limes, with add-in of herbs like mint and basil are always fun. I personally love adding lemon or lime juice with a packet or two of stevia sweetener. I try to drink up to a gallon of water today, and adding flavor certainly makes it much more palatable.
  26. marlis

    marlis Member

    I found out that it have more water when I flavor my water. I put a combination I fruits in my drinking water. That way I increase water intake, take fruits and detox at the same time. My most common combination is mixing strawberries and pieces if oranges in a liter of water the letting it sit in the fridge overnight.
  27. LaurRne14

    LaurRne14 New Member

    I love using my Soda Stream to make sparkling water at home and adding pomegranate juice to it for some healthy flavor. If I'm craving something sweet and need something to soothe the craving, this is my go-to drink. It's easy to make at home and even though pomegranate juice can be expensive, I only use a little so it's cheaper than buying other drinks at the store. Costco has great prices on pomegranate juice and I keep it stocked in my fridge for adding to sparkling water or smoothies.

    I also recently went out to eat at a Mexican fusion restaurant and they served mango strawberry agua fresca. It was delicious and made me want to get more creative with what I add to my water. I think it was basically just fresh strawberry and mango mixed in water, but it must have been filtered as there weren't any seeds or pulp. That reminds me that I need to look into it... :) Thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas. I can't wait to try some other things I've read on here.
  28. Sundyd

    Sundyd New Member

    Nothing beats a big glass pitcher of ice water with fresh fruit thrown in the mix! My kids seldom want to drink water, but the minute I set my beautiful pitcher on the counter, they just can't resist. Most any fruit I have on hand will work, but grapefruit and orange slices are favorites in my home. Another way I flavor my water is with the use of essential oils. Peppermint, orange, and lemon are the oils I most frequently use. Beyond adding taste to my water, the oils have many health benefits. Keep in mind that it's important to use glass when working with essential oils, as the oils will break down the plastic, and you would be ingesting harmful chemicals.
  29. lebrennan

    lebrennan New Member

    I usually drink my water without any flavoring but it is nice to add some fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs and spices to water for an alternative to sugary juices. Some possible flavor combinations include: cucumber with mint and lime, watermelon or strawberry with basil, cinnamon and orange, grapefruit and sage, blackberry with lemon and thyme, raspberry with orange and thyme, or any other combination you think would taste nice. You could also make a simple cold brew tea by putting some tea you like into a jug of water and then letting it steep for a few hours until the strength is to your liking. You can add fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices to your steeping tea to make it more interesting as well. I recently did hibiscus tea with watermelon and mint which I liked quite a bit. For those who do not like plain tea or water and are used to sugary drinks, a light drizzle or sprinkling of your preferred sweeter can be added if the flavor is too sour or bitter for your taste. I like honey or agave, or any other liquid sweetener like maple syrup or a simple syrup, since I find that they dissolve and incorporate into drinks that aren't hot faster than solid sugars. If you sweeten it a little less than you would prefer then you can slowly adapt your taste buds to liking less sweet drinks until, perhaps, you don't feel the need to add any sweetness at all.
  30. Sakranuta Joshi

    Sakranuta Joshi New Member

    I don't usually use flavors but if I want to, I add some cinnamon and a few drops of coriander. :)

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