How do you flavor your water?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by emilydorothy, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. TeeZee

    TeeZee New Member

    I flavor my water with lemon and stevia and have for many years. Lemon is a natural diuretic and cleanser to the human body and rids your body of toxins and excess water. I use the stevia to give it a little sweet taste simply because it reminds of me of drinking lemon-aide and stevia is also a natural substance that will not interact with the lemon.
  2. Gladwin

    Gladwin New Member

    I prefer having my water bottled and cold, to add some flavor to it i would simply add some lemon juice with a limited amount of brown sugar or white sugar, it doesn't matter but i like it mostly just bottled and cold.
  3. Daniesneed

    Daniesneed New Member

    On a normal day I can't stand to drink water. I am usually a Dr. Pepper kind of girl. As of recently though I have been trying to change my lifestyle and cut back a lot on that sugary goodness. I tried the water infusing hype, and honestly it isn't all that great tom me. It was not satisfying one bit . I came across this product called True Lemon and that thing works wonders. It is all natural and is sweetened with Stevia, not that sweet n low , splenda aspartame junk that is on the market.
  4. audra padilla

    audra padilla New Member

    I love drinking regular water, but I do drink warm water in the morning with lemon. If you look in to it, there are many health benefits. Ultimately if you drink this first thing every morning, it acts as a detox and metabolism booster.
  5. HDRyan

    HDRyan New Member

    As of late, I have not been flavoring my water all that much. I am currently pregnant, so I have been trying to avoid anything that I am unsure about. In the past, I tended to use Mio frequently, but I'd also been known to make myself some homemade lemonade from time to time.

    I find usually, however, that when I am thirsty enough, it doesn't matter what the flavor the water is, I just have to drink it. The more thirst I have, the better the water tastes. I am not saying that I would avoid drinking until I am dying of thirst, but I do tend to appreciate the more natural side of things more than the average Joe.
  6. jessical21

    jessical21 New Member

    Adding natural fruits and herbs are a great way to add flavor to your water. It is healthy and natural. I have tried a variety of these, but chia seeds are my favorite. If you can get over the texture, chia seeds are a great way to add texture to your water and get some nutrients. Chia seeds are low in calories and high in carbs, protein, omega 3-fatty acids, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and manganese. It is a great way to drink your water and get some good nutrients in you. I have also done flax seeds as well, which have very similar health benefits without the slimy texture.
  7. Tinley

    Tinley New Member

    I love fresh lemon in my water, but recently I've been adding just a splash of cranberry juice cocktail to my water. It adds just enough flavor and sweetness to keep me satisfied.
  8. Brennen

    Brennen New Member

    Most drink mixes end of containing a plethora of toxins and cancerous agents. I would stay far away from flavored water and still with filtered or spring water. ALSO, stay away from city water! Most cities pump their water full of fluoride, which is known to commonly cause brain and cell defects after long exposure.
  9. LisaDiane

    LisaDiane New Member

    Ugh, I know I do not drink as much water as I should. In order to drink plain water, it has to be very cold. I love to use Crystal light; they now have flavoring packets called Pure which have no artificial sweeteners and come in several delicious flavors. I think I will check into an infuser so I can use fruits for natural flavoring.
  10. Dan Dare

    Dan Dare New Member

    I hate to sound like a grumpy old man on this topic but I fear there is no way around it... Flavoured water? Just drink regular water, honestly, people have been doing it for thousands of years without any issues with it not being artificially sweetened and flavoured.

    I promise you it won't kill you to drink just plain ol' water and it won't take long and you'll actually enjoy it, curiously it even begins to taste sweet once you stop bombarding your taste buds with sweeter (artificial or natural) with every single thing you ingest.
  11. Sara K

    Sara K New Member

    I love adding fruits and herbs to my waters. I enjoy plain water but it never hurts to add a little flavor. My favorite combination is just simply cucumber, lemon and mint. I also love using a mixture of strawberries and basil. I prefer natural sweetness and flavor over the taste of commercially processed products.
  12. NARPhilly

    NARPhilly New Member

    I got a fruit infuser water bottle for Christmas this year. This thing is awesome - I just fill it up with some sliced up fruit, basil, or frozen berries, and add cold water, and I have fresh infused water to drink throughout my day. Healthy and inexpensive!
  13. Remollino1022

    Remollino1022 New Member

    Lemon is the best way to go for me! It gives water that little bit of tartness I like and it's great for helping to detox the body. I also like to muddle a strawberry and mix it in water, that is pretty tasty :)
  14. playboybunny1279

    playboybunny1279 New Member

    I have tried several different flavored waters but always go back to the same one. I have tried all the different packets to add to bottled water as well as the liquid you just drop in a bottle of water. I can never find the right flavor to suit me so I go back to the Wal-Mart white grape water..
  15. Emiliya Pacheva

    Emiliya Pacheva New Member

    You can add anything you like! Well, almost - I don't think adding pepper will be a good idea :laugh: But seriously - best is putting slices of your favorite fruits into the water. Or making ice cubes with pieces of fruits inside. Another good idea is making you own soft drink - putting some mint, lemon&orange slices and bit of honey - and voila!:thumbsup:
  16. Emmyrose420

    Emmyrose420 New Member

    One of my favorite ways to flavor my water is by using frozen fruit. Some of my favorites are strawberries, blueberries, cherries, pineapples, and oranges. What I like to do is pour about half a cup of frozen fruit into my Bubba cup, fill the rest with water, shake and drink throughout the day.
  17. kookaburra

    kookaburra New Member

    I have to practically force myself to drink the recommended daily amount of water, so I definitely use flavorings and such. I also add vitamin C powder, which always gives me a small energy boost. (I use pure vitamin C powder, but those dissolving tablets like Airborne work well too-- plus, they're usually flavored.)

    I like to alternate between a few different fruit/herb combinations. Strawberry and basil go nicely together, as does cucumber and strawberry, or cucumber and blueberry. Sometimes I like the fruit flavor to be stronger, though, so I make a simple syrup by boiling fruit and water together, and letting it simmer for a bit. I then strain it and throw it in a pitcher of water! Super easy. Great with iced tea, too. You can put some thin blood orange slices on top of you want to feel fancy. I highly recommend it!

    Sometimes I buy those tiny little water-flavoring drops, too. They're rather expensive for the small amount you get, though.

    Getting a water filter helps a lot with the taste of plain tap water. The water where I live has a slight chlorine taste that's quite displeasing.
  18. senelthyn

    senelthyn New Member

    In my first glass of water, i add essential oil of lemon !
  19. Jayda Moon

    Jayda Moon New Member

    I have tried a few different variations. I have a regular cheap pitcher and I put the fruit/veggies/etc straight in the water and then refill 3-4 times before throwing out the pieces and starting fresh.

    Lemon and Lime when I feel a cold coming on.

    Pineapple cucumber was really good.

    So was Orange Pomegranate. For the pom seeds, I actually squeezed them through a sieve into the water because the seeds themselves didn't really put off any flavor just being put in the water.
  20. JayFey

    JayFey New Member

    I absolutely love drinking flavor water, soda makes me feel so unhealthy. I have a Smiths western family brand of this wild berry flavoring that I buy. Lately though and I know it is a weight loss drink, but Hydroxycut's wild berry drink is something I really like. It gives me more oomph in the morning and helps me stay energized for the rest of the day. I had a problem with caffeine in flavored packets for water because if I skipped a day I would get caffeine withdrawal headaches. I don't have the withdrawal problems with Hydroxycut's drink. I think it could be great for weight loss, but I just love the way it tastes and it is my go-to drink to start my day off with. Also having flavor in my water helps satisfy my soda cravings and I have noticed that I have been able to drink more water throughout my day because of it.
  21. Alana White

    Alana White New Member

    I generally just add some lemon and lime slices in my water, but I sometimes like to shake it up with cucumber and mint.

    For a really great cleansing water, I recommend putting sliced strawberries, lemon, mint, and cinnamon. A holistic nutritionist that I know recommended this to me, and it definitely helps speed up metabolism if you're looking to lose some weight. In total honesty, it doesn't taste the greatest, but it does the job!
  22. mellisasays

    mellisasays New Member

    I too am one that gets a bit bored with just plain water, especially since I try to drink up to 80 ounces a day. I typically put a few slices of lemon, lime or grapefruit in my water and then sweeten it with Stevia. Sometimes I will buy organic juice and add an ounce or two to my very large 32 ounce cup.

    I know a lot of people like to use other additives, but I have to be watchful and stay away from anything that is sweetened with Aspartame. I find that adding something the flavor the water will cause me to drink more water and actually enjoy.
  23. jacqueline

    jacqueline New Member

    I add lemon or lime and if I really want to spice it up, I use carbonated water. One thing to keep in mind with carbonated water is that it decreases your ability to absorb calcium so you need to make sure you don't over do it. I have a lot of inflammatory issues and arthritis, and drinking lemon water helps alleviate many of my aches and pains.
  24. brookscc

    brookscc New Member

    I love to make naturally fizzy water. You can do this naturally using a ginger bug. There are also some other options as well (champagne yeast, etc...). This gives a little more fun to drinking those eight glasses a day. I mix in a little fruit and some honey for a touch of sweetness (mostly the yeast eat the sugars to give you the bubbles). It's a very simple process and you can make enough for the week at the time. The prep work is nothing. There are tons of recipes online. You should check it out. Not only is it tasty, but very healthy. It feeds your body with loads of microbes that will clean and help your gut. Remember that old saying, listen to your gut. This will help your gut's judgement...haha. Enjoy!
  25. moneymakingdeb

    moneymakingdeb New Member

    I started flavoring my water a few years ago. I will use any fresh or freeze dried fruit, cucumbers or a drop of my favorite food grade essential oils. I started out by making a huge jug in the morning and drinking from that all day. However, I found that I prefer to make one glass at a time. The flavors stay more mild and refreshing that way. If you like the flavors stronger I would make a big batch and store in the refrigerator.
  26. Vienky

    Vienky New Member

    There really isn't a reason to flavor your water from a fitness standpoint. From a foodie standpoint then sure flavored water does taste nice yes. But during or after a workout, water is just water. However, the added sugar from flavored water could potentially help those that need a good rush during their workout.
  27. anozira2014

    anozira2014 New Member

    My favorite is lemon. I have tried strawberries and was not impressed, maybe I missed something. But I would say no to and flavor packets it may contain things not so natural and bad for you like high fructose which is no good for you.
  28. RachaelMarie

    RachaelMarie New Member

    There are actually special water bottles where you put your desired fruit in a special compartment in the bottom, and it infuses your water with that fruit! There are various models so I suggest doing your research. The model we have actual grinds the fruit up in the bottom so it will be infused even more into the water. It works very well, and when your goal is to drink more water, it makes that goal much more achievable.
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  29. anozira2014

    anozira2014 New Member

    I am definitely going to look into one of those water bottles, I do find when I put lemon in my water I drink more of it.
  30. As86

    As86 New Member

    I like to add fresh fruits, but my favorite is cucumber and lemon. Strawberries also work great

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