How do you flavor your water?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by emilydorothy, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. marcuscprj

    marcuscprj New Member

    Any citrus fruit goes good in water. I personally like lemon or tangerine juice squeezed into my h20. Surprisingly, none of you have mentioned tea. I’m a big fan of tea. Chamomile and rooibos with honey are my favorite. Great during any time of the year.
  2. michkamartina

    michkamartina New Member

    I flavor my water by adding fruits. I like to dice some watermelons, pineapple, grapes, apples, limes, oranges, really any fruit in my refrigerator and dunk them in my cup and then fill with water. I find I drink a lot more water when I do this.
  3. markblogger12

    markblogger12 New Member

    In most cases I do not really mind drinking a nice glass of ice cold water although I do find myself bored of water sometimes. In that case my usually go to additive this time of year is a diced red delicious apple and a cinnamon stick. This keeps the water just as healthy as it was with a nice flavor twist that will leave you wanting more.
  4. Jagie12

    Jagie12 New Member

    I actually enjoy the taste of plain water more so than flavoured water. However, as an added health benefit I like to add a slice of lemon (usually about a quarter of one lemon), as it is a good detox and is supposedly good for the skin. I have also heard of people using lime or cucumber to do the same.
  5. max pal

    max pal New Member

    Usually i prefer drinking plain water. Sometimes i add lemon, ginger, mint and cucumber to it. It gives nice flavors. But mostly i drink plain water.
  6. charelaine

    charelaine New Member

    I wish I enjoyed plain, unflavored water, but I just do not. I use Hawaiian Punch Lemonberry packets, which are similar to strawberry lemonade. The negative to this is the aspertame. I know I should not use artificial sweeteners but it is the only way I can drink water at all, so I figure the trade off is worth it.
  7. OriginalAlias

    OriginalAlias New Member

    I add a bit of lemon juice sometimes. Or even cucumber too, it makes water less bland and just more enjoyable to drink. Or even just make an unsweetened tea with it, it gives it a nice flavor with the health benefits of tea.
  8. acenter10

    acenter10 New Member

    Like many in this thread, Crystal Light has been a lifesaver for me. Rather, the cheap HEB-brand Crystal Light knockoffs have been a lifesaver since they're typically half the price of the regular and taste exactly the same. Either way, I think I wouldn't be down 60 pounds without them. I also enjoy Mio, but there's no way it's ever going to be a regular purchase at over $5 a bottle, no matter how good it is.
  9. alanadport

    alanadport New Member

    You will NEVER find me without a bottle of water in my hand. I live in a very hot and humid country so constant hydration is important. I've tried flavored packets like crystal light but I find that they taste too sugary and I don't feel as refreshed when I drink a bottle of it.

    Right now my go to way method for healthy and flavored water is: half a lemon, a few slices of cucumber and a handful of chia seeds! The chia seeds add some protein and substance to the water. I shake it up and leave it in the fridge for a few hours for the flavors to soak in. Since chia seeds are expensive where I live so I only drink a bottle of fancy flavored water a day but it's a nice break from plain old water!
  10. LordArkana

    LordArkana Member

    Right now I either drink my water as is, or add a small slice of lime in my glass. It's refreshing during any period of the year. I would love to make some cucumber and mint water when I have more time. I've heard of many interesting mixes to make natural, tasty flavored water with health benefits. I wonder if anyone can vouch for them?
  11. GamerLady

    GamerLady New Member

    I personally cannot stand the flavored mixes that are out on the market, but my mother-in-law recently offered water that had been refrigerated with orange slices or pomegranate seeds in it. I liked them both and thought that they were great alternatives to the flavored mixes.

    Since I live in the city, I have noticed that the water will sometimes have a really strong chlorine scent to it. My doctor has been bugging me to drink more water, but it is tough to drink water when it smells like pool water, and bottled water seems to have a nasty plastic taste to it. I took a page from my mother-in-law's book and added orange slices to the water in the fridge and that helped to counteract the smell and make the water more palatable. I recently bought a pitcher with a water filtration system that seems to take that nasty smell and taste out of the water. Now I actually enjoy water.
  12. Blaine Alexander

    Blaine Alexander New Member

    Just drinking plain water helps your body out so much! Adding various fruits can help you stay away from sugary juices and sodas. The internet is the perfect place to find great recipes for infused water. I just find a recipe and go to the store for ingredients. It has really helped me become healthier!
  13. EmilyLovesLife

    EmilyLovesLife New Member

    I am a huge fan of plain on lemon. In the summers my mother used to make strawberry water. She would just add strawberries and mint. The flavor wasn't very strong, but we all loved eating the strawberries at the bottom of our cups. I always try to stay away from any flavorings that add sugar, the calories can really start to add up.
  14. blenly

    blenly New Member

    Plain boring old water is fine for me! I actually quite enjoy it, especially when it is cold. But if I had to flavour it with something I would use some sort of tea. Not like iced tea with lots of sugar but just the tea and water. This would be great with a nice fruit or mint tea, or even with green tea!
  15. zhoyce

    zhoyce New Member

    I've started adding lemon to warm water. Warm lemon water serves as the perfect ‘good morning drink’, as it aids the digestive system and makes the process of eliminating the waste products from the body easier. It prevents the problem of constipation and diarrhea, by ensuring smooth bowel functions.
  16. Montague

    Montague New Member

    Plain water for me, I'd sooner use the fruit in my fridge for a smoothie than adding it to my morning drink. I do sometimes treat myself to sparkling (fizzy) water, but that's as far as it goes for me. I do have a friend who's nuts for flavouring it though. She won't have a drop unless it's been filled with a ton of fruit juice/flavourings!
  17. Seidah Vaughn

    Seidah Vaughn New Member

    I drink it au natural unless I put in a bit of fresh ginger-it's hot, but refreshing.
  18. Katanasword

    Katanasword New Member

    I agree that you have to have a nice plain H2O, sometimes where I live the water ha days that it tastes bad. On those days there is nothing like sun tea with honey. Unrelated, but also delicious is after (in my case sometimes mandatory) morning coffee I leave the last sip and add lemonade, I know it sounds odd, but try it!
  19. kammie

    kammie New Member

    I flavor my water with essential oils. Lime is my favorite, but I also use Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit. Since using essential oils in my water, I noticed that I drink a lot more water every day, and my skin looks more hydrated. Not all essential oils can be ingested. I use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, which are safe to ingest. If you go to the store to buy essential oils to flavor your water, be sure to look at the ingredients. If it doesn't say 100% therapeutic grade, don't ingest it. Those oils are only for aromatic use.

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