How Do You Gain Client's Trust As A New Writer?

Discussion in 'Writing Digital Content' started by Joshmoy, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Joshmoy

    Joshmoy New Member

    There are many challenges in writing digital content online, but one major challenge is gaining the trust of clients as a new writer.

    How do you get the clients to trust you with their jobs. How do you convince them not to go for the other users with 4 or 5 stars rating?
  2. Dan_Success

    Dan_Success New Member

    One of the ways to which I gained clients' trust as a newbie writer was being sincere with them each time I submit proposals;

    I let them know am just starting out with no portfolio but was ready to write a simple article or take a test from them if they needed to be extra sure that I was competent enough to handle their writing jobs and this worked all most all the time that I used it.

    A lot of clients out there are ready to give new writers a chance but you get to blow off your chances with them when you pose to have so much experience even as a new writer. Do let them know that though you a still a newbie, you are flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others.
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  3. julmwambs

    julmwambs New Member

    As a new writer you should often keep in touch with your client at most times and keeping your commitments. You should also communicate openly and clearly to them and confirming to their work style. This builds more trust among you.
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  4. bizbit1

    bizbit1 New Member

    In case you are a new writer but confident in your ability to deliver high-quality work to your clients but you need to prove yourself before you get that job. There are a few things you can do to get the attention of your potential clients which includes but not limited to the following.
    • You can offer to do a few guest blogging for free in exchange for a review from potential clients and possibly future jobs from the client.
    • You can present some past examples of work that you have done previously to the client for him to rate your work and if satisfied with your work might hire you.
    • In case you are working on a freelance site such as Freelance, Fiverr etc. You can ask your clients for a review even if it means giving a discount in exchange to increase your chances of getting more work in future.
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  5. Iusa183

    Iusa183 New Member

    As a new writer, I believe that we can gain trust by being confident in expressing your opinions. An honest and sincere opinions will give opportunity to gain Client's trust.
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  6. lmgtfy

    lmgtfy New Member

    There are two components to trust, trusting someone's intentions and trusting their abilities. Trust requires both of them. People are generally willing to give you the benefit of the doubt with regard to your intentions; people are very skeptical when it comes to an unproven person's abilities. It makes sense to focus on demonstrating your capabilities.

    There are basically two paths, and they aren't mutually exclusive. You can build up a portfolio by writing for free (for your own blog, for a club's newsletter, sending letters to the editor of a periodical you read) or by writing for cheap (on freelancing sites). I'd encourage everyone to explore the first option. Clients who are interested in hiring for rock-bottom prices are often willing to give new people a shot, but they're often difficult clients.

    Edit: I'd like to elaborate more on my last point. Something that new freelancers often don't understand is that a client's respect for your work is directly proportional to your rate. You will never meet such an entitled client as one who is getting work for free. They will invariably forget that you are doing this out of generosity, and come to believe that if it's free it must be easy. A client who is paying you $100/hr (and getting good results from it!) will treat you with deference as an expert.
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  7. Reese K

    Reese K New Member

    People do not like risk, especially when it comes to where we spend our money. We want to be confident that the product or service that we receive exceeds or at least equals the value of the money we spend. Therefore, to gain a client's trust, you must reduce the amount of risk they are taking by hiring you. First, you must convince the client that you are going to do the service you are claiming you will do. Second, you must convince the client that your work is high quality.

    If you do not have any previous work, you have to do one of two things. First, you can work for free to build a portfolio. Writing for a local organization or even a personal blog would suffice. Your portfolio would include any works of writing you believe to be high quality and relevant to the type of work you would like to do. You could either use a third party service, a freelancing website or a self-hosted website.

    Another option is to show the client your worth immediately, by offering a sample. I landed my first ever writing job by writing a few paragraphs for a customer's prompt. The client chose my proposal versus the 20-30 other freelancer's, despite not having any experience because they liked my style. After that job, I was able to add the work I did to my proposal, and the client gave me a positive review.

    Whenever you bid for your first job, make sure you are honest. Let the client know that you are trying to build a portfolio and you'd love to work on their project. Of course, you will expect lower pay in the beginning, but you are building a foundation for the future.

    I hope this helps. Best of luck!
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  8. jeffzod7

    jeffzod7 New Member

    You gain a client 's trust by being honest and sincere in all your dealings with the customer.If you can not meet the deadlines set by the customer, it is best to inform the customer beforehand.This habit will save a lot of time for the client and also it will help to avoid inconveniences.A client also respects someone who delivers high-quality work on time.Getting positive reviews from other people also contributes to build trust and increase the confidence of a potential client.
  9. jodymal

    jodymal Member

    I think you can deliver trust in your services by having your own business blog and writing a few well written articles showing your interest in writing. I had once hired a part-time blogger for my business site, but then I spent a lot of time re-writing errors, pictures and doing simple SEO.
    Don't over sell yourself! If you can write clear and consistent content, that is on time, without mistakes, that is what people who are willling to pay to for your services are looking for.
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  10. Doctorstew

    Doctorstew New Member

    The second and third points: absolutely, but one thing I will not do is work for free. The few posts that are necessary for approval here are one thing, but writing a blog entry or an article? absolutely not: apart from anything else the client must know that your work has value. if we don't value our work, why should anyone else?
  11. Mah2938

    Mah2938 New Member

    I highly agree with this post. The points mentioned are highly detailed and are true to the core.
  12. Sandra Harriette

    Sandra Harriette New Member

    I support a lot about this statement. A decent amount of honesty helps, within reason.

    There's a saying: If you don't want to argue a point, don't bring it up.

    Just because you're not being paid doesn't mean that you can still write and have some samples on hand. A blog is great for this because it serves several purposes as you specify. You are in control of it and the clients and jobs you want will be there for the taking.
  13. Jack Chu

    Jack Chu New Member

    As a new writer you need to follow instructions to the latter, deliver quality work and on time to gain client's trust. Quality work means that, the written content should be well punctuated with proper grammar. To attain this make sure as a writer you proof read your work before submission.
  14. vinlord

    vinlord New Member

    In order to gain client's trust as new writer the first thing you do is to introduce yourself and be honest in all aspects..Indicate your backgrounds so that he will have an ideas who really you are. And as a writer you must be true and consistent with your words.No pretentions, just the truth. For example you promised him that you can finish your project in one week, you have to stand and really do it..In this case your credibility will go up
  15. Ghitorni

    Ghitorni New Member

    If you blog regularly, you have umpteen examples especially if you write on different topics. Your prospective client can always read them and ask questions about modeling them as per their needs. If you can remodel those articles and they meet the needs, the client can get the assurance that yes, you can write well.

    Working for free is not my cup of tea. I feel that it lacks sense of responsibility as you never know when the client drops the topic and then you are nowhere.
  16. resty1372

    resty1372 New Member

    Just be honest and tell the truth, your clients will trust you. Always be honest especially when no one is looking. Respect your client, treat your clients with the same respect you would show the President of your country.

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