How do you handle rejection?

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  1. wenny5

    wenny5 New Member

    It really hurts to be rejected. It feels like a someone is stabbing you in the chest. That's how painful it is. How can we go over it? Acceptance... Learn to accept it and move on. Take it as a go signal to better yourself. Acquire new skill if you have rejected for work, if you have been rejected in love..... never mind just find another person who is willing to accept your love. It's their loss not yours.
  2. Mitzkie

    Mitzkie New Member

    It really hurts when someone rejected you most especially if its your family. Some people handle rejections through focusing on their career because someday, this will give them a big benefit to their future. You just need acceptance in order to go forward.
  3. nheilm2020

    nheilm2020 Member

    Basically, rejection is typical when it comes to a job application and it does not bear any pains. On the other hand, when rejection is all about your feelings to someone you love and care but this someone does not have the same feelings, we can say that a bit ouch! To handle rejections in life is just a matter of acceptance and possessing the spirit of being optimistic that in every gloomy cloud there's sun shines behind it. If the time does not favor you now, think that tomorrow would be your chance to smile.
  4. jhezz20

    jhezz20 Member

    Rejection is a lesson. If you are rejected,it doesn't mean that you are bad at something. It means you are lacking. You still have something to improve to your self and the only thing you can do is work on it and improve. If you are rejected, don't give up. Instead remind yourself that you have to do better next time.
  5. jheycianramos

    jheycianramos New Member

    Rejection is just one of the few things that are difficult to handle specially when you are not used to it.To be able to handle it, just think that accepting rejections will make you better in time. Rejection doesn’t mean you are not good enough, rejection is just one way of saying that you can do better.That you have another chance to make it better.Just be open minded and make this as an opportunity for growth,
  6. rextrip

    rextrip Member

    During Rejection, one should take time to cool off. It can be a good idea to take some time away from someone who has rejected you. So also allow yourself to feel all the emotions you feel. And surround yourself with supportive
    people or take time to be alone.
  7. Tonio2017

    Tonio2017 New Member

    I am the kind of person that hates REJECTION!That is why i am not that approachable...I hate it when i am being ignore if i am the first to say greetings or the first to reach out.But when it comes to finding a job,REJECTION for me is to strive more and be the best i can be till the end.
  8. Franco22

    Franco22 New Member

    There is one word that dominates my strategy on how I handle rejection with great ease.
    That is "ABUNDANCE".
    I really believe that any one of us, in any aspect of life can THRIVE in this world.

    Let's stop being addicted to the outcome of an individual telling us "YES" and instead just do what needs to be done. Our goal is to live our lives and move forward.
    Just move on. It is that simple.

    Don't allow rejection to stop you from what you are meant to be!
  9. iulishka

    iulishka New Member

    I dont handle rejection well, but I suppose I am going to be better at this in time. I was rejected several times in my life and each time it stopped me from progressing in my work.
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  10. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    Rejection is a sad part of man's life. You can be rejected by the one you love, work by the people around you. I guess you need to guard your heart and head form rejection, in between optimistic and pessimistic because not everyone will accept you.
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  11. MelvinAngelo

    MelvinAngelo Member

    Rejection sometimes you feel shame to other,, so you choose to stay at home feel depression., for me when i am teenager and find a job i am so vulnerable but we still grow and mature, so i am keeping stronger day by day and think not everyone will accept you
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  12. iwisting

    iwisting Member

    Rejection is not a bad thing. It actually leads you to better opportunities.
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  13. Dorothy-5me5

    Dorothy-5me5 Member

    Nothing like unexpected rejection to awaken you out of your usual false sense of security. It maybe a shock at first, but once you begin to take stock of the situation you should come to realise that it is really an opportunity to improve yourself, your situation and really take control of your future. Decide on what you want to do, plan how you want to achieve and succeed ;).
  14. younglungu

    younglungu Member

    never give up and always think big
  15. Rijumon007

    Rijumon007 Member

    A person must believe that they are excellent at what they do...
    self-confidence needed ...
  16. sirlambchop

    sirlambchop New Member

    When dealing with rejection, the number one thing a person can do is to keep striving for what they want. Got rejected from a job? It just wasn't for you, you'll find a better one than that sooner or later. Got rejected by a girl? She didn't care, so why should you? Life is about walking off pain and enjoying the good, and rejection is no different.
  17. enel1

    enel1 New Member

    A big or small rejection affects us all. For me, I know it is impossible to avoid but with some positive attitude and calmness can help me a lot. In those times, being rejected doesn't mean someone isn't liked, valued, or important. It just means that one time in one situation with one person, things didn't work out. In short, I know that is not meant for me or us. We should’ve thought that maybe somebody could be accepted despite of one’s rejection.

    I handle rejection by accepting it first. Some things are waiting for me and that could be better than where I get rejected. I just keep giving my best and keep motivating despite all negative situations happened. It is a matter of our attitude that helps us get out of being stuck by such failure. It was before when I was avoiding situations I could get rejected and it still hurts. Later on, I just keep thinking of how could I supposed to deal with the situation and get over rejections. I learned how to be positive despite of every rejections I get; I take it totally as my experience. At first, it hurts me but because I accept that it wouldn’t affect me anymore when I remember it again. I lately focus on what I still have on my life and don’t let rejections and self-doubt stuck in myself. I know I have friends and love ones where I could talk and let out my emotions. They always offer a piece of advice on how I can keep moving forward. Not everything is about us if ever we get rejected, we just have to be constructive and focus on what we can learn from it.
  18. Kryptonian

    Kryptonian Member

    If you are a person with low self esteem then rejection will probably sicken you.For me id take a bag of cannabis.Put it in an incense burner,sit comfortably, and let it fill the room.
  19. zionekathleen

    zionekathleen New Member

    Rejection will always be there in times where you least expect it to be. That is when it hurts the most but it doesn't have to be that way. We are all humans and we should always acknowledge our flaws and never expect everyone to always like us and always approve what we do. When we have that mindset, we don't try to act as someone we are not and don't always expect something perfect to fall upon us. Life is not a bed of roses, we may only make one in our minds.
  20. donald78

    donald78 Member

    I probably surround myself with supportive people in my life. I take time to cool off and it can be a good idea to take some time away from someone who has rejected you. Build my self-esteem and take care of myself alone. Rejection is almost an avoidable aspect of being a human. No one has ever succeeded in love or in life without first facing rejection. We all experience it, and yet, those times when we do are often the times we feel the most alone, outcast, and unwanted. In fact, so much of the hurt and struggle endure isn't even based on the loss itself but on what we tell ourselves about the experience. The cruel ways we put ourselves down or flood ourselves with hopeless thoughts about the future.

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