How do you like your coffee?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by codytinsley, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. codytinsley

    codytinsley New Member

    When I first started drinking coffee, it was more syrup than coffee. Thick with flavored creamer and sugar. I shudder to think about that now. Over time I weaned myself off. Now I am super cheap and drink it black. Some days I'll feel really wild and add a little cream. Crazy how quickly transition!
  2. adora01

    adora01 New Member

    I like mine brewed, simple no creamer and no sugar. I had more coffee than tea specially if the brew is heavenly done. For a coffee addict like me, it makes the day complete, chores and work, done as expected. Coffee brings people closer since one can socialize with just one mug.
  3. Pb Cates

    Pb Cates New Member

    Black, because i'ts fast.
  4. fraaaan

    fraaaan New Member

    Coffee is included in my daily morning routine and I admit, I feel incomplete whenever I skip it.

    I like my coffee strong, with 1/4 teaspoon of brown sugar, 2 teaspoons of creamer, and half and half of hot and normal room temperature water.

    I also love brewed coffee with sugar and cream as well. Added its aroma and the warmth I feel as it goes through my throath down to my gut, it is really perfect.
  5. amsdell

    amsdell New Member

    I don't like coffee at all, I prefer to have water or maybe a Diet Coke.
  6. Kashmir

    Kashmir New Member

    I like my coffee with a little bit of milk and just a tiny bit of sugar. I realize after a while that what I didn't like in my coffee (before I added sugar) was the bitterness of the coffee, so adding a little bit of sugar makes all the difference. I would say that 2 milk and 1/2 sugar is the perfect mix.
  7. Seeker77

    Seeker77 New Member

    Black, two sugars with cream.
  8. wous1243

    wous1243 New Member

    I find that anything other than arabica with 1/3 of milk and some sugar leaves me feeling a bit sick. I guess I'm picky, what can I say :p
  9. Kathryn Brock

    Kathryn Brock New Member

    I like my coffee a very specific way. In the summer I like cold coffee with hazelnut creamer added to it. In the winter I enjoy hot coffee with the delight brand sugar cookie creamer. For some odd reason I tend to add more creamer in the winter.
  10. justkatie123

    justkatie123 New Member

    I prefer the coffee from Starbucks as when i make coffee it always tastes weird.
  11. Jennifer Ruskowski

    Jennifer Ruskowski New Member

    I do not really drink coffee. My favorite thing coffee related is Starbucks frappuccinos. My favorite drink is a soy mocha frappuccino with no whipped cream and extra mocha drizzle.
  12. Nitty

    Nitty New Member

    I like my coffee with a lot of sugar and cream. I also enjoy mocha frappes especially the ones from McDonalds they are really tasty and not too expensive. They have many other coffee shops out there but their prices are too much and the quality of the coffee isn't too great.
  13. jojolan

    jojolan New Member

    I like Starbucks' frappuccinos, but those are expensive. I usually make my coffee with one tablespoon of coffee and two spoons of sugar. Then I dump a lot of milk into the cup to cover the bitterness. I drink coffee for the caffeine energy, not for the taste; because, to be honest, I don't like coffee.
  14. Jade30

    Jade30 New Member

    I like the 3-in-1 coffee. Haha, it's a very cheap coffee powder in sachet you can buy in groceries. I think it's just right for me, not that sweet and not that strong coffee. I only drink coffee when I go all-nighter for my exams.
  15. mirages

    mirages New Member

    I like lattes and cappuccinos. The brewed coffee from 7-11 is nice too! However I don't drink coffee that often, I only do when I really need to stay awake.
  16. Alexandra Neilson

    Alexandra Neilson New Member

    I'm an espresso girl, offer me instant and I'll look at you with a mixture of horror and disgust. Working in cafes from a young age has given me unreasonably high standards when it comes to coffee quality (I believe they call it 'living beyond your means')

    My favorite is a 'Flat White' a common espresso coffee here in New Zealand. Double shot espresso with less milk than a latte, flatter than a cappuccino - just perfect.
  17. Sniperhulks5251

    Sniperhulks5251 New Member

    i love macchiato 2 or double shots, this is the only blend of coffee that i ordered in one of the leading coffee shop in the world, for the reason i need to stay awake at night since i'm working in the call center, its just like a punch in the face if you feel sleepy. hope you like it too.

    LISA SAPIA New Member

    I'll take two sweetener's and some liquid creamer fixed solely by the love of my live!!!!
  19. JohanGro

    JohanGro New Member

    I like my coffee dark and strong. I am a staunch believer that a strong cup of coffee with very little milk and two teaspoons of sugar is a good stress deterrent. When I feel stressed and I have a cup of strong and dark coffee, I always feel better and more determent to get things done.
  20. aarontherooster

    aarontherooster New Member

    Iced, milk and sugar for me. I personally cannot stand hot coffee.
  21. ColetteR

    ColetteR New Member

    I had a very similar experience to this! Everything at first was Starbucks frappucinos and coffee with more sugar than coffee beans in it.

    Nowadays I drink my coffee black, generally a dark roast with no sugar or creamer. My weekday job is as an assistant teacher, so I definitely drink coffee more for the caffeine than the flavor.

    However, there are days when I have the time to stop by a local coffeeshop and settle in with a specialty espresso drink just to immerse myself in the taste and experience of it all over again. Those days are, unfortunately, few and far between.
  22. Dearrose101988

    Dearrose101988 New Member

    I love my coffee without sugar!.i dont know why .but i prefer my coffee like that!.hahahaha
  23. hetzky

    hetzky New Member

    I like mine black and strong, with no sugar. If I'm sat working at my desk then I'll have it hot, but if I'm on the go then I'll get it iced, or go for a cold brew. There is a really great coffee shop near me that makes a drink called Espresso Blood Tonic, which is a raspberry soda with tonic and a shot of espresso, and despite it sounding weird, it's pretty delicious!
  24. I like my coffee hot with a bit of milk and a teaspoon of sugar. Iced coffee is okay. I was a heavy drinker of coffee, max of 5 cups in a day. I have to lessen it and have tea as an alternative. A day without coffee for me is lame.
  25. fathusername

    fathusername New Member

    Like my men, strong and black.
  26. Ruth Treveles

    Ruth Treveles New Member

    I appreciate all kinds of coffee. Let me define it as, love.
  27. kaykaywantstono

    kaykaywantstono New Member

    I like my coffee with 4 Splendas and flavored creamers. I like it sweet and flavorful. I love coffee it smell great but it is very bitter without sugar and cream.
  28. love224

    love224 New Member

    I'm a coffee lover and morning isn't complete without dark coffee but I like it sweet.
  29. sefie23

    sefie23 New Member

    This actually depends on my mood and the type of activity that I'll do. During weekends since its the time for me to rest, I prefer creamy blend coffees. I don't know this just makes me feel calm and relaxed. However, during the weekdays since I need to be more alert and active I usually drink black, especially I have to wake up really early in the morning. This boosts my energy :)
  30. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    I love my coffee nice and hot with lots of milk.. I like it when it’s a little strong with great ginger biscuits that my mom makes . In a big mug (I have very big hands) , one sugar.. with a cigarette on the porch, with some great chilling tunes in the back round just before the day starts whiting the sunrise

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