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  1. -mejz-

    -mejz- Guest

    everyday we encounter stressful situations in life and everyday we tend to
    loss our temper but fortunately yoga help me buckle up the stress in me.
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  2. ellion

    ellion Guest

    yoga is a great way to manage stress. Stress is a result of too much happening that that the mind becomes overwhelmed and adrenalin is constantaly released into the body.

    yoga is way of balancing this with a very calming way of burning some of the adrenalin of and producing seratonin.

    A person who is stressed needs to readdress the balance in their lives. finding calming and enjoyable things to do but most importantly reducing the work load and evaluating some of their attitudes to work.
  3. meowcow

    meowcow Guest

    Yoga is a definitely a great medium to affirm your body in connection with the earth. I find other forms of exercise like running and swimming have the same effect on me. Nothing makes me appreciate my day more than getting sun rays on my skin while jogging. I find these little things relax my brain and probably does it some good chemistry as well because I am very calm most of the time. :)
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  4. BabyNova

    BabyNova Guest

    I like to ride my old school beach cruiser. I find that if I get up in the morning and go for a ride my mood is good all day. And going for a ride also calms me down and helps me focus. Helps sparks my creativity too. Having a creative block is my number 1 stress causer.
  5. It has become a fashion to talk about stress management these days. Let us get one thing correctly, we would like to manage only things that we treasure, like Time, Wealth, Asset, Relationship and so on. Do we want stress? The answer is an absolute 'No'. Why should we manage something that we don't want?

    Now some one will say, we don't want stress, but we cannot escape stress in the modern world and current lifestyle. That is an utter non sense, this is because stress is an internal thing and not external, only the stimulus is external the happening is internal, so it if you maintain an inner peace and your inner self in a particular way then you can avoid stress completely leave alone managing it.

    There are different kinds of yoga to achieve this inner peace, it is quite difficult to explain the entire thing in a post. However if one is open to learn yoga the right way then he can overcome stress.
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  6. Sunita

    Sunita Guest

    For stress management I do a number of things. First of it I observe myself and reason for which I am stressed. I have found out that at times a very small event which is responsible for the stress as I have made it big by constantly thinking about it and repeating the matter. Once I realise it then I stop and replace the stress giving thought by a positive thought. This is very difficult but with lots of practice I am able to replace the negative thought to a positive one and then indulge in a work which is of my interest like making jewellary items and listening to music.
  7. raintree

    raintree Guest

    Nothing beats stress but a glass of cold soda or iced tea. Take a deep breath and release all the tension and if we are lucky to have extra time, hang out with friends. A few good laughs would do the trick.
  8. vullie

    vullie Guest

    I manage stress going to the swimming pool or the sauna, it really helps me going to the sauna because sauna relaxes your whole body and muscles, you should try it, by the way yoga or tai chi is a good way too but i use sauna more. Also listen to your favorite music, something that gives you a nice feeling helps great too. Don't do things that make you paranoid or something like that or things that piss you off, that gives you more and more stress.
    And the final tip i can give you is "Breathing Excercies" it really helps, search on google and u will find.
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  9. me.pinchung

    me.pinchung Guest

    Meditation. [: It can really do wonders. Some people say that yoga is similar, but I've never really experimented with that.

    Games. This doesn't work for all people, though... I suppose it depends on the type of game you play. Videogames are what I was going to originally suggest, but even a simple crossword puzzle could really put you to ease.

    Art. Even if you aren't exactly an "artist," just dabbling with some paint can be very therapeutic. Turn on some calming music while you're making art... or even do it outside on a nice day!

    Stress balls! :) Quick and easy. You can carry them with you everywhere, too.

    Hope these are at least a little bit helpful. Good luck relieving your stress!
  10. Penn C

    Penn C Guest

    Whenever I'm stressed, I listen to music. It's sort of my outlet and at the same time it calms my nerves especially on hectic days and cutthroat deadlines. When someone pisses me off or when I feel so pressured about something, I just put my headphones on and listen to my playlist. It's my quick solution. Now, if I want to have a really stress relieving method, I usually go to the spa and pamper myself. I love massages while listening to sweet soulful sounds in the background.

    As for yoga, I've never tried it before but it sounds effective. I guess it's because it helps you regain your balance and in a way clears your mind of negative thoughts and energy.
  11. Joey Ross

    Joey Ross Guest

    For me, I always close my eyes,take one long deep breath and think of absolutely nothing but calming down. Just like a kung fu master. :D Works for me.
  12. entengo

    entengo Guest

    Stress is usually caused by the body being overwhelmed. It activates the biological response of fight or flight which increases cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline in the body. When these hormone levels are consistently high due to overwhelming situations it can create the sensation of chronic stress and anxiety that sap energy levels of the body at all times.

    Several things can be done to get rid of stress. It helps to organize. Put your thoughts down and get everything you need to get on a list so that you are not constantly trying to remember what you need to get done or what you are concerned. Also, try some stress reduction techniques and breathing exercises like yoga.

    An excellent complement that can be used to help normalize cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline in the body is called Rhodiola rosea. I use the RestoRose particular brand and I think it helps to reduce feelings of stress for me very well. Hope this helps.
  13. Imthatg1rl

    Imthatg1rl Guest

    I practice yoga, at least twice a day. Yoga is helping me to become more focused, more self aware, and more aware of others. I also do some pranayama (breathing exercise) to calm me when I can not do an asana (posture) practice.
    Music is another thing that calms me. I always seem to have a song in my head, its almost like an obsession I suppose.
    Oh! and let me not forget herbal teas, especially tension tamer and peppermint flavors.
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  14. pritilixious

    pritilixious Guest

    i manage stress by putting my priorities in order and do what is important first and avoid being distracted. i make sure that i always find time to pray and ask for strength. and when i have free time, i spend quality time with my family. in that way i can at least alleviate stress and pressure.
  15. ninku009

    ninku009 Guest

    Stress can be manage by Yoga Exercise. Based on my experience, Alternate Breathing and Depth Breathing are two great exercises to managed it. Not only that, it helps physically. Our lungs can stored more air than normal person who not exercise Yoga.
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  16. esrom02

    esrom02 Guest

    When I'm stress, I just call my partner and ask her to stay with me at the house and have a very sound sleep. I don't know the reason why but every time I do it like that, when I woke up, I feel so relax and I'm not stress at all.
  17. onatdonuts

    onatdonuts Guest

    Stress is not only caused by overwhelming workload. It is aggravated by thinking negatively and also worrying too much. Keep in mind that whatever happens, always have a relaxed and positive outlook in life. Of course, you need to do your best in every endeavor that you do but don't forget to be calm. Believe in yourself that you can do it.Take a deep breath, and everything will be all right.
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  18. Dhood

    Dhood Guest

    I usually punch a few kitten. Lol. Seriously having a good support system and a wonderful boyfriend. Having people to listen to you when things are in chaos is the best way I cope with stress. I also decided a long time ago that I was not going to apologize for who I am. I wont let circumstances or people who emotionally bankrupt me take my happiness away from me. It's a choice we make how we react to a certain person or event in our lives. Only you can stress you out. :love:
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  19. bhunter1212

    bhunter1212 Guest

    Watch the movie "Fight Club." Besides it being a great movie you should also analyze some of the messages inside of it.

    After doing that and if you still don't know how to manage stress, my advice is every day do one thing that scares you. Every day you successfully do it this will remove a little bit of your stress and have you feeling better each time.

    But the last thing to keep in mind: TAKE ACTION!

    Hope this helps!:thumbsup:
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  20. Ruiis

    Ruiis Guest

    Well I usually talk to my girlfriend about what stresses me, I play videogames or just do some Wii Sports/Wii Fit, gaming/exercising can be very relaxing trust me ;)
  21. Stress has become an inevitable part in evey human life. The first thing what i do to avoid stress is
    stop worrying about future or any problem which i encounter.
    Engaging my mind in some useful work.
    Thinking about possibilities and opportunities,
    and finally maintaining a good health which is very important to manage stress
  22. I manage stress by engaging myself in meditation for a few minutes. I try to relax by listening to the chirping of the birds too.
  23. immosyete

    immosyete Guest

    everyday stress makes me sick but when i find the best outlet on how to deal it.. i become more happy and have positive outlook in life.. i do manage my stress by simply engaging my self into something beneficial, i have my daily program when it comes to exercise and i make sure i have a good night sleep. our stress depends on what lifestyle we have, for me, i engage in different activities, religious, civic and other organization that gives me positive outlook in life. ;)
  24. edlorenzo

    edlorenzo Guest

    There are lot of simple things to work out with stress. I usually take a nap whenever there's a good place to take with. It's very effective for me because I feel recharge again. When I am at school, I prefer to take a deep breath under the trees. And of course, don't forget to calm your mind and relax your body.
  25. Shanker

    Shanker Guest

    I just take deep breath in between.
    and it helps
  26. mimi8zm

    mimi8zm Guest

    I think each person has their own way to handle their stress. I normally listen to music, have a massage or if time permits, I prefer going to the beach. Listening to the waves, feeling the sea breeze, getting a clear view of the night sky... it just relaxes me.
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  27. Glen Mark

    Glen Mark Guest

    Stress is a state of mind that people makes it too complicated to handle. Just try to analyze these things, why is it stress were being relieved when you found a solution to your problem? or it is being relieved by people you're dying to see and be with? or winning from a lottery? In a split of seconds you change your mood and feel revived isn't it? Well positive thinking can be the best thing to manage and even prevent stress. Don't mind problems which are not yet visible or at hand and learn to enjoy and appreciate simple things around you, for sure stress can't take place in you. If you feel tired then get some sleep and relax. Don't be too serious, learn to smile and try to stretch and do some exercise! Watching comedy shows or movies can help. Reconnecting to God is also a big check to do. Let your friends and family members listen on how you feel everyday... in that way you can feel the relief faster and people around you serves as your quick medicine for stress at hand.
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  28. razigirl

    razigirl Guest

    I use yoga to help with my stress as well. I also have found that meditation can be very helpful for me when I am feeling stressful. Listening to my favorite music and dancing can also be a great way for me to release some tension when things are tough.
  29. uploader102

    uploader102 Guest

    Give yourself a message as to how well you can cope rather than how horrible everything id going to be. "Stress can actually help memory, provided that it is short term and not too severe. Stress causes more glucose to be delivered to the brain, which makes more energy available to neurons. This in turn, enhances memory formation and retrieval. On the other hand, if stress is prolonged, it can impede the glucose delivery and disrupt memory. Most of all try to be positive.
  30. bright_light

    bright_light Member

    Beating deadlines cause me a lot of stress. But after that, I make sure to give myself a break...even just for a half day. I go for a walk, go to the grocery, window shop or any other activity that erases my focus from my work.

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