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  1. Managing stress is stressful itself. One way to cope up with your kind of stress, whatever it is, is to find out what made that particular situation to be stressful.
    Sometimes a situation is not stressful itself, but you yourself will make it more difficult by doing unnecessary things to make it more complicated and that's what makes it so stressful that you yourself cannot handle anymore.
    Handling stress is a matter of mind perspective. It's really up to you how to manage it. Be calm, relax and focused. In these way, you can think more, than being historical and panicking.
  2. ElaineJoyRR

    ElaineJoyRR New Member

    When it comes to managing stress, exercise do helps a lot. Exercise releases toxins from your body and boosts your body's circulation. As a result, it soothes your emotions and provide better functioning of the brain. Exercise releases also happy hormones that helps the ability of a person to feel better and relaxed. When I do exercise, I always make sure that it lasts for about 15-30 minutes enough for your heart to pump adequately thus releasing the tension.
  3. Sgdadu

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    At times its hard to avoid stressful situations since they are part of line. And what works for one may not be applicable to another. For me when I am stressed up, I prefer going out to meet people, just talk whatever subject,get busy with any staff that will abit shut my stressful thought and will finish the day while tired and exhausted. The point is that I want to avoid being lonely and having myself to think much. I thus get involved in as many activities as possible. It could be also playing some games with friends.I just don't want to be alone. Getting a close friend and sharing out your feeling could also help since a problem shared is a problem half- solved!
  4. jonathan_16

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    beautyful natures releave my stress
  5. Countess Scarlet

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    Stress is a feeling of pressure that can come from many aspects in life and we must find a way to try to relieve ourselves from it as much as we can.
    Things that help me a lot are: eating healthy, exercising, drinking a lot of water, meditating, making a bubble bath, listening to my favorite music, spending time and talking with loved ones, reading a good book, going for a walk, sleeping, etc.
  6. Jeedae

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    Stress is managed in different ways. What works for you might not work for me so we all need to find what works for us. For me when I am stressed out I don't isolate myself because that could make it worse. Exercising regularly works for me. Another thing I do is to listen to my favorite songs. Sometimes getting a massage could help reduce my stress level. Lastly, I try not to worry about anything.
  7. s.jahan

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    I do meditation and mudra. It help me to reduce stress and feel rejuvenate. Everyday after completed my meditation my mind become fresh and energetic. My life has become easy and enjoyable
  8. Sasha1993

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    Stress can affect you both physically and emotionally.Personally when am stressed I get enough sleep and listen to music.This calms me down.Physical activity plays a key role in reducing stress.One can manage stress by exercising,eating healthy and getting enough sleep.
  9. Arshi

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    Meditate. Let your mind be silent. Clarity can come easier when thoughts (especially,negative ones) are shut off. Constant energy and focus on the negative increases anxiety and doubt. if shifting into positive thoughts isn't easy, then force them! your brain will develop new thought patterns. Focus on what you are grateful for (because it's true things can always get worse.) when in a state of gratefulness its harder to feel anxiety. Start each day writing out what you are grateful for, focus will be on positive. When this becomes a regular routine, positive focus becomes a habit & it will be less likely to enter a state of uncontrollable stress. Listening to Wayne dyer, Anthony Robbins & Deepak Chopra - podcasts like staring the day positive, being powerful and how to manage stress greatly helped me. All will help to manage stress and help in trusting yourself to finding the right solutions at all.

    Your mind is so very powerful. You have the power to control your thoughts – no-one else can do that for you. Understand that you are the driver of your vehicle. Take control and reject those conflicting voices so you can successfully achieve your goals.

    Too many people sit in the passenger seat, and allow their mind (thoughts linked to emotions), sabotage their ability to move forward with confidence and happiness. so you overcome your fears, kick your limited beliefs to the curb, and TRULY step into your empowered self.
  10. AwesomeHero

    AwesomeHero New Member

    I just exercise and chill out a bit. I'm really stressful in school and work, for every person something else works for them. It's not that easy to recommend anything.
  11. liannaxenia

    liannaxenia New Member

    I manage stress through music, I eat what makes me happy. I go out with my friends. i pray that all my worries will go away and help me with what I am going through. Most of the time I really wanted to be alone and solve things on my own because I don't want anybody interfering with me because that makes the problem bigger and worst.
  12. dancemachine

    dancemachine New Member

    I try to distract myself from the main source or cause of the stress by doing something else like dancing, watching a movies or hanging out with bae. Then having a cool bath and sleep playing a cool music, that simply does it for me
  13. Humbledqueen20

    Humbledqueen20 New Member

    I manage stress by keeping my circle of people at a minimum because I feel like having too many people involved in your life causes stress.
  14. John0520

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    I didnt experience stress to much because i dont think my problems as a problem. I just enjoy my life, singging and laughing. Because if i think too much of my problem, then a new problem will rise in my mind. So i just get things done and dont think too much of my problem because for me problem in life is just a test or obstacle we need to cope up to have a better understanding of ourselves, our own nature as a human. Dont get too affected by your problem, just smile and cheer up even though how massive the burden your carrying.
  15. ahdseghir

    ahdseghir New Member

    When i am stressed I do something I enjoy everyday Most of the time i put some music and dance around:p
  16. anjs

    anjs New Member

    music can make my stress go away. sounds weird but yes it is.. Stress is just a feeling, thats what I always tell to myself.. Do things that can make you happy, talk with people, smile a lot. Got to church, and pray thats the best sword you have.. G out with your family. :)
  17. lessurmitch

    lessurmitch Member

    Stress is always there, most of the time. How do I manage stress? Simple, I take a deep breath, inhale-exhale, relax. And then I'll think of the positive side. I'll think in a positive way with what really is the reason how things becoming so stressful and then I take some actions out of it. I usually go beyond limits so I can overcome stress. I usually do things what I love to overcome stress in a way I can't think of it anymore. It really depends how you handle things out just not to think of "stress". Enjoy and make the best out of it. ;)
  18. bencherik

    bencherik New Member

    Manage stress for me is "go sleeping", when i slept well, i feel happy, and i can solve most of problems that make me stressed. So, feeling stressed for me, meaning tha i am tired!
    When you feel stressed! Go to sleep !
  19. reubensausal

    reubensausal New Member

    you cant manage stress if you wont face your problems, because stress are caused of problems. In able to fight with it you must face your problem first, what doesn't kill you makes you strong. But on the other half, alternative way on my side is by escaping the problem hahahahaha
  20. stormbreaker10

    stormbreaker10 New Member

    In my opinion, if I in a stressful situation, just taking a break for a while, doing things I want like playing games, etcetera for a while or either just dodging that situation. But before the process of managing the stress, you need to identify the real causes of your stress. Knowing it first, is one of the key to think things or procedure to manage that stress.
  21. Kirstieox

    Kirstieox New Member

    Stress is part of our lives. We cannot hide from it nor shoo it away. And so, just take stress calmly. All things will be well if you would just handle things calmly. Without being calm then u will not be able to overcome that stress. And just do things that will divert your attention from it and just be positive to fight against stress.
  22. Shally

    Shally Member

    I manage my stress simply by inhale and exhale.I dont mind stress let the stress mind me lol.singing while im in the middle of stressing day is one of my best remedy for stress.iI always keep myself busy and i only think all the possitive thing.I dont allow stress to come along with my whole day so i really make it a point that im in positive thinking and a big smile for everyone.Yes stress is really hard to deal with but I am bigger than my stress.I always pray everyday to start a good mood and stress free,but sometimes we cannot control things out specially when your sorroundings is all negative people.Be brave and face all the challenges in your life because the struggle is real!
  23. Reynandu30

    Reynandu30 New Member

    To manage stress we must exercise daily or regularly. Live a healthy and balance diet. Always think positive.Then surround yourself a kind of people that can help you achieve your dream and that make you a better person.
  24. Em14

    Em14 New Member

    Everyone experience stress in their lives, we just have to handle it. My stress reliever is my children, every time I feel tired or lonely I will talk to them, play with them and hug them. They smile makes me relax and lessen my stress.
  25. Kinlove17

    Kinlove17 New Member

    How I manage stress is to go shopping, even if it's just window shopping, listen to my favorite music and nothing beats a walk on the beach listening to the waves crash upon the shoreline.
  26. ritz2

    ritz2 New Member

    Stress is a part of our daily lives. Stress can be good and bad. It is good in a sense that it compels us to do action, because we are pressured by many different factors like time, expectations etc. However, too much stress can cause us different health issues, so we should learn to manage our stress well.
  27. clarisseblogs

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    Stress, especially in my line of work, is inevitable. I manage my stress everyday through three things. Firstly, by eating chocolates. Chocolate contains a number of compounds associated with mood-lifting chemicals in the brain so whenever I get stressed-out, a bar of chocolate is really helpful to release those "happy hormones"! Secondly, I listen to upbeat and happy music. Thirdly and most importantly, I stop whatever I'm doing that is causing me stress, close my eyes, and do breathing exercises.
  28. Jersy

    Jersy New Member

    Think positive and make yourself better, do what makes you happy like shopping, or listen to the music to make up your mind. Don't think too much of your problem. Life goes on, calm your mind and relax your body. Just make yourself busy to forget that you are stress. Don't worrying too much, manage your emotions and your mind rather. Don't think that you are stress even if you are just clear your mind and do everything you can do, remember only you can stress you out. Be positive always.
  29. Mjsmith

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    As a teenager we are more prone to stress that sometimes can cause to depression and lead to suicidal. But in my own, the things that I do is just play music at a higher volume that will make you like a psycho, and at the same time relax you and help relieve your stress.
  30. Nethmanila

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    After a long hours of work it's only natural that we get stressed. My way to manage the stress is to listen to soft music and to have a meditation during my rest day. Sometimes, I go to spa and have massage and it keeps me relax. I also go with my friends that have a positive view in life. It's very important to have a friend that will not pull you down specially in your hard days.I also manage stress when I open up with my family that always supporting and loving me.They giving me advices that help me to improve to myself.
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