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  1. Ahsan1900

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    1. Sit in a comfortable position with your hands in your lap and your feeton the floor. Or you can lie down.
    2. Close your eyes.
    3. Imagine yourself in a relaxing place. It can be on the beach, in a beautiful field of grass, or anywhere that gives you a peaceful feeling.
    4. Slowly take deep breaths in and out.
    5. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes at a time
  2. laurenb111

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    I manage stress by taking a bath every night after school. Here’s my bath routine I recommend you follow, because it does really alleviate stress.
    1. I personally make the water hot enough that after a few minute I start to sweat. Fill the tub up almost completely with this hot, hot water so you can be almost totally submerged in warmth.
    2. Fill up a bottle of icy water and place it on the side of the tub, so you can drink it while you sweat. This is a wonderful feeling, in my opinion; drinking cold water while sweating. It’s like something you do post-workout.
    3. Shake some Epsom salts into the hot water. Epsom salts can relieve body pains and aches, moisturize the body, boost blood circulation, and help to lower blood sugar. You’ll likely enjoy a whole host of benefits by adding this to your bath! Why not, right?
    4. I tend to stay in for half an hour to an hour. Play some music, watch some YouTube, drink your water to stay hydrated, and enjoy some time to yourself!

    I feel good and relaxed for the rest of the night after I’ve got out and dried off and carried on with usual. I hope this helps!!
  3. Assa

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    Stress is the start of depression, it is the time when we feeling low/pity to ourselves. It's not just YOU and ME experience the trouble of having a depression, everyone in this world encounter such thing. And it's not so easy to fight with it. Mostly, are teenagers who always feel this: Bullying, one of the roots that gives depression to the teens, nowadays. So, better to avoid your self be covered by stress to avoid depression too, better to prevent than to cure.

    If you're stressed, find a way out to that feeling. Here are some that can help:
    *try to eat some sweets like icecreams and chocolate, it was proven by me
    * make your day busy for something that makes you happy
    * think those happy memories instead of those bad ones
    * spend time with your family. communicate and be open with them whatever you have gone through, believe me they will help you.
    * listen to a music- which help you to express what you really felt.
    * have time to jam with your cousin at your age and close friends

    Above all talk to GOD, He knows every struggles you did. He knows every pain you had hide. He knows everything, all you had to do is lay everything on Him and you will surely feel better.
  4. Andja98

    Andja98 New Member

    I'm really into drawing, that's my stress relief. Also, meditating really helps me, but I don't do it as much as I should... I'm an outdoors person, so anything that includes walking, especially hiking to a nearby lake with my dogs, that's my medicine for sure. :)
  5. Millyn

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    Prayer is the best weapon to conquer stress and depression as well. Make it a habit to talk to God as if we are talking to a friend or our father or anyone that you look up to. Always remember, we can share anything to Him without being judged, because sometimes our friends and even family members are only humans and that they have their own boundaries and limitations to understand us at times. Make it a way of living also to read the bible daily and find comfort in His words. Sometimes we don't need the presence of anyone but the Lord's, and a single sentence in the Bible might bring a thousand of message and encouragements for us.
  6. gerrynepo

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    The Best Way to Bye for your stress is to talk with your friends,family or to your love ones. it is easy right?
    Talking with your love ones can easily relieving your stress, because talking with your love produce a chemical in your body called Dopamine, And dopamine is responsible for you to be happy. So you don't need to be worried and stress just talk with your love ones:) Good Night Everyone:love:
  7. ghednepo

    ghednepo New Member

    How Do You Manage Your Stress?

    I manage my stress by always praying and talking to God, Because i know God will help me with my problems, i know without god i can't handle my stress and problems. God is the best Stress Reliever for me because he is my life and happiness. I know some of you will not believe to God, Why? Because you can't see him? Remember God is a spirit you can't see him but you can feel all of his greatness. You can't live without him.

    My second stress reliever is sleeping, because when you are sleeping you are escaping your stress, sleeping can give you a clear mind and soul, sleeping can repair all of your damage tissue and cells. So sleeping is one of the best way to remove stress

    My third stress reliever is reading books, because it is really relaxing and refreshing, reading books can help you to improve your brain and memory, reading book is really fun because you can get a knowledge from it.

    My fourth stress reliever is listening to music, because it is really calming and relaxing so it can easily remove your stress, It can help you to get that fresh and clear mind.

    And My Last Stress Reliever is posting here, because this portal is letting me express my feelings and opinions about the certain topic THANK YOU ;)
  8. Gribas

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    We live in era where there is a lot of information. Every day we acquire much of it. That’s why we have a lot of stress. We know a lot of things. When a person has problems, he or she often tries to find the solution for them on the Internet. People are very hectic now. How can we cope with stress? I think that taking up sports is a real solution to this problem. Physical activity can calm us in any situation. I believe that sports is much better than different antianxiety medicines. Also interacting with other people, friends or relatives help me to manage stress. Close people can support you and give a useful peace of advice.
  9. TerryShorty

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    This is a big conversation I could talk for hours about it. I will make a video about stress, thanks for the idea by the way.
    To get to the point, stress is obviously very harmful and we have to work hard to avoid it.
    It need work to be done to avoid stressing, it took me years to get rid of it.
    Most of the times that we get stressed, it is totally useless. The reason why we got stressed is not important and we realize it only when the problem is solved. So, why did we have stress?
    I believe there is a solution to every problem and stress will not help you see it.
  10. philipdavid016

    philipdavid016 New Member

    I manage my stress by having faith in God. There is nothing impossible with Him. Many people in the Bible who are sick were all healed when they have faith in Jesus. I particularly like the story of the woman who had the issue of blood for twelve years. She had gone to doctors but to no avail. Instead of finding her healing her disease became all the more worst. She has also spent all her money in trying to heal her disease.

    When that woman learned about the power of the Lord Jesus to heal sicknesses and diseases, she believes for her healing. She said that if she could just touch the hem of the garment of Jesus, she will be healed. It was very difficult to do it because Jesus was surrounded by a great crowd. She pressed into the crowd and did touch the hem of Jesus garment. The moment she touched it, she was healed. Later on, Jesus said that her faith has made her whole.

    In the same way, I manage my stress by releasing my faith in the Lord Jesus. I surrender all my problems and the things that made me so stressful to Him. I can feel relief after I do it in prayer of faith. His power is released to answer our prayers when we have faith in Him.
  11. shobeuy53

    shobeuy53 New Member

    I also manage my stress by praying to our all-powerful, all-knowing, and present everywhere God. Prayer is my way of releasing my stresses off my shoulders. It is encouraged by the Lord Jesus Christ himself. He said that man should always pray and not to faint. It is written in Luke 18:1, it says "Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.

    There are also other verses that we can read from the Bible about prayer and not worrying. In Philippians 4:6-7, we are directly told "Do not be anxious about anything, but in anything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and minds in Christ Jesus." It is just like saying pray and do not worry.

    I pray to God because there is nothing impossible with him. God is a miracle worker, a promise keeper and a way maker. He can make rivers in the desert. He can give sight to the blind. He can make the lame to walk again. He can cleanse the lepers. That is who He is. I entrust myself to Him. I claim his promise that he will never ever leave me nor forsake me.
  12. potchuy203

    potchuy203 New Member

    As for me, my first stress reliever is God. In Matthew 6:33 we can read, "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." It is telling me not to worry because our heavenly Father will provide us with what I need. God is our provider.

    My second stress reliever is eating and drinking water. Eating helps me becomes strong and healthy. Hunger will not be helpful. I can think well if I have the strength in my mind and body. Water and food is life. Much better if I eat healthy foods like organic fruits and vegetables.

    My last but not the least stress reliever is exercise. Breathing exercise helps me a lot. I inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. My body is also in good condition if I have made my daily exercises. Champion boxers like Manny Pacquiao wins championship because of exercises before the fight that he made.
  13. potchjose

    potchjose New Member

    You can manage my stress by eating healthy diet. Eating a healthy diet is an important part of taking care of yourself. Aim to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. You eat organic fruits and vegetables.

    You can also manage stress by meditation. During meditation, you focus your attention and quiet the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress. Meditation can instill a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. Guided meditation, guided imagery, visualization and other forms of meditation can be practiced anywhere at any time, whether you're out for a walk, riding the bus to work or waiting at the doctor's office. The best meditation is the meditation of the word of God.

    Lastly, you can manage stress by laughing more. A good sense of humor can't cure all ailments, but it can help you feel better, even if you have to force a fake laugh through your grumpiness. When you laugh, it not only lightens your mental load but also causes positive physical changes in your body. Laughter fires up and then cools down your stress response. So read some jokes, tell some jokes, watch a comedy or hang out with your funny friends.You can also watch funny videos from YouTube.
  14. jelijah085

    jelijah085 New Member

    I believe we can manage stress when we are able to detect what causes us to be stressed and solve it. When we are faced with a challenge, part of our response is physical. The body activates resources to protect us by preparing us either to stay and fight or to get away as fast as possible.

    The body produces larger quantities of the chemicals cortisol, adrenaline, and nor adrenaline. These trigger an increased heart rate, heightened muscle preparedness, sweating, and alertness. All these factors improve the ability to respond to a hazardous or challenging situation.

    Factors of the environment that trigger this reaction needs to be known. Examples include noises, aggressive behavior, a speeding car, scary moments in movies, or even going out on a first date. The more causes of stress we experience, the more stressed we tend to feel. We can only manage stress if we are able to know the causes and find ways to resolve them.
  15. Ronwald

    Ronwald New Member

    You just have to find something to do that really piques your interest. It can be a hobby, or an activity that allows you to deviate from the usual daily routine. As for me, to manage stress I play video games on weekends, do some solo travels to the local zoo or museum, or basically anything that really comes to mind as I leave the office on Fridays. In this way, you will be energized and feel refresh again as you continue your daily routines, of course, this is assuming that your daily routines are the ones who cause you stress.
  16. faithchristy29

    faithchristy29 New Member

    Stress tends to hit anybody especially when one is exhausted, sick or when one is outside of a safe and familiar environment. We feel stressed too when we have too many responsibilities, or during times of grief and tragedy, when our circumstances spin out of control. And when our basic needs are not being met, we feel threatened and anxious.
    I have learned to manage stress by first, recognizing the problem. There must be an honest self-evaluation of my present and temporary situation of being stressed. I believe coupled to this recognition is a humble confession of my stressful condition. This brings a bit of relief. The Bible says in Psalm 32:2 "Yes, what joy for those whose record the Lord has cleared of guilt, whose lives are lived in complete honesty!"
    Secondly, I should give myself a break and get some help. Now that I have identified the problem I can take steps to care for myself and get the appropriate help. If I am not getting enough rest, I will take time to restore my physical body. If I feel that I am sick or working through a loss or tragedy, I need to step back from my normal responsibilities and give myself time and space to heal. If I believe that my condition needs medical attention, I will see my doctor.
    I will have a proper diet and get regular exercise. Finding a support system of friends who have "been there" and understand what I am going through will ease the pain and stress.
    Thirdly, as a believer of God, I will commit all my stressful condition and anxiety to God whom I believe is in control of everything that transpires in this world. I will pray and offer praises and thanksgiving to Him in spite of my undesirable situation. God promises to give us peace beyond our ability to understand. He also promises to create beauty from the ashes of our lives as we discover that hope comes from loss and joy springs from times of brokenness and suffering. (Isaiah 61:1-4)
    Life can be challenging and complicated, and we are much too vulnerable in our human condition to escape the inevitable battles with stress. Yet I have proven that stress can be defeated as I follow the steps I suggested above.
  17. Roemann

    Roemann New Member

    I am very sensitive to the nuances of group dynamics. If there’s an unhealthy amount of stress within the team, I can feel some stress as well. And so what I do is to try to proactively listen to the concerns of the people around me, checking in frequently to see if they themselves are under stress. If they are, I think about how I can help them with their workload so the collective stress of the team doesn’t escalate. When the team’s happy, I’m happy
  18. NichoFern

    NichoFern New Member

    There are so many things constantly moving in every direction around us, it can seem impossible to live our lives stress free. I find that going back to and understanding our nature as it was in the beginning helped me determine the best stress relief approach for at the very least myself personally. In the beginning to survive among creatures larger faster or more lethal than us, we had to hunt and kill or be killed. This act consisted of miles of roaming in the wild to find and bring back food for our group. As hunters this meant always being on the move, being strong and quick of mind. In today's world we no longer have to trek through miles in the snow to hunt a creature down. For survival, we simply go to Walmart or some other store to buy what we need. My stress relief method is putting my body through the hunter experience. So I hunt, I go on foot most of the time, I bring little to no food and force myself to be resourceful, not without a large amount of homework on the area I decide to hunt in. I do at least 4 hunts per year that range from 3 to 7 days. It is in a way an anchor to my sanity.
  19. DianeBorg

    DianeBorg New Member

    When ever I have stress, I like to go walking in the countryside. The fresh air, the lack of noise, and the beautiful colors of nature, makes me really feel better.
  20. JPAN18

    JPAN18 Member

    I do exercise, specifically jogging helps me a lot in reducing stress.
  21. Dida

    Dida New Member

    First of all, we humans get tensed/stressed when we are thrown out of our comfort zone, it's natural and normal, nothing is wrong in that.

    To over come this stress, we have to just make ourself comfortable in the new state which we have been thrown to.

    Let's consider a case where you don't have a job and find difficult to find one, you start feeling stressed, how can you overcome that stress? I'll tell you how, you start taking interviews, let's face that shit first, say you fail in that, it's absolutely fine because if you remember we didn't start walking on day one on this planet right. It's okay to be not okay.

    Now based on your first interview you will be knowing what you're lagging with whether it could be knowledge or confidence or be anything, next day you will start working on that thing until you become better than yesterday with whatever increment you can achieve, that's it.

    At this point of time you will start feeling comfortable with your limitations and you won't feel stressed as like yesterday. You will do relatively well in the next interview and literally you feel better even though it doesn't work out.

    That increment is like exponential, one day it will definitely help you to break all the barriers and become a King/Queen in that new uncomfortable state.

    That's how we learnt walking, isn't it??

    You'll be running a marathon one day, believe in yourself.
  22. Bergstein

    Bergstein New Member

    The way I deal with my stress is to go for a walk in nature. I do this almost every single day, for about an hour. I bring my two favorite and four legged friends with me! We like to seek out new and challenging hiking trails as often as possible. It is cold and icy out right now in Ontario, Canada; but we don't let that stop us! It is the highlight of my day, and I always feel much more relaxed when I return home.
  23. Khim18

    Khim18 New Member

    Everyday,every minute we encounter stressful situations.Sometimes it's about work,financial,feeling alone,family,school etc.I started feel stressed when I was young.My parents are separated when I was 3 years old.But when I'm at the age of 9,I feel the sadness of having a broken family.I feel envy to the people that they have a complete family.And now there is nothing I can do except to accept it.And my point is don't stress yourself because of problems or you are in a struggles.You need to accept it and then always think that you can solve it and you can do it.Do not think negative vibes,because negative vibes starts you to be stress.
  24. mariebernadette

    mariebernadette New Member

    I am actually having a hard time managing stress and I am still in the process of controlling my stress and any other negative feelings. Whenever I feel stressed, other than eating too much sweets and sleeping too much, I see to it that I talk to someone who I can trust, someone who listens to me and who can help me with what I am going through.
  25. Bri1567

    Bri1567 New Member

    A way for me to manage my stress is to play golf. I love nature. Some people may think that golf is not way to relieve stress because of how frustrating it can be. This is not the case, in my personal experience playing golf has given me great memories. One great memory is playing Division I golf. When I look back and see all the great memories that golf has given me I see it as a way for me to relieve my stress. I think about all the great shots I've had in the past and how far I have come as an athlete. I always try to stay positive. This helps me manage my stress.
  26. romilda

    romilda Member

    We can avoid stress as it is already part of our daily routine. We only need to be patient in every circumstances that we encounter and accept the fact that we cannot control everything in our hands.

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