How do you motivate yourself to keep going...

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by techiworld, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. tysovsky

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    I frequent r/GetMotivated every day. For me it's a great source of inspiration that keeps me going. Overall, I'm just trying to think of a person I want to become and that when it's time for me to day and I have to look this person in the eyes I will feel no shame. This though make me work harder every day.
  2. In my case, I started with the goal of losing some pounds. After completing my goal, I decided my next goal would be staying healthy and active. During this journey, I understood that changing your lifestyle is not easy. It takes time, motivation, and enthusiasm. With that being said, every time I feel demotivated, I just remember how hard it was to get to this point.
  3. erika03g

    erika03g New Member

    I just remember how miserable and uncomfortable I used to feel. The effort is really worth it.
  4. janaebryan

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    Keep a constant reminder of your goals, a physical reminder, whether pictures, or post it notes, stickers on the fridge, something that constantly rmind you of where you want to be and by what time you want to get there. Also if you don't have a dream of where you want to be, get a nightmare! It'll wake you up to the reality and force to go out and make your dreams come through because you surely don't want that nightmare again.
  5. Garrett Liebhard

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    Motivation is so much more about the journey rather than the destination. Many people have set rewards, or are given rewards by others as to motivate them. If you learn to love the process, then you will truly be motivated. In terms of working out it's all about not saying to yourself "I want to look good", and have that serve as motivation. The real motivation lies behind focusing and saying, "I want to work to look good."
  6. Heather Gilmore

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    To motivate myself to keep going, I do a few things. First of all, I remind myself of why I am supposed to be doing a certain thing in the first place. Secondly, I give myself small goals to achieve so the task doesn't seem as overwhelming. I also try to make what I do be related to my interests and strengths. For example, here's a funny little side story...To tell you the truth, I really don't like to clean that much and the other day I was talking to my husband about not wanting to clean out the fridge (which it really needed to be done). He said that I should think of it as organizing the fridge instead of cleaning the fridge. I tried it and it actually helped me to not hate doing the task as much.

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