How Do You Start As A Freelance Writer?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by LyndalKaren, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. LyndalKaren

    LyndalKaren New Member

    Hello all!

    I have always wondered how one starts as a freelance writer. I have decent writing skills and I love to write. However, I have always wanted to know how you get started. How do you go from no experience working with someone as a writer to making money from writing?

    Any suggestions or tips would be helpful!
  2. Aaron Strout

    Aaron Strout New Member

    I would also appreciate any advice on this topic. My guess is that you have to produce a good portfolio showcasing your capabilities, and make helpful contacts within the industry, but I don't know for sure.
  3. RSK3000

    RSK3000 New Member

    A good place to start is if you are just starting out. You can pick and choose what you want to write about, write for clients and earn a modest amount of money at the same time. The more writing skills you have the more you can earn. is the next step up. It is more competitive, but the earning potential is greater. After that consider sites like Good luck!
  4. Menachem Grossman

    Menachem Grossman New Member

    I love writing. It's a source of expressing yourself. We all have to start from the beginning.
  5. Pawlee

    Pawlee New Member

    That's exactly my problem too. I don't have formal training on how to become a writer but i love writing things about anything that comes to mind. I don't exactly know if I would be able to produce a good article writing material. I tried to browse the Internet on ways how to become or how to start a freelace career in writing but I feel that I can't get what I've been searching for online. Maybe we just need a little push to start a freelance writing career.
  6. Catty

    Catty New Member

    It's really hard to actually start out as one. What you should do is submit articles to smaller companies such as Listverse, where you get paid $100 per article that is accepted. However, once you get more experience and get better, you can submit articles to bigger companies such as newspapers and even bloggers.

    I recommend you start small and eventually become bigger. That's how all freelancers do. Possibly start a small blog and work your way up to the higher leagues!
  7. DennisKoko

    DennisKoko New Member

    Thanks for mentioning the company Listverse. It'll be helpful to me if you recommend others especially ones that accept articles from writers that live in Sub-sahara Africa and can write about it. That is where I live. I have deep interests in technology and entrepreneurship. I could write about them from the perspective of Sub-sahara Africans.
  8. dhilyu

    dhilyu New Member

    I actually have the same question lingering in my mind for quite awhile now. I guess one has to find his niche and market himself to the net with samples of his product? I know some people who are actually very good at writing articles, short stories and even books if they like, but I don’t think one of them ever ventured to this line of career.
  9. Brilliantauthor

    Brilliantauthor New Member

    Freelancing begins with paid posting jobs. Paid posting jobs are the greatest ways to start freelance writing because it pays and everybody loves getting paid for doing one thing or the other. When you know you are going to get paid writing for a particular platform, this will motivate you a lot and keep you on track for a very long time.

    More importantly, freelance writing will help you build writing skills and prepare you towards becoming a prosperous entrepreneur. Once your writing skill is fully developed, it becomes a useful and complete resource for building an online brand. In as much as you know that your brand is your personal business, you would love to write creative content to make it popular and become a stream of income for you.

    When you start building your own brand, the freelance writing experience you have gained from the various paid posting jobs will become an added advantage for you and you will never find writing website content a challenge as it is for most people who find it so hard to write content.
  10. christinafnts

    christinafnts New Member

    I am actually a newbie in freelance writing and writing in general. However, I always knew that I wanted to pursue or if not, enhance my writing. I have gained several experiences in writing when I was in college, I wrote scripts, plays, and I even write songs. Even though I'm not really used to doing this stuff, I really love to share my thoughts and my knowledge about writing. that's why I never stopped from writing. It would really be great if I discover that this is going to be my niche.
  11. Timothy Pangilinan

    Timothy Pangilinan New Member

    To start as a freelance writer, you need to take the right actions for you to succeed. The first thing you have to do is to take a lot of heedful research. Learn and keep in touch with other freelance writers. Take time to read their blogs and visit their writer website. Strive to acquire knowledge and insights from it as much as you could.
    Next, you have to possess better skills and expertise. Skills such as management skills. You must orderly organize all your tasks, billing data, client data and schedule for your article post. You have to systematically plan all your projects and establish a writing procedure for your articles.
    You also must possess a better article writing skills. Write something which catches your online readers' attention. Make a catchy and fascinating introduction and headline. You also must support your claims with empirical evidence.

    In addition, you must also have perseverance. It's not unusual to experience and encounter rejections but be confident and keep pursuing what you're doing. Be passionate in everything you do.
  12. Lowel

    Lowel New Member

    Please Someone give me some links to that
  13. o_my_dog

    o_my_dog New Member

    When you're just starting out, it helps to pursue writing opportunities that are related to your previous experience and demonstrated skills. For example, I've previously worked in technology implementation, and that experience translated into a gig writing test questions for a national workforce assessment (ACT WorkKeys). Often people only picture blogging and essay writing as "freelance writing", but there are lot more opportunities for more commercial types of writing. Think about what subjects you know and consider how they may relate to writing. Then consider who may have a need for those types of writing services.
  14. kwwrites

    kwwrites New Member

    Starting while you're still in a regularly-paying job is definitely my number one tip. Desperation is not a good look on anyone, and you'll need to do some work that is either not paid particularly well or not paid at all to get started. Look for blogs that take 'guest writers', start your own blog and sign up to a freelance platform like PeoplePerHour. The first two will get you exposure, and the last will earn you some money... eventually. There are about three million writers on PeoplePerHour, so make sure you stand out and don't be afraid to offer discounts at first - the most important thing at the beginning is to build up your reviews. Good luck!
  15. charles2reality

    charles2reality New Member

    I started as a freelance writer in 2011 when I didn't find a job after almost graduating with Bachelor's degree.

    The basic answer is: Start writing!

    The more involved answer is that you'll need to find out where you can get paid for your writing. That will take time and experimentation. Before you begin, figure out what you want to accomplish in freelancing. Are you looking for extra cash or a second career? That will determine the kinds of clients and platforms you go after. For example, you could apply to work for sites that pay per article (like BlogMutt or Textbroker), but these are low-paying. You could create a profile on Upwork and reach out to potential clients and have them reach out to you. You could also create your own website and start marketing that.

    Either way, I would recommend:
    • Taking a few moments to review your experience so far. Your work experience, writing stye and life experience are what make you unique and valuable as a writer. This will become your idea bank.
    • Create a portfolio. If you already have written articles, save them. If not, write samples.
    • Go online and find potential places for you to work.
    • Apply or pitch the client
    • Rinse and repeat
  16. Stax11

    Stax11 New Member

    All writers will tell you that yes you can earn good income with no experience at all as a freelancer. Sounds nice right! But what they never tell you is that for you to be a great writer and attract many clients, you need to know what you want to write about. study/research about it, know all the formatting styles or rules involved, know where your expertise are, your target market or clients and finally say goodbye too much sleep. And lastly be aware of scammers.
  17. msjillian

    msjillian New Member

    When you first start out freelancing, the sheer number of jobs, websites and how-to resources can be overwhelming. As with most things, the best way to create a freelancing career is one step at a time. First, think about what you want to do. Make a list of the skills you have and how these skills can translate into a marketable product. If you are a great writer with a knack for research and a keen attention to detail, freelance writing can be a very lucrative career path. If you are great at building websites that are both attractive and user-friendly, you will have no problem finding clients who will pay good money for the services of a quality Web designer.
  18. Jayromy

    Jayromy New Member

    I love to write and just spill out my opinions. Most of the time I could just start writing about something and end up hanging because I'm too overwhelm to express my thoughts. But with these kind of passion and determination to write formally and decently, a freelance writer would be a perfect starting point for you.
  19. MrT

    MrT New Member

    The first money I made online was from writing jobs. I found some "write for us" links on sites in the software niche, and from them I made my first online dollars.

    That was back in 1998 though...

    There are still websites that have write for us links, so you can Google them to find them. Remember to put in your niche keywords as well so you can find them. I'm currently a teacher and I found a site that pays £50 for a blog post or £100 for a vlog. Quite good money although to qualify for this you'd have to be actually teaching in their niche.

    But again if you have specific knowledge of a niche you can still find these kinds of gigs.

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