How do you start earning from post loop?

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Have you earned real life money from using post loop?

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  1. Merlinjohn12312

    Merlinjohn12312 New Member

    Click this link and you'll know the rules. :thumbsup:
  2. CyrillBlogger

    CyrillBlogger New Member

    For me, Post Loop is a legitimate website that can earn you money in just posting and replying in forums. It is the best website for me to earn money by posting on forums and also you can request money whenever you want. I'm a newbie here and I believe that Post Loop pay better if you have a high rating. I have seen a payment proof from Post Loop in Youtube and I hope I can earn here money everyday.
  3. rapain

    rapain New Member

    I'm also new here, I looking some informative and useful guideline about postloop like earning points,posting quality reply and topics. hoping they will approve me this is my 10th post here.
  4. joselito888

    joselito888 Member

    I really want to learn about how to earn money using postloop anyone there can help or guide me even clearer and I also want to learn of how to redeem the points.
  5. discowaves

    discowaves New Member

    hello. i honestly still dont know if this place is legit to begin with, but i'd be extremely thankful if it was.
    unfortunate though that it doesnt pay off quickly, but it's realistic i suppose. thats real life for you.
  6. carlirvine

    carlirvine Member

    I'm a newbie and also this is my first time to try and earn online .. hopefully i would be able to LEARN and also EARN on postloop while i enjoy myself creating/ posting an article
  7. Rhon04

    Rhon04 New Member

    Im newbie in postloop and I want to know how to earn money in this site. I saw this postloop site in youtube that it will give you money if you post anything. Is that true that they pay money? Is it a time consuming job? Did your effort is worth ?
  8. jaymax360

    jaymax360 Member

    I haven't earn anything so far in postloop but am still trying,i know it real works,because i have seen a lot of people earning money in postloop so i can't giveup on it,and i also give advise to people who are a fraid of scam site,you should try any site that come a cross you,you never know maybe it will help you.
  9. jaymax360

    jaymax360 Member

    I haven't earn anything so far in postloop but am still trying,i know it real works,because i have seen a lot ofpeople earning money in postloop so i can't giveup on it,and i also give advise to people who are a fraid of scam site,you should try any site that come a cross you,you never know maybe it will help you.
  10. thegreatgamer36

    thegreatgamer36 New Member

    im just new in postloop i havent got any paymenyts yet but i think like maybe a couple of weeks i should be earning money in postloop but im still doing my best to earn money in postloop but i know this website is legit because thre is proof in what i watched in youtube.
  11. iAmMe23

    iAmMe23 New Member

    I am new here in postloop and just created my account. Hope my account will approved because that would really be a big help for me. As a student I'm searching for some extra income online and much of what I've searched is postloop.
    Goodluck to everyone :)
  12. pengu

    pengu New Member

    I stumble upon the site from lurking on youtube for ways to earn money online. And honestly, I'm apprehensive if this is even legit or not. But, I'm willing to take the risk and do hope to start earning soon. I'm very much hopeful to meet friendly and helpful people around..
  13. Geeeee

    Geeeee New Member

    I still haven't been approved yet so I still don't know how to earn money but as I've read from the instructions, after making 10 posts and getting approved we're free to go to other sites where we can earn by posting our opinion. I still have a problem though, I have made more than 10 posts in this site and after 24 hours in the postloop site, it says I only have one. I don't know what to do with it and I still can't visit other sites. In the meantime, I still continue posting replies, hopeful thag I get approved soon.
  14. joyvera

    joyvera New Member

    I am also a new member here, and I hope this really works and it's for real. Last thread here was on August 2017, I hope this is still truly working at the moment. Have searched this on YouTube only from a certain James Tristan Ruiz, saying this is a legitimate online part time job. I would be very happy to know and receive a favorable feedback soon, most specially if I would truly start earning already. Thanks in advance to the people behind
  15. I already have 27.66 points but my account is still under review. If i not passed, could I still earn here??
  16. jaymax360

    jaymax360 Member

    Am a new member here too but i have read alot of articles a bout postloop.Postloop is a website where people submit there forum and blogs and postloop give people chance to write some thing about those forums or blogs and they get paid.

    If your a new member in postloop you should go first to postloop portal where you will creat a free account and then subscribe to that forum "postloop portal" in order to start posting replies from different topics for example "why do we read" here you can write a reply basing on you understanding as to why we do read.
    Also we start posting replies in postloop portal because here when you reach maximum of ten replies you account will be direct subjected it review and you will get an email telling you that your account is under review after 24hours your account will receive some ratings it might be 2.5 or 3.5 according to how long and well punctuated your text is, inorder to be approved to start writing replies in different topic in postloop you should make sure you review is rated from 3.5 going up if you get review that is rated below 3.5 then your postloop account will not be approved so you will not earn anything from postloop.

    Also there some bonus point basing on you rating for example 4.00-4.24 bonus point will be 0.25 per post,4.25-4.49 bonus point will be 0.35 per post,4.50-4.74 bonus point will be 0.50 per post and 4.75-5.00 bonus point will be 1.00 per post.

    That is how you can easily earn money with postloop by just writing and posting replies in different forums and different blog.
  17. wisdom

    wisdom New Member

    Discovering Postloop through a Youtube video made by a fellowman seems to be a 'wish granted' for me. I've been searching for online earning opportunities for quite some time now; however, I've almost lost patience and interest in continuing to do so; primarily because most of the chances I have been seeing in the internet were mostly for technology savvy people - jobs like virtual assistant, blogging, sharing photos, and a lot more like these.
    Admittedly, I am not one of the millennials who spend most of their time in front of the computer. I don't own modern gadgets either. What I do love is reading and writing - either short stories or poems or compositions. So I guess I have finally found my niche here.
    Like many of the people who posted here in this forum, I'm new here so I'm still learning the basics but I'll try to spend more time in here to familiarize myself & I really hope to have a great time with Postloop; doing what I love to do & earning at the same time - if the Lord permits.
  18. eldanjay

    eldanjay New Member

    Im also new here in Postloop, still gathering information on how to effectively earn from postloop. Im still learning the basic functions.
  19. Lyka zeel

    Lyka zeel New Member

    Hey guys am also wondering how to start earning this is my 3rd day and am already confused I can't even log into my account without using the confirmation email but I hope and wish they could approve me I just need a side hustle since am a student part time .
  20. Hi guys i'm a new member of postloop.. Please help me to start earning money. Thanks
  21. fayeanne

    fayeanne New Member

    Hey guys, i'm a newbie and i still dont know how to be approved, i already have 12 posts but i havent recieved any message whether i was approved or not. Hopefully i get approved soon and start earning.
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  22. michael16

    michael16 Member

    I am verified but my ratings was lower than the standard rate, I can still make my ratings get high? How?
  23. Markoriginals117

    Markoriginals117 New Member

    Hi guys! I'm new here, and I'm very excited to work with post loop. I have not earned anything yet, this would be my second day. As far as I know, we need to make 10 posts in individual forums and make sure that our replies are:

    *SENSIBLE- we need to keep track of our idea and the concept of our replies. We also need to make replies that people could understand and it should be on point. There's a reason why they are asking questions. It is our task to impart what we know or at least share what we can about a certain topic.

    *GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT- I understand that most of us come from different nations, however we need to consider our English proficiency abilities. This will definitely affect our rating, since we need to bear in mind that POST LOOP is paying us, so we need to ensure that our contents has the quality. Please be mindful of your spellings and punctuation marks.
    *TIPS-- try watching Movies more or watch videos in you tube that focuses in grammar correction

    *WELL RESEARCHED- It wouldn't hurt if we do a little research. I mean, its better if we have the right information, rather than spreading a wrong one, right? Most of the forums are opion based but if you are not sure of a certain topic it is better to do a little research.

    *CONTENT BUILD - A good content is a lasting content, so might as well build a well structured post. There tons of videos in you tube you can check or you can build your own style of content writing. In other words be creative.

    These are just some of the pointers that, I think we need to keep in mind.I am not perfect but I can still make a lot of practice time to do something better. If all of us can work together, then the world can be a better place.

    I shall leave this forum for now, I still need to finish the requirement. I just felt the need to post here, because I am also in search of a destiny, just like you guys. I hope you can take these pointers lightly. I also hope to see you soon here in POSTLOOP.
  24. OscarCos

    OscarCos New Member

    Thank you all for this feedback.
    I've been reading many posts and seen a lot of good advice. I'm also new here and still trying to understand the best way for me to have a good rating and be approved.
    I'll try to keep on learning and improve my English skills, research the best way to reply to comments and add something to the threads I reply to.
    I see that some people didn't got the approval they were hopping for, got to admit this leaves me a little anxious but, for what I've read, there's also a lot that got the approval. This thread has been helpful in my attempt to achieve it.
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
  25. pjjpazz

    pjjpazz New Member

    How do I get approve? Who gives the rating? How much will I earn?

    -Sorry just newbie questions
  26. Jaynshi

    Jaynshi Member

    You can earn as soon as you register, subscribe to postloop portal, make ten posts and get reviewed. Am also new but thats what i learnt so far.
  27. MBG12

    MBG12 New Member

    I am also a beginner here in PostLoop, I'm still finishing my first ten post to be submitted but while I make my comments on the topics I don't feel bored, I become more interested in reading the opinion of others. I am still hoping to earn but I am more interested on commenting and reading answers. Many people already said that PostLoop os not a scam, but even if it is not legit, I will still come back here to read other's answer to certain topics. Good luck to us all! Have a great day! Look to things differently, find their positive side!
  28. AMIYA000

    AMIYA000 New Member

    I am happy to join postloop, there is always a curiosity to earn something from the site. till now I have not earn any money but on the other hand I have some pocket in my bucket. Lets fill the bucket first them redeem it with money. I do believe that it should work and I will make some money out of it.
  29. Davisho

    Davisho Member

    Still trying to see how others are making all this money that's claimed around here.
  30. GFlorce

    GFlorce New Member

    Thank you so much for this tip!

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