How do you start earning from post loop?

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Guides' started by AngeloArrow, Jun 23, 2017.


Have you earned real life money from using post loop?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. GFlorce

    GFlorce New Member

    I think you should try checking your dashboard then click the active subscription if you haven't checked it yet. You will see there the total posts you've made. You should check it there rather than manually counting your posts because just like mine, some of my posts were not counted.
  2. Couleskha

    Couleskha New Member

    I literally signed up tonight and I think it depends on the quality of your posts on this forum as to whether you will qualify to make money sooner rather than later. If you can provide information that is valuable and interesting, taking on a new perspective or adding insight, it would help your overall post-making portfolio for future money-making. If it were so easy to make money off typical youtube-esque comments, we'd all be rich by now. :)
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  3. fayeanne

    fayeanne New Member

    thanks! i saw one subscription which is this postloop portal. I have 5 some points already, however i don't know how to get other subscriptions, so that i could start earning. Thanks in advance.
  4. Before you thinking how start earning in postloop think first how you will be approved by postloop management. In every post you make in forum or comment make sure its have a good content and people will understand clear. For me i just want to enjoy using postloop than want to earn by postloop because enjoying what you do its makes you be creative in work or things your doing. Yes all people want to earn money thats all people want in this world but for me just enjoy writing a content to make you more creative.
  5. imyheartu

    imyheartu New Member

    Hi, it's my second day here in Postloop and I am still figuring out how this platform help me grow in terms of developing my skills and ideas in writing. I love writing. This were my ideas comes out, my worst, and my best!
  6. ecnesa101

    ecnesa101 Member

    For me as a member I didnt receive a big income in post loop forum i had many ppst but insufficient fund. How sad.
  7. Edwin Montañez

    Edwin Montañez New Member

    Well from my experience & shared reviews of this platform in the past I'd say it's legit. How do you make money offline? You apply yourself, develop your skills & progress. And It easy for you to become one of us. Just believe in yourself and Read all terms and conditions. Post some legit thought that comes to your mind and be aware of the articles that you counter. Thank you.
  8. Elena2018

    Elena2018 New Member

    I like this website very much. As far as I am a foreigner it's a great opportunity for me to read and write in English. I enjoy reading other people's thoughts about the topics that I am interested in. I think that I won't earn much money but even a small amount is a great motive to participate. If administrators of this site (respect to you, guys!) approve my candidature I think it will become one of my hobbies.
  9. dynzrhoss

    dynzrhoss New Member

    I am a new member of postloop and I still haven't earned anything from it yet. But that is totally fine with me because I enjoyed this site a lot. I get to express my opinions and I get to read other people's opinions. I like the idea of sharing my thoughts and insights about certain topics.
  10. rapae111

    rapae111 New Member

    You have to post 10 post and then wait for them to approve you and maybe you can earn after they approve you I myself have not yet posted 10 post therefore I dont know what comes next so I just keep posting
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  11. james11kyrie

    james11kyrie Member

    Good day to all I'm new here and I don't know how postloop work... Or how to earn money here I hope that you can help me and give me some all comments thank you.
  12. oncloudninemi

    oncloudninemi New Member

    Hi, I'm new here, and just like everyone I want to know how to earn here in post loop, that's what i've been focusing on as a new member, I've read the previous post and suggestions and it's all very helpful. Now I'm reading other form and discussions, and I'm learning alot from other members.
  13. MitchYan

    MitchYan New Member

    I am just new here in postloop. I just saw a vlogger in youtube that if you want to earn easy money by answering comments join postloop so I tried it. Hopefully, i passed the screeening and i was able to earn money here and of course learn something new is the best experience in life.
  14. tatz1120

    tatz1120 Member

    Hi I also need help on how can I start earning in postloop and how to subscribe to forums or blogs. I am new here and I don't how to earn here in postloop.
  15. Markm

    Markm New Member

    hi everyone!Like most people here I'm new on Postloop and I'm not sure if I have subscribed correctly! I know we should do 10 posts before we are approved, but will these posts count after we are approved or not?
  16. GGK

    GGK New Member

    Happy to meet you guys! :)
    I am also a newbie to this site but I am really enjoying it so far!
    Hopefully this will work out eventually. Fingers crossed! :)
  17. Wizzy6289

    Wizzy6289 New Member

    Hi guys does one get approved?
  18. shanekristina

    shanekristina New Member

    I am actually a newbie and as far as I know we can post and share our knowledge on this platform. We use our words to enlighten others and be useful as possible. It is quite good to think that your knowledge and experience can be of help to others who are in need. I am fond of posting because I know I can help as much as I can. What's more interesting here is that we can earn, learn from others and share our wit. I hope all of us (newbies) will be approved!
  19. paddygsound

    paddygsound New Member

    I'm pretty new to Postloop myself. I find that only having a rating of 4.00 is pretty limiting.
    I have the potential to make valid comment in a few different areas but waiting for something with a low enough rating is time consuming. Pair that with the fact that I have yet to have real life pay day, and it starts to feel like a really hard slog that I'm not sure if it is worth my time.
    Hopefully my rating will start going up at some point.
  20. Lester S. Esmade

    Lester S. Esmade New Member

    I have a rating of 3.85 and I can say that with this rating it is very limiting and there are only 1-3 sites that you can subscribe to so it made it so hard for me to earn much money since daily posts are limited and each post pays only a few points. I am still hoping for positive outcomes of this site.
  21. Trvl420

    Trvl420 Member

    I'm actually new in postloop too, trying to figure out things but I'm here to write things I want and my opinion. Maybe I can earn by writing and writing the thoughts in my head. I love writing and being in here in postloop makes me happy.
  22. jongki

    jongki New Member

    I made morethan 10 posts but still I don't have any message from postloop. It's been two days now and still waiting for their approval.
  23. Mian_zeeshan07

    Mian_zeeshan07 New Member

    Hey fellows !
    I'm new here and curious to know that is it true that we can earn from here.
    I have started posting comments on the forums but don't exectly know how can I earn from here.
    Is there anyone who guide me the whole procedure?
  24. Cheskajem

    Cheskajem New Member

    I do not know yet because I'm just new here and I'm just getting use of it. But base on what I have read you post your opinion and you earn points that points can be converted to a real money.
  25. veb

    veb New Member

    Im a newbie here, i didnt know how to start, how can i earn points but i joined because i want to share opinions, give suggestions, give support, and learn from different people from different parts of the globe. reading this here make us improve ourselves. I guess this is exciting. ty
  26. camtelmo

    camtelmo New Member

    I am new here in post loop and I want to learn how I can make extra cash by posting. I hope someone can help me.
  27. james11kyrie

    james11kyrie Member

    Me too I earning my money promoting a website... Then you can earn extra money so easily... To all want you may sign up..then promote this site..and earn money...
  28. mrjohndel96

    mrjohndel96 New Member

    Just go to Forums and try to put some comments or answer some questions. But first you need to register so that you can earn.
  29. Sagiedelarosa

    Sagiedelarosa New Member

    i start earning by post a comment or post a suggestion to every one online in postloop so i can earn many
  30. mupdike

    mupdike Member

    I am new to this site myself so I am still getting aquainted with it too. I hope this is a legitimate website because I would like to earn a little extra cash for little things. I am still trying to figure out how the pay system here works. Has anyone gotten paid yet because I am curious.

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