How do you start writing?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by jhonmerrick, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. jhonmerrick

    jhonmerrick New Member

    For me it is common to start writing once i feel like i can do the task, It's like gut feeling. Once my mind telling me to do something to write i will write the best ideas that running on my mind. I used to write base on current events, The last movie that i watched or the last article that i read. I'm a sport fanatic especially boxing inspired by my father. But he is not a boxer, But also a big fan like me.
  2. Ed_idied

    Ed_idied New Member

    Some writers are quite moody and may need additional inspiration to come up with an effective write up. I think writing should be limitless. Anyone could write, speak up their thoughts, whether through formal or infomal type or just freely express their feelings.Writing is a skill and can be developed through practice. Although there are times when you really need to conform to rules to be grammatical, i think all it takes to be an effective writer is to be creative enough to really accomplish what you have envisioned.
  3. JNichols2

    JNichols2 New Member

    I had always been the type to only write when inspiration struck, until I read Stephen King's memoir/writing guide On Writing. There, he says (and I am paraphrasing) that real writers must write every day in order to hone their craft. Writing only when you are inspired makes it way too easy to fall into the trap of not writing for days or even weeks at a time, and one cannot become truly great at anything by not doing it. So, I make a big effort to sit down and write everyday, and I start by just opening my computer and letting whatever is on my mind come out. Sometimes, it turns into a story or something that is worth keeping, and sometimes it doesn't. In short, I think that the best way to start writing is to just do it without putting too much thought or worry into the content, as it will come.
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  4. jshane

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    I really agree with what JNichols2 stated above. A few years ago, I went out of my native country and lived abroad for two years to find some inspiration for a novel that I wanted to create. Over the two-year stint, I have met a lot of creative writers and they all said the same thing. They all told me to read the book stated above. I also learned that our ideas will always be present inside of our minds but we need to practice the art so that we'll be able to express our ideas the way we want to express them. Personally, the best way to start writing is to just write whatever idea comes into your mind and let your imagination take over.
  5. Soraya Bowie

    Soraya Bowie New Member

    I started writing when I was 17. I've always had that creative streak in me. When I was 17 I moved from the UK to Germany with my family and I found myself alone and homesick. Writing became my escape and it gave me something to focus on other than how miserable I felt. I started my own blog about my experience and it helped me connect with people I wouldn't have otherwise.
  6. disasterphoenix

    disasterphoenix New Member

    I've always enjoyed writing, and have a tendency to use it as a creative outlet, of sorts. However, I do have a bad habit of only writing when I've been inspired by something or feel like I have a decent idea for a story. This can often lead to me taking days, weeks, sometimes even months off of writing, which obviously isn't great practice! Oftentimes though, when I'm not struck by some "flash of inspiration", I find myself staring at a blank screen or notebook for what feels like hours. When this happens I look up random word or theme generators to try and give myself some ideas. Other times, when the generators can't give me any inspiration, I think it's just not meant to be at that time- I'll get a snack, a drink, maybe have a nap, then try again.
  7. sparticus_08

    sparticus_08 New Member

    Inspiration can strike diversely in different person and it only last for a moment so make sure to do something with that moment of enlightenment.
  8. WriteOnMark

    WriteOnMark New Member

    Sometimes I will have an idea come to me while I'm going about my day and will have to start writing. A lot of times if it's some non-fiction topic I will come across a question and the fact that I don't know the answer will drive me to research and write about it.

    With fiction, sometimes I will have a dream or a story idea will just suddenly pop into my head. A lot of times these ideas don't fully manifest themselves, and I will find myself struggling to fully realize the idea. Depending on how much I like the story idea, I will either scrap it or save the story and come back to it at a different time.

    If I sit down with the intention to write without an idea, I will put on some instrumental music and just listen until something inspires me. I will then write until I come to the end of my idea, and then save it for later or my next writing session. I have a lot of started stories and very few finished ones. I don't know if that's a good thing or not.
  9. XxtresxX

    XxtresxX New Member

    Writing is all about exploration. Explore your mind about what you want to write. Choosing a topic for your story is one of the key to start a story. There will never be a story if there's no plot you want to tell. Theme/topic is one of the greatest foundation for a story to be successful. After choosing your theme, you will now create a plot diagram. Through this, you can map the events and visualize the scenes that will occur in your story. Creating a plot diagram is really helpful in a way that it is your guide when you finally start creating your story in a more detailed manner. It helps you not to get confused and know what scene to develop next. After developing your plot diagram, you can now start typing your story and share it to everyone.

    Here's another tip for those people who want to start writing. Train yourself to read books in different genres. Reading books is like letting yourself explore the different aspects of life, just by sitting and not moving from your place. As you let yourself wonder in different possibilities life could offer through reading, you are also expanding your ideas. Great and unique ideas are what molded our famous writers today. Our experiences also help a lot in writing. They say, experience is the best teacher. I agree with it because your own experiences can guide you on how to write inspirational and motivational stories.
  10. ejpj11

    ejpj11 New Member

    How does one start writing is a question of having something to write about. The topic can be there but one writes more if one loves to write of one loves the topic. Aside from the love, sometimes one feels that one doesn't like to write.
    Getting into the mood can make one's start faster. Reading can make one like the topic. There are topics that are difficult to write. One just tries to write. One can see that one can start writing with a prayer. It depends upon the person.
  11. darkvincent

    darkvincent New Member

    I start writing when i feel the motive to do so. Writing is not just preparing the outline and creating thread. It is important that you consider your target reader and how will inspire them to believe and to interact with your output. Writing without persuading and interacting with your target audience for me is useless writing. As a writer it is important to inspire and to motivate people to believe in the words you say or to challenge them to participate and to share their ideas in a given topic or scenario. Once you allow your reader to criticize your output and to participate in the ideas you have shared for me you created a healthy atmosphere for intellectual growth. We are writing to express, share and debunk ideas not to please anyone else.
  12. chiquinatera

    chiquinatera New Member

    For me is very common writing because my mom is teacher and She always was pushing me to do it. Firstable you have to learn about grammar and style and later just have to start and enjoy.
  13. WilliamKlingsmith

    WilliamKlingsmith New Member

    I try not to write unless I have the muse to do so, as that can cause unpleasant writing and a very lowered mood when thinking of the process of writing -- it's psychological. But, when I need to get into the mood to write, I listen to music that gives me ambiance to what I am writing. Most of the time, my writing involves my fictional character, so I will listen to the playlist that I have crafted for them.
  14. Marvin_Baccay09

    Marvin_Baccay09 New Member

    Writing is not a task, It is a passion.. It is a way of expressing our emotions through words.. Passion makes us start wrting because if we love what we are doing, we will not get tired.
  15. Carol Loomis

    Carol Loomis New Member

    I also think that writing fiction is a passion, not just a planned activity or a task. Of course, it's meaningful, like academic writing and whenever I happen to writemyessay or a fiction narrative, I consult dictionaries, I dip up certain words (mostly archaisms, as I choose the Medieval times settings). My first sentences are often random thoughts which I collect from the corners of my mind and only after they are placed in the correct order I begin writing the whole story.
  16. ImNoStalgia

    ImNoStalgia New Member

    It is not a question of how but a question of when. I write when I feel like writing. Because I write best when I'm in the mood for writing. But ideally speaking, I start writing some catchphrases I have in mind and I start building off it. So I can use these phrases to capture the reader's attention.
  17. sznyd118

    sznyd118 New Member

    I disagree with those who say writing isn't a planned task. It goes without saying that you should be passionate about what you're writing, but the two things that make a good writer into a great writer are persistence and attention to craft.

    Persistence is about sitting down every day and writing something. If I go a few days without writing, getting back into the flow of it is difficult from a technical perspective.

    As for attention to craft, I have a ritual where I read a poem, short story, or chapter of a book before I start writing. I urge all my writing students to look to their favorite book and ask themselves what in that book struck a chord in them. Once they are able to answer that question, the next step is to write a book that evokes the same emotion in somebody else.

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