How do you stay motivated?

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  1. Dauskivo

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    Being motivated is knowing what is your goal, what are the things you what to achieve in your life. For I believe, if you know those things, no matter how hard to achieve it, no matter what kind of obstacles and hindrances you need surpass just to have it, you will do your best to get the goal of yours and that’s being motivated. Always remember, if others can do it, you can.
  2. sb30163

    sb30163 New Member

    Let's imagine a billionaire you meet him and he gives you a task to study for 14 hours daily for 6 months. He will have cameras installed in your house to see if you are studying or not.If you complete the task by the end of 6 months. He will award you a billion dollars.If this is the case will you still be asking these types of questions on Quora?

    No, you will be busy chasing your billion dollars.You will only be thinking about those billion dollars.You will dream about the billion dollars which you are going to get after the end of the week.You will easily be able to avoid distractions because, it's a question of fucking billion dollars.

    • Every waking hour you will be motivated to work harder and harder .
    • Failure is not an option for you.
    • Parties, girls/boys, booze anything can not distract you.
    • You have a fire burning under your ass.
    • You can not think of anything but your goals.
    • The only aim in your life right now is to achieve the goals .
    • You are working day in day out without needing motivation from outside because it is coming from inside.
    You know why this is happening? Your purpose to work is great and close to your heart. Your purpose to earn those billion dollars is great and very close to your heart. And when your purpose is great, It motivates you guides you. When you are weak, it gives you strength.

    All the things which could have distracted you becomes very small and weak in front of a billion dollars i.e. your purpose, choose something which is great and very close to your heart.
  3. gerrynepo

    gerrynepo New Member

    Yes it is easy right? You need to focus your brain on what you did and what you are now. It can help you to motivate your self and be a successful and independent person someday. You need to remove all negative things that push you back from being successful, remove all laziness in your body. remove all person that have crab mentality. build your own dream and construct them later GOOD DAY EVERYONE;)
  4. NichoFern

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    Staying Motivated is definitely a challenge for me. I imagine that I am not the only one that is sometimes surrounded by negative people and or circumstances. I find that YouTube is a profound oasis of free information and chalk full of content that is designed and created to motivate people. I am a believer in a simple rule that I think many people have heard, and that is what you put in is what you get out. I try to dump a surplus of positive content into my subconscious as often as possible, I set my phone to automatically play from a playlist of inspiring motivational audios at 5 am very loudly, so I actually get fed tons of feel good get motivated content before I even get out of bed. It takes me between 20 and 30 minutes to actually get out of bed from the time I wake up. During this foggy half asleep state of mind between 5 and 5:30 am I found that my subconscious is impacted the most. This is just one of the things I do to be and stay successful.
  5. cristina23

    cristina23 New Member

    i always think positive and always remember the happy memories so i wont feel stress and keep motivated.
  6. Plantgal

    Plantgal New Member

    I love this subject. I also feel like motivation is temporary and that if I need to make any changes in my life I need to create healthy lifestyle changes. New habits I guess. Motivation probably is important at the start. Just can't depend on it long term.
  7. localarea10

    localarea10 New Member

    It is hard to stay motivated when there is a problem in our environment or in us. Time will come that will lose all your motivations and will think of giving up. That is all part of life. The easiest way to stay motivated is to think and be surrounded by people that motivates you. They can help you to be motivated by cheering you up not to give up and to give your best. The other way to stay motivated is set your mind to your goal. Think of why are you doing all these hard works. Why are you putting so much efforts to that thing. Why are you giving it a lot of time. For me just thinking the answers to all these questions keeps me motivated. Keep in touch with your family can help you be motivated. Always think that whatever you are doing God is helping you.
  8. Carlito Cuyat

    Carlito Cuyat New Member

    I've often struggled with motivation, whether it's been related to my career, my health or just getting better at a hobby I enjoy. And while it's not always the biggest deal but it really worries me. I don't want to be filled with regret at some point down the line because I didn't follow through on something I really wanted, which is to become fit, and also I don't want feel like I failed at achieving the things that are important to me like my health, all because I couldn't manage to stay on track when it really counted. Because this is a topic that matters to me I delved into some pretty serious research as well as checked in with an health and fitness expert. The things that I've learn to stay motivated is to know your goal, visualize it, break the goal into smaller pieces step by step you need to move towards your goal. Second, tap into other people's energy, be inspired and become one. Listen to their stories how they succeed how they overcome health problems or how they gain from nothing to something. Third, change your mindset, think positive know that you can and whatever it takes you will not stop until you reach what you want. Lastly, Never say never.
  9. joyee-UJrB

    joyee-UJrB New Member

    for me i stayed motivated when every one motivate me, my sorroundings will be positive in every way, i love the way that every one have a desire to do good things in their life. to motivate each other . but for me is my biggest motivation is my family because i am the one to have a job in our family i have the one to make them allowance in our home. So that even i have sick, i always think of my family because of them i strongly go to work everyday. because no work no salary.
  10. annali5a

    annali5a New Member

    Maintaining motivation can be tough because of some problems. So what can we do to stay motivated? Set a goal and visualize it down to the most minute detail. Think the reasons why you want to accomplish the goal. Surround yourself with supporting people that will cheer and help you when you doubt yourself. Think the people you loved and always keep it to your mind that on just giving your best you will make them proud. It's just believing to yourself and not doubting yourself.
  11. fermar15

    fermar15 New Member

    Being motivated everyday is very hard. It is not just pop out in just a second everyday. Sometimes it takes a lot of hours, days, months or even years to be motivated. But in my case it just took me a moment to be motivated. I was a fat boy before weighing for almost 200 lbs. I remember that day after our thesis defense that most of the girls in the room making fun of me because of my outfit that day. I was wearing a small long sleeve polo shirt and most of the bottons were can no longer hold my big stomach so, it busted out. I was really ashamed and told my self that say that I will have a nice body soon. And now, I am 100 lbs. and really conclude that it takes a moment to be motivated.
  12. CaptainDee

    CaptainDee New Member

    I just believe in one saying regarding motivation, God created us and all His creations are perfect. So there is no reason for you to not be motivated. You are a perfect creation of God. Do what you love most. Do what gives you hope and joy. Just put God in the center of everything, and im telling you, you will always be motivated what ever the circumstances you may face. God bless.
  13. kathcv910

    kathcv910 New Member

    I stay motivated by just thinking of positive thoughts and not letting me think of such negative statements because it adds stress on yourself. Every morning that I woke up, I always say a little prayer or a mantra of what I wish would happen for that day or just a thought that will light up my day at. And even in times of despair, I always taught there is a certain purpose for that and instead of thinking about the problem I always think two steps ahead of what I can do, of what should I say as I do not want to trouble people around me. And most importantly, I motivate people that I talked to everyday by this way they would feel the joy that I felt and share the blessing with them.
  14. arthenian19

    arthenian19 New Member

    According to a piece featured on Forbes about staying motivated, it's important to visualize the result and what it will feel like when you've achieved your end goal. This means visualizing the sweat on your back, the feeling of relief, the utter excitement — this is what will fuel you on days when you don't feel like working.
  15. yasilius

    yasilius New Member

    I watched a show on YouTube about "dopamine fast"
    It was talking about spending a day, not talking or spending time with your friends, not having any fun, not watching TV ,using cellphone or any other electronics and nothing like that. The only thing you can do on that day is meditating, excising, and taking showers. This is a good way to produce more dopamine in your brain and stay motivated in the future.
  16. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    Remind yourself everyday your goals. It will keep you motivated. Be creative in approach. Try to add some fun and creative activities while working towards your goal.And always do your best with positive vibes.
  17. RemAquarius

    RemAquarius New Member

    At times when I feel demotivated, I always remind my self that a single step is still an improvement. So no matter how slow I am moving, I know I am still progressing and that's what matters. Yes, I welcome pressure too, but it doesn't hurt to always look out for what your body/mind needs, because I still believe that pushing your self too much won't always get the things done right.
  18. vonsellner2012

    vonsellner2012 New Member

    Staying motivated can be one of the hardest things for some people. I would suggest doing the following things to stay motivated:

    First, you need to decide what the reason is you are training, do you just want to lose some weight or if you want to be a world champion.
    Then visualize your goal this can be done by getting a picture of what you want to look like or perhaps following a person that you want to look like on social media.
    This will help a lot to keep you motivated.
  19. fabulosa_xoxo

    fabulosa_xoxo New Member

    Motivation is like saying to yourself all the time, "I Can Do It!" Seems easy at first but when you get bombarded with negativity, limitations, and fear it gets all impossible and hard. Motivation comes in two forms; Extrinsic( material things, incentives,etc.) and Intrinsic (determination, support, power,goal). These kinds are not bad at all. As for me, to keep myself motivated, I usually draw motivation from my inner peace and confidence. Material things and monetary stuffs will eventually run out, but not your spirit from within. So I say, I've learned to encourage myself when no one else does. Let's not also forget, that we get motivated if we know that God will never let us take our journey alone. He is always there to Guide us.

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