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  1. I work 9 hours a day at school!!!

    I am a public teacher, yes its true I work 9 hours a day and that is excluding 2 hours trave from home back and fort in a REMOTE AREA. :)

    Tsk! Hmmm well it's actually not stressful tho if you just sit around your classroom and watch a movie or chat with your fiend while eating delicious foods all day. But its not. I woke up early, prepare for work, travel to school (not to mention i only commute), teaches pupils, make activities, check papers, make exams, back home. That makes my day stressful!

    I could be dead if I dont find way to unwind myself. Well I have my own SIMPLE ways on how to unwind myself.

    I eat vegetables and fruits! I need vitamins and minerals for me be healthy and strong everyday! I dont skip meal, thats a no no. I dont bring school works at home as much as i can. I want to have a good night sleep. I celebrate my weekend, by simply just waking up late in the morning. And have a 30 mins jog in the afternoon.

    If there are long weekends and holidays, I want to go to beach! A day at the beach, Best Escape Anyone Can Have!!!

    What about you guys!? How can you unwind yourself from toxic and stressful life?
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  2. LIEZL19833

    LIEZL19833 New Member

    Yoga - The power of yoga can help our body’s pharmacy to produce all it needs to help to heal itself.

    Stress is a three-part thing, which is a stressor, a body reaction, and as a result. Pressure scatters the mind and causes an overall harmful unbalancing effect, creating a shift in the biochemical base, releasing stress hormones that become poisonous in the system. A tiny amount of this secretion is powerful enough to create unbalance that can cripple us. The neural pathways being connected to the glands create a detrimental chain reaction in the body. The insidious effect of stress causes aging from the inside and can cause the instantaneous decline of lifespan. In only one hour the body can age at a ludicrous rate.

    This kind of spontaneous imbalance in the body can cause, beyond pounding heart, queasy stomach and sweaty palms. A continuous stress reaction wears and tears on vital organs and can be the factor of premature death. When the immune system goes down, all the internal hostilities take over. The body is incapacitated to protect itself. It is important to emphasize that some changes happening in our body are not noticeable, and by the time they are noticed, the damage is already being done. The best way to overcome stress through the yoga methodology could be, to reprogram through relaxing response. Not only will the body heal itself, it will eliminate risk. The body will reprogram its immune system psychoimmunology. Mind and immune system are intertwining.
  3. Whahey!

    Whahey! New Member

    Personally, If I find myself getting stressed from work or life in general I stop and look at the situation, find the bigger picture.

    Basically I look at what's happening, why I'm feeling this way, my lifestyle, my food intake.
    Generally I would do a small 3 day detox full of fruits & veggies if I haven't been feeding myself properly ie eating junk food, alcohol etc, look at my life, would start a 15 minute exercise every day also as this is vital for your brain health, even the smallest amount of exercise you can benefit from. Trips to the beach are ace.

    And I always say it myself in these stressful times, 'It will pass, this isn't forever.' This usually helps as it brings ease to the situation immediately!!
  4. boogie030

    boogie030 New Member

    Depending on who lives with you and what sort of things happen at home, it may not be an entirely stress-free place. From kids screaming at each other in the living room to overflowing dishes in the sink, it can be challenging to relax. This is why you need to create a designated serene space where you can unwind and relax.

    Exercise can be unpleasant and it’s not exactly the first thing that most people think about when they want to unwind. It is, however, something that can help you to greatly reduce your overall stress. When you put your body to work, you’re allowing yourself to focus on something other than what’s bothering you at the office. You’re also releasing a number of chemicals in your body that help to reduce your overall anxiety levels. Find a workout routine that works for you and commit to it. You don’t have to run a mile every day, for example, but you might want to hit the gym and play a pickup game of basketball a few times a week. It doesn’t matter what the exercise is, only that you are able to get out there and get your body moving.
  5. Jmag35

    Jmag35 New Member

    Working out and really pushing my body to the limits really seems to help me destress. I have to feel like I pushed it really hard though. If I don’t have time to workout though, I will do some deep breathing. It works extremely well when I can’t fall asleep because my mind is racing. I find that usually within 15 minutes at the most, I am fast asleep.
  6. jtorrejos22

    jtorrejos22 New Member

    Stress is mostly an annoying feeling everyone to have.It comes often from our work,from our family and most especially from a problem.Any problem can really make us stress.When I feel stress, I just want to forget everything and go to the place where nobody knows me.I want to be free.If I am stress, I want to go to the disco club and dance until all the sweat in my body will be release.However, if I dance I feel like flying and I don't mind other people around me as long as I am not harming them.Also, if I feel stress I go to the beach and unwind, I just breathe some fresh air from the sea and forget any problems that ruin my mind.Somehow,it makes me feel relax and comfortable.Sometimes,if I have no time and money for unwinding outside, I just sleep and let my stress fade away while I am soundly sleep.But, when I wake up I can still think of the things that makes me stress, at least I try to forget it for a while.More stress can make us old early so better do not handle problem seriously.It is just a spice in our life Well,stress is not so easy thing to deal with its, just up to us how to overcome it.
  7. adiyamanilom

    adiyamanilom New Member

    Playing with my kids. That's the best way I relieve myself from stress. Others are these:

    Eating something sweet (that's why I'm fat)
    Grocery shopping with my mom
    Sleeping (even daytime)
    Washing the dishes (yes its true, I'm stress free after doing it)
    lastly, doing IT with my husband.
  8. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    You know that feeling when you're lying on your couch after a busy day, trying to relax — and anxiety suddenly rears its head? Your mind races and mental steam builds as you dwell on everything in your day that annoyed you and all the things you didn’t get done and now have to do tomorrow.

    It’s certainly not relaxing, that’s for sure!

    And this matters — a lot — because setting the tone for a relaxing evening is essential to a healthy lifestyle. After all, it's crucial for mindfulness and stress management, and it also paves the way for a good night's sleep.

    I know you’re probably thinking But how am I actually supposed to get eight hours when I have errands to run, work to finish, TV shows to catch up on, and laundry to do?

    Hear me out. There are simple things you can incorporate into your nighttime routine that will help you sleep more soundly. This way, when morning comes, you're ready for a brand-new day with both a calm mind and a rested body.

    As a health coach, here are the nine nighttime tips I recommend using to get your body ready for slumber:

    1. Leave your work at work by using a mantra.
    Before leaving your office for home, make sure you’ve finished your key tasks for the day. You don't want to take work with you into your relaxation station. Instead, write a to-do list for the next morning to clearly organize your thoughts and leave them on the list — not in your head.

    You can further make your home a Zen den, a place of serenity and peace, by doing this: when you arrive at your front door at the end of the day, make a conscious decision to leave your stress on the threshold rather than carry it in with you. Say to yourself or even out loud: “I leave all stress from today here.” Make sure you truly mean it before you put the key in to open the door.

    2. Set the atmosphere for the evening.
    Dimming the lights sends your body a signal to wind down and go to bed. So instead of keeping the bright lights on all evening, dim them when you get home and light some candles. Add to the gentle glow by turning on some relaxing music.
  9. justfrederick

    justfrederick New Member

    I work as a customer service representative for one of the North America banks. The job is really stressful and every customer that I speak to is yelling, shouting, cursing and sometimes they take it on me. So for me to be able to unwind from stress, I make sure that I sleep at least eight hours a day. Sleep brings you away from the real world. It gives you peace of mind. It relaxes both your body and mind. It is the time when your body regenerates energy and heals any part of your body that needs healing.
  10. taraymorena

    taraymorena New Member

    I do yoga. It helps me keep my mind and body at peace. Sometimes i go out with friends, have fun a and enjoy.
  11. MiraFMI

    MiraFMI New Member

    Hmmm)) I tried to do yoga too because they say that it helps to sleep better. I visited two yoga lessons. But it seemed like everyone in class watched at me. And they are better than me. So, I desisted to do yoga by myself. But I’m not so motivated person…

    How about you? Do you do yoga to yourself? What helps you to continue?

  12. MiraFMI

    MiraFMI New Member

    Sleeping well – was it helpful in that case? For me, it is difficult to sleep what I’m in stress. And I need to find ways to handle it. This is the problem))
  13. MiraFMI

    MiraFMI New Member

    The first one I like the most)) And the second are often the way I use. But what was in real depression, I ate only sweets. That’s why I’m thin and weak:)
  14. shaamei

    shaamei Member

    Best way to kill stress is to watch my favorite TV series - "The Netflix-and-Chill style". Sometimes I also hangout and talk with my family and friends. All work is left at the workplace - no more no less.

    Food and family and friends are also a big help. Never take them for granted.

    The best of all stress reliever is sleeping.
  15. ctabat0419

    ctabat0419 New Member

    The best way is to avoid what causes your stress. After that, do the things that you really like. I usually play computer games, exercise or ride my bike to unwind myself. The best thing for me to unwind is to have quality time with the family. Try going out with them, shop and having dinner.
  16. Venchy

    Venchy New Member

    What I normally do is play games in my mobile, listen to music and watch movies. That is what I do when I am stressed from work.
  17. zeljlavujcic

    zeljlavujcic New Member

    Playing with my 4 years old daughter, reading a good book, meditating. But it depends from which type of person are you. Maybe some action, like sport is better solution for you.
  18. Jeahan08

    Jeahan08 Member

    I play games a shooting games , or if I have a money travel so I can refresh my self, take sometime for yourself to be happy, to relax, stay positive, just do what you love to do.
  19. romilda

    romilda Member

    Shopping and reading books.
  20. bnnyjhnn

    bnnyjhnn Member

    Listening to music. Whenever I do this, it makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. It actually lifts up my mood in any way and I just love how music seems to know me well because they can take away my stress as I jam through them.

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