How Does SEO Affect Your Writing?

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  1. Online writers have to write content that is often search engine friendly. Search engines like Google often search for quality content. It is often done through their search engines. To make it easier, bloggers must ensure they optimize their content.

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is therefore paramount for writers to use a style that it is SEO friendly.

    How do they do it? Your writing is supposed to have a keyword or keywords that appear in your content. The keyword or keywords used should follow a certain intensity. They should not overflood the content nor should be scarce.

    Special tags should also appear in the content. Tags makes the search for your post easy. Search engines often use tags to get the particular post needed.

    Number of words in an article is aksi necessary. A good post should have a minimum of 500 words. With such a number of words is when the post can appear easily in search engines.

    Search Engine Optimization is therefore in simple terms as the measure of an article. hands-1822982__480.jpg
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  2. bigredcar

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    The most important thing you can do for SEO is writing for humans first. Never write for a search engine. Google is smart and can tell if you're stuffing keywords into your article for the sake of ranking higher. What Google really wants is content that is helpful to people. That's it. If Google determines that your article is the most helpful, you will rank for the keyword.

    Now, that's not to say that keyword research isn't important - it is. However, I think some people put too much of an emphasis on adding the right keywords and forgetting that another person is going to be reading this article for help with a problem. Someone is looking for an answer to a specific topic or question - if you can adequately answer that question for them, you will organically rank. If you write a long, awkward article that tries to fit 6 different keywords, someone isn't going to find that very helpful.

    Always write for humans first. No exceptions. Google will reward you for it.
  3. SeaShelStew

    SeaShelStew New Member

    In high school I took a class studying the Latin roots of most English words in preparation for the verbal portion of the SAT's. In that class we had to find ways to fit 2-5 of these words into one sentence and make it logical like something a person would actually say. I excelled at this and applied it to a website I owned and ran a few years ago to great effect. Some stuff you learn in school can be helpful if you just remove the ridiculous context in which you learned it.

    Be clever.
  4. foxprojects

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    I've definitely written a lot of SEO articles. When you take on a freelancing job online, many clients need content that will help their website rank on search engines. One small issue that I've had is clients requiring keywords that are awkward or don't make grammatical sense.
  5. Warren1967

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    I would like to learn how to write SEO articles. I have a good knowledge on writing articles but the technical aspects of SEO is where I need to learn more. It is more than just writing but using certain words that will attract more people and create more hits on the internet. I would like to ask where is a good place to learn about SEO writing? I am really interested because I believe SEO writing will play a big part in internet marketing.
  6. ina44

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    There are four steps you need to take to write an SEO article. First, you need to find the main keyword, then do a Google tool search to see the rank that the keyword has. Following is the writing of the article that must have original content. A Hâ‚‚ tag should be used where the main keyword should be entered. This will be visible to google. Then choose a relevant and attractive title for the article in which you enter the keyword. The keyword density in the article should be between one and 3%. The keyword density is determined by the ratio of the keywords in the article to the total number of words. I hope my answer will help.

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