How have your gaming habits changed as you have got older?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Kieranf, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Kieranf

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    When i was in my teens, i would sometimes spend 16 hours a day playing video games, sad i know. Even in my early adult years, i would play for sometimes 8-10 hours a day on top of managing my own life and working, and frankly if i was given the opportunity to do so again, i probably would fall back into the same habit. Now i am living abroad and working from my computer, i very rarely play any video games, except the occasional game of binding of isaac, or age of empires, i find that i am much less interested in video games anymore. How have your interests and gaming habits changed as you have aged?
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  2. Misterme

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    Well since the days of quack shot where you would have to use the plastic guns to shoot at the screen ,I think my gaming habits have progressed with technology.Nowdays I play multiplayer games with opponents from all over the globe and interact on a social level with all willing .In conclusion my gaming habit is still the same always a shot em up game .Thanks Jordan Durante
  3. cjp776

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    My gaming habits began to go south right after i hit on my 'Young Adulthood', there was times that i wanted to keep on playing a game to the extent of not getting enough sleep or not entirely sleeping at all! it was such good times when i am satisfied completing a game in just a matter of days or even just a whole day since i'm really into finishing up games with a good story and plot.

    Even though i got older, my gaming habits still lingers, i still sleep late at night playing games, and wake up oh so late in the afternoon, there's also a time that i woke up 3pm in the late afternoons and i barely even had the motive to sleep at all! Game addiction is really a serious issue, but if people can manage their time, then its not really much of a problem to them-- woops, i went in far off from the topic, hehe.
  4. ianderstand

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    I play much less as I got older, more responsibilities and duties really hinder my time to play. I just watch youtube gameplay of it most of my free time if I'm interested in a certain story or gameplay.

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