How Important is Music to You

Discussion in 'Music' started by roxaide, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Arion

    Arion New Member

    Well , i know the question its directly just for me , but i have to mention music its important for everyone , as there are some people which are always angry or just apatic , they could say they dont care about a music , but that actually could be the reason why they are and act like they do, they need some music to armonize themselves , also for me music has a great effect , so many times when im not listening to music , im just like water with no flavor , i dont feel the energy i do when i do listen to music, it also moves me and make me dance haha
  2. Norikasonei

    Norikasonei New Member

    Cant go a day without my ipod, its the soundtrack of my life! Headphones in, reality out
  3. Rainyday

    Rainyday New Member

    The older I have become the more I realise how important music for me actually is. It has helped me as a study tool as I hate to study when it is quiet! Music can make me very happy and do silly dances in my room (when no one is looking of course!) and the right tune at the right time can make you feel amazing and helps you forget the outside world.

    On the other hand , if I listen to some REAL political hip hop I do not get angry but I always realise what is wrong with the world and it brings out the rebel in me. It is amazing sometimes how lyrics can make your hairs stand up on their end, the words and feeling and the meaning behind the lyrics can be immensely powerful.

    Over the years my musical taste has grown and developed, when I was younger I mainly listened to trance music and variants of that. I still do (I am right now!) but my taste I would like to think has refined. I was introduced to great bands like Muse and Radiohead and from there I listen to a lot of small indie bands such as Blood Red Shoes or The Subways. I have even got into older material such as Pink Floyd and movie soundtracks, basically anything that emotes with me.

    I only wish I could create music but I believe I'm a fantastic listener of music, I really try to understand the lyrics and where the artist is coming from and what the tune means to me.
  4. simsim

    simsim New Member

    You know listening to music is one of those great things that can help you with your mood.

    I listen to harder dance music when working out in the GYM as it helps me keep on the move.

    There is such a huge selection of music to choose from it's very hard to have just one favourite style.
  5. ramona407

    ramona407 New Member

    Music plays an important role in my life. it is what has me well and I bring a smile. I think if there would be music people would be sad and have no appetite for life. I have several pieces of music that you hear every day and are songs that get me out of the monotony when the same appears. Music for me is life
  6. grecy

    grecy New Member

    Music is very important to me. I grew up with music as my parents met each other because of music. They both have talent in singing and playing music instruments. As I live my life, music is part of me. When I get sad, I turn on my MP3 player, click one of the songs of Kelly Clarkson and I get relieve. When I am down and need to pump up some energy, I play 80's music. I love New Wave Hits in all aspect. Music is merely my stress reliever. It does not solve my problems but it is there to help me back to my normal state and be positive again. I totally became happy after listening to good and happy songs. I get my inspiration and motivation from it. It is like my best friend that I will rely on in times of not so good days of my life. I can say I will die without music.
  7. holographicT9X

    holographicT9X New Member

    Very important, it can change your mood, pump you up before, make you happy when your down. It does just about anything you can ask it too :p.
  8. MrJaiga

    MrJaiga New Member

    music is probably THE most important thing to me in my life. I honestly cant walk out of my house with having an mp3 player, i would go insane.

    It makes me so much happier just listening to my favourite tunes. I would say i even get a 'high' from it
  9. Dustin Davis

    Dustin Davis New Member

    Really to me its not very important. I have many deaf relatives who established their condition by taking poor care of their ears. I see music as more of an evil than a good because it can really mess up your senses. It is also really shitty when your talking with someone and they have headphones in their ears.
  10. Morbidity

    Morbidity Member

    Music is a very important part of my life. I find that music soothes the soul like no other and allows me to concentrate a lot more than having peace and quiet. Music is something that I can embrace whole heartedly without anyone saying otherwise.
  11. aljh92

    aljh92 New Member

    Music is the most important thing in my life. It drives me foreword in life and I can honestly say it is the reason why I am alive. When I was younger I wasn't really focused on anything, and didn't have many friends. Then I started playing guitar and finally I grew happier and had something to do. I put all of my focus into it. I felt like was actually good at something. My grades went up and I wasn't depressed anymore. It turned my life around so much that I went to collage for music. I switched to piano as my main instrument and now I love music even more. My life would be useless without music.
  12. iArvee

    iArvee New Member

    Music is my life. Without it, my life would be so dull. The only thing missing in my life is the right background music played at the right time. :p
  13. D_Gabrielle

    D_Gabrielle New Member

    I know so many people who do not understand the value of music, so many people who view music as just something to fill the silence, not something for which they should become emotional or connected. Music is our most powerful artistic medium. I cannot say that I have ever been moved to tears by a painting or shared a moment with someone I'd hold onto for life over a sculpture. But music has given both of these to me. I went to a concert in December where the band, my favorite band, played a song they'd never played before and even though I'd never heard it before and didn't have any ties to it, I was in tears by the end of it.
  14. rubbershot

    rubbershot New Member

    Music gives me the distraction i need when am stressed out or when i am really tired and just what to relax. I find myself re-energised and ready to take on the next task head on!
  15. bloggerman86

    bloggerman86 Member

    Music has a very important meaning in my life. I dont think my life would be the same without music! Music is like a crutch for me and it helps me express myself and picks me up when im feeling down and always touchs my soul. There is not a day that goes by that I dont aleast listen to a single song by my favorite artist! I use music to express my emotions and feelings. Music is very special and important to me as a human being as it is for all of us!
  16. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn New Member

    Music is very important to me. Not only do I make some of my own music but simply listening to it is super important in my life. It's a form of therapy for me I guess.
  17. cchace

    cchace New Member

    Music is the background to so many events in my life. What was I listening to that summer? What was the first dance song at my wedding? What is my playlist for getting ready to go out with the girls? What is the playlist for going for a run?

    Music helps you express emotions and thoughts that you don't know how else to get out. It can physically change what your body is doing (heartbeat, breath, foot on the gas pedal), and can soothe your nerves.

    Music to me is incredibly essential - without it so many memories and daily chores would be boring.
  18. Jonascurvie

    Jonascurvie New Member

    Music is important to me because it's the great unifier.

    You can be sitting with a person who doesn't know your langauge, a person who hates your country, hates your religion, hates your political stand point, however once both of you hear this wonderful composition both of you will be compelled to talk about its wonderfulness.

    Music is also the only method of passing one's soul through the body of others. Whether you play a show with a huge attendance of nearly 10,000 or a local show 0f 20 people, you'll always captivate the souls of every person before you.
  19. SomethingNewNow

    SomethingNewNow New Member

    Music is very important to me, now and throughout my whole life. There was always the warm sound of vinyl playing in the houses i grew up in. My mom is very into music and has a wide range of musical taste. I have 2 older sisters that always jammed some music all the time when i was growing up. My love for music turned into a hobby and eventually a money making career as a DJ (Mix Master Ace). Now a days i promote very talented artist of all kinds of music from all over teh world. I will be writing articles, etc, about what i do for my clients over time, enjoy!

    Tim Clark, Owner
    The SNN Companies
  20. Lewis Griffiths

    Lewis Griffiths New Member

    Music is really important to me as well. I find that most days if things seem to be going wrong all I need to do is listen to some mellow rock and I am good to go. I don't know what I'd do without it.

    My favorite band is probably Black Label Society.
  21. ILVS2

    ILVS2 New Member

    If music wasn't here, the world would just seem even more dull. Music gives you motivation, somehow when you are feeling down or sad, just listen to your favorite track. It makes you feel 10x more better, like you can see everything clearly while listening.
  22. shosen

    shosen New Member

    Music is a very important thing in my life. It brings me peace and prosperity to my soul. I believe that music so become free as it is a way of relaxing, though concerts should still be paid to attend. I listen to music everyday and it motivates me to do better whether I'm studying or playing some games with friends.
  23. NyGiant3

    NyGiant3 New Member

    Music is very important to me because I can relate what the singer is saying, to my real life.
  24. cosmote24

    cosmote24 New Member

    I think music is an important part of my life because music can help me when I am sad or bored. Music changes my mood and it makes me happier. I usually listen to good old music such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Queen which reminds me of the old times and my childhood.
  25. icemetal

    icemetal New Member

    It's important because songs are really emotional. They can easily touch your heart and most of all , it's like retelling your life but with a beautiful voice. it helps me get through a lot of crap and it's just good to take time out and listen to stuff you can relate to, it is the most important thing in my life it is beautiful and perfect, makes me feel 1000's of amazing emotions and feelings I thought it not possible to feel, it gets me through each day, inspires me in every aspect of my life and gives life meaning!
  26. Caitlin

    Caitlin New Member

    I agree with the first/original post 100%. Listening to music is one of my main passions. I'm not even sure I would be alive without it -- Linkin Park (the good times, not this new techno-ish BS) got me through some pretty hard times, especially their Meteora album. Nowadays, though, I listen to a good variety of rock music with the occasional classic rock song thrown in the mix.

    Edit: Some of my favorite memories of my teenage years are me in my car (by myself) with the convertible top down and the music blasting. It wouldn't even really matter where I was headed, as long as I had music.
  27. ady_winston

    ady_winston New Member

    Hello. Music is very important for me too. I enjoy listening to music a lot, and it relaxes me everytime.
    I mostly listen to music when I study, or when I work, but also when I have a long walk to do, I put up the headphones and enjoy the time.
  28. borsec24

    borsec24 New Member

    Music sets the mood of what type of personality I want to get into. If I'm feeling a bit down and having this numb vibe going on, I try to get myself hyped up by listening to hard metal rock with a lot of screaming and loud drums to soothe my apathetic soul. I find it rather therapeutic to listen to Linkin Park, Static X, Metallica and pretty much anything that has that kind of vibe to wake me up.

    I find love songs intoxicating, especially if it has the pop kind of ring to it. Makes me want to fall in love too. :DAlthough, when things aren't going right with love, the depressing love songs can really sometimes be a tad dangerous as it fuels that melancholic state, leaving you bereft of hope and might actually nudge you a little to think of the unthinkable such as suicidal musings.

    But enough of that. Music for me should be a way of life. The different melodies decide whether it would destroy you or give you hope. The power it holds will be determined upon the listener. I prefer to use music to inspire my life and be more aware of the things around me so I wouldn't be too self-absorbed with silence.​
  29. edwardi

    edwardi New Member

  30. SaLLeR

    SaLLeR New Member

    Hip-hop is very important and very good!

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