How important music to you ??

Discussion in 'Music' started by Noypi20, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Noypi20

    Noypi20 New Member

    It's important because it's getting tired and relaxing in my mind .......
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  2. Jazzy26

    Jazzy26 New Member

    As of my experience music is really important for me it helps me to relax all the time and helps me to change my life and personality. As a musician i learn how to socialize to other people.
  3. alexatag26

    alexatag26 New Member

    How important music in me? Very important. When i hear music, it soothes me and refreshes me. It makes me forget all my tensions and problems. It acts as calming medicine for my mind and helps figure out things clearly. I can say that my world is incomplete without music, in short, i breath music.
  4. badette20

    badette20 New Member

    Music is very important to all of people because music endeavors to give an accurate and concise explanation of music's basic attributes or essential nature and it involves a process of defining what is meant by the term music.
    Many authorities have suggested definitions, but defining music turns out to be more difficult than might first be imagined and there is ongoing debate. A number of explanations start with the notion of music as organized sound but they also highlight that this is perhaps too broad a definition and cite examples of organized sound that are not defined as music, such as human speech, and sounds found in both natural and industrial environments (Kania 2014). The problem of defining music is further complicated by the influence of culture in music ..... :)
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  5. Ericbreezy

    Ericbreezy Guest

    Music is really important to me, I literally can't do without it. A day for me isn't complete without music and If I had to go through a day without music I would feel like a fish out of water.
  6. tinetine31

    tinetine31 New Member

    Very important for me, it helps you to relax, free from stress and from people talking behind you. Any kind of music fits for me. A day without music is just like my day is not complete.
  7. jackiesunga

    jackiesunga New Member

    Music helps me feel calm when I feel so anxious. For a person suffering from anxiety like me, music helps to clear the mind and free one's spirit from worries. When I feel so nervous, I always divert it by listening to music. Feeling the beat of the music makes me feel relaxed and it helps me to stay comfortable. When I am faced with difficult situations, I just listen to calm music first in order for me to think clearly and to be more aware of my actions and its consequences.
  8. Ivaann

    Ivaann New Member

    I can't live without music, I'm addicted to it. At home, at the gym and sometimes at school. Music cures my problems, makes me feel very well, If I had a bad day, music can heal me. Music is freedom, music is life!
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  9. Kingjabari333

    Kingjabari333 New Member

    Music is a very important and special tool that I have incorporated into my everyday spiritual practice and the reason being that music for me has what i like to call a transcendental quality depending on the tone and rythm of the music it helps me to reach a more heightened state of self awareness and intuitiveness. another reason I feel that music is so important to me because I can use it in various ways in my spiritual practices to receive the best results. Music will always be an important tool in my daily schedule
  10. noaha

    noaha New Member

    Life changing.

    Sitting at my desk right now, I have 3 different types of headphones (earbuds made by Sony, an over the ear headset with a mic attached, and Bose Noise Cancelling headphones). In the house I probably have another 2 dozen sets of headphones and earbuds. My Bose headphones, which I use the most, need a single triple A battery to work, and each battery lasts 10 hours. The longest I've been able to make that battery last is 2 days.
    Usually I'll be listening to music from the time I wake up until I go to sleep at night and I couldn't imagine having to cut that out of my life. It calms my mind, keeps me focused, can completely change the mood of whatever place you're in at the time (walking around the nearby lake at night without music = peaceful, beautiful, meh. With headphones = transcendental).
    Check out my post history - I just listed a few songs that I'm really enjoying right now. Also, feel free to PM me and ask for some music recommendations.
  11. phasermindzet

    phasermindzet New Member

    Music gives melody to our moods. In my younger years, I played the drums. The introvert, melancholic teenager loved playing the music behind the noisy drums. The beat dictates the mood.
    Nowadays, I love playing the piano. It is so relaxing, especially when I play worship songs alone.It comforts my heart serenading the God of heaven.
    I listen to music while doing household chores. Music is like a companion that lifts your spirit.
  12. eltonjohnaviles

    eltonjohnaviles New Member

    Super important music is a soul for me, because if you feeling sad, inlove, angry, and any emotion, then if you listen the music you are already happy and relax, then your all problem are gone.
  13. pristine

    pristine New Member

    Music helps make my day, it usually dictates my mood when I wake up and I want to feel happy, I just listen to music with upbeat sounds that cheers me up and makes me start the day filled with energy and ready to go to work.
  14. Springgrafics

    Springgrafics New Member

    It makes me feel relaxed and calm
  15. stefanito

    stefanito New Member

    Hudba je v mojom živote veľmi dôležitá. Ráno, keď vstávam, moja žena robí kávu, zapne rádio a počúva nejaké skladby. Budeme pracovať a milovať rádio späť v aute. Pracujem v tichom prostredí, kde rádio hrá znovu. Tak veľmi milujem hudbu.
  16. leypadua

    leypadua New Member

    The music is important to all of people because music endeavors to give an accurate and concise explanation of music's basic attributes or essential nature and it involves a process of defining what is meant by the term music. Many authorities have suggested definitions, but defining music turns out to be more difficult than might first be imagined and there is ongoing debate.
  17. mrcdee

    mrcdee New Member

    without music it will be boring music is like money it will make you and our world relaxing.

    my favorite of all music artis are
    Elvis Presley
    Michael Jackson
    The beatles
    Led Zeppelin
    Earth wind And fire

    all from the 90's
    I prefer that era than nowadays music that all just saying bad words Blah blah blah shuddup to those artist who dont know what real music is.. you nees some schooling.
  18. Sonson

    Sonson Member

    Its important to me , i love listening to music it clams me down .
    my favorite artist is Adele i love listening her music when im driving , its so much fun .
  19. hgnguyen

    hgnguyen New Member

    Music is very important to me; when I'm going through tough times, I often relate to song lyrics and songwriters much more than any person I know in real life. All of my favorite bands and artists tend to be ones that you'd never hear at a party or on the radio. I guess my music taste leans more toward the hipster or alternative side. Overall, music has helped me when I'm feeling down by helping me calm down.
  20. stefanito

    stefanito New Member

    Music accompanies us almost every step of our life. Many people do not even have their headphones in their ears, music plays in cars, homework, or learning. Music, like everything around us, has a great impact on people. But it most influences human thinking and the brain.
  21. Jahdy

    Jahdy New Member

    Music is relaxation. Music is everything if you really are into music. Listening to music is like people nature. Actually, I must say its like an addiction. In my case, whenever or rather whatever I'm doing, I just listen to music and it keeps my mind away from stress.
  22. zythandra

    zythandra New Member

    As the saying goes, "What is life without party and what is party without music". Music is important to me because it has become my mood moderator. Regardless of how I feel, be it happy or sad it is one way to ease my mind. I play music whenever I want to relax, sleep, meditate and especially whenever I want to uplift my mood, I will play my favorite alternative songs.
  23. Keeshia05

    Keeshia05 New Member

    For me music is my Bestfriend. Whenever i feel stress or i have a lot of free time music is always there to feel relaxed and to feel enjoyed. Once i hear my favorite music it gives me the soothing feelings that makes you forget all your problem for awhile. And that's how important music for me.
  24. sammiii

    sammiii New Member

    Life is boring without music. And that's a fact. For me, music can be a temporary escape to reality. It gets us into the mood be it dance or mellow. It's always one of my "to go to" when I'm sad.
  25. leslie0706

    leslie0706 New Member

    As I wake up in the morning, I start my day by listening to music. It's like a reminder to me to get up and keep moving. I feel the energy that the music brings to my soul. Without music, I feel lonely, empty, sluggish and demotivated. So music is really important to me, as it brightens my mood and brings positive vibes in my life.
  26. cynth123

    cynth123 New Member

    music for me it can make u calm and it can make everything alright.
  27. Springgrafics

    Springgrafics New Member

    it cools you off a lot especially after a very stressful day
  28. Christopher19est

    Christopher19est New Member

    for me music is one of the most important and powerful things in my life. My life without melodies and harmonies would be totally empty. Listening to and playing different tunes helps me to de-stress, relax and it can also help to motivate me in trying times. I love listening to music while on my way to school, as I feel it helps me to prepare for the day that waits. I think it is like the memoirs to my life as it has been there throughout everything with me.
  29. Mirodge

    Mirodge New Member

    Life without music is definitely monotonous.
    Music change my mode mostly during tiresome hours, after nap time I have to listen to upbeat music to bring back my soul. When I'm emotionally down music is my comfort, by listening to it, made me realize my worth, that there are more things to do first than crying. Yes! music will also make you cry but it will make you laugh and dance as well. It has a power to change your feelings. LETS SPREAD MUSIC IN EVERY CORNER.BECAUSE MUSIC IS LOVE.
  30. jr21bautista

    jr21bautista New Member

    I would say that music is very important in my life that i can't live without it. Its sound exaggerating but its the truth. Because for me, music will help you to relaxed your mind to widen your imagination and take you to another dimension of world that you only know . Music lyrics, know matter what it says has always a content that can motivates us and gives us learning and insights in many aspects of life, or things we can relate to because it says exactly what is happening in our life. Music with an amazing beat can give us a good and positive vibe to start our day happily. And lastly, whether we are happy or sad, in love or brokenhearted, angry or silly and all other emotions we feel, there's a perfect music for us to listen to.

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