How important the internet for us?

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What internet can do in our life?

  1. Its helps us to make thinfs easy for us

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  2. It bring entertaintment for us

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  1. naturedpeter

    naturedpeter New Member

    Our generation now internet is everthing for us.
  2. ricaann18

    ricaann18 New Member

    In our everyday life now a days, we do perform an activities with the presence of technology.
    As a student , engaging with computer application is so much significant for me, to accomplish and to finish my duty as a student. Using internet is everything in my student life. It helps me to quickly find and search all the data or information that I needed the most. Through this I learned a lot of knowledge which I didn’t acquire on school and it nurture and extend my existing knowledge.
    INTERNET makes our life easier and with this , we can perform a lot of tasks in a short period of time, so as a student, it is really helpful and pretty good. We can save time and at the same time can widen our knowledge.
  3. pamz-IZg3

    pamz-IZg3 New Member

    now internet is a parts of our daily life..connecting with family, learning different things, connecting different person with different capabilities,. honestly I can't think of what would the world be without internet.. internet is a significant part of our history,.extends our knowledge in just a click of a button. directs you to the place you want to go in just seconds.. helps you communicate with other people with different language.
    It doesn't just made our life so much easier but also it changed our whole life. It changed the way how we solve problems.. before we used to search and scan through thousand and thousand pages of books, but now with just one click it directs you to what you want to learn.
    some people internet hold their company.. their investment and other important things they own..
    living without internet is like living without information.
  4. Woorker32

    Woorker32 New Member

    The internet has undoubtedly become a huge part of our lives. Many people in today’s generation are relying in the internet to do a lot of different tasks. In fact, wherever you go these days, you can see people holding some sort of gadgets and using the internet to play games or search things that they want. But of course, the internet is not just about entertainment. It’s also useful in many other things as well.
  5. joelcruz

    joelcruz New Member

    Internet is very important to us because thru this we can learn of things in the world. Internet is source of all information in the world, almost all information in the world are now in the internet. There are many knowledge are now found in the internet about politics, science, fiction, fashion these are the list information that can be found on the internet, thanks for the internet. Internet is our tool to know about thing we are looking for thru this internet we found in a very short period of time just a second. Internet uses by companies like call center industries their transactions is based on the internet. The internet help us to transact safe, fast and secured. Thru this internet our data can be safe and secure from damaging or from stealing by others. Many people now depend their lives in the internet because thru internet individuals have their own job by doing online job. There are many jobs are now available online thru the use of internet. We will not know what will happen to the world if there is no internet or it is not available. Thru internet the the gathering of information become available in just a short period of time. Thru the internet we use or gadgets like android phone we play online or chat online with our friends. Because of the inventions of the internet, the social becomes also created like facebook, tweeter, skype all these social media apps depends on in the internet.
  6. Kim Jazryl Naranjo

    Kim Jazryl Naranjo New Member

    Internet in the 21st century is essential in our everyday lives. It makes everything easier such us work, communication, entertainment and also in learning. In the 21st century pencils and papers simply are no longer good enough. On top of that; students are not furthermore inclined in the traditional method of basic lecture. As far as traditional methods are considered, it is expected to carry bunch of books and copies and yield into the traditional method of writing while learning. However, it is found that not every student can easily adapt knowledge while they are busy in writing it notes. Learners are absorbed in ways that they may grow more engaging and have more control over their educational experience. One specifically salient trend we have recently witnessed regarding the use of internet through technology is the increasing dependence on mobile-connected devices not only in daily tasks, but also within professional and educational environments.
  7. gege05

    gege05 New Member

    Internet is indeed a very important tool for all walks of life. By the use of internet,we can easily search whatever we wanted to learn. Most specially to students. It helps their research a way easier than before. It also helps to communicate easily and affordable even to our relatives abroad or anywhere in the world.
  8. julietsierra

    julietsierra New Member

    It is very important for a lot of reasons. The Internet is where I searched for the recipes that I want to cook, to do research for my son's assignment so I could help him, it is also a way for me to reconnect with my relatives and most especially it is a way for me to earn online.
  9. moniqueorlyn

    moniqueorlyn New Member

    Internet for me is a life saver. It make things easily to find. If you need more knowledge with a certain word of things you can easily type and search for it but always remember not to relay on the things that you can see in the internet. Learn to dig dip on the website that you are looking and check if it real of not. Not all the article that you can see on the internet is real so be careful.
  10. daveteck

    daveteck New Member

    This i think some of us would freak out if there are no internet because that's our generation we can't live without our internet.The internet takes us to a whole new perspective in the world every thing have change if you compare us from the people 100 years ago or even 50 years ago a lot have change all these years.
  11. web

    web New Member

    Importance of internet un our life is similar to oxgen for this tech world. It's tough to be happy for few people without internet. Today it's time about online reputation, internet marketing, online businesses, online degrees, social media presence and internet banking. That's why the importance of internet in our life matter. Internet is providing directions and maps in few seconds. Internet is also a best time pass option for us at the airport, in the car and train. Internet is helping us to find a restaurant and hotel. Even if you have no idea what to eat today in breakfast. lunch and dinner then you can search best food recipes on the internet. Internet is providing you freedom food restrictions. If you want to spend weekends and want to by gift for your family member then internet help you find out the amazing gift ideas. Internet relationships are in trends with clients and unknown people. You don't need to feel lonely so internet help you to make new friends and you can see what they finished recently. You can manage your time with help of i nternet. If you visit friend's house but doubts about weather conditions then you can check the forecast on the internet. Don't worry, if weather is not suitable for you. You can say best birthday, marriage wishes or all kind of best wishes by the uses of internet. You can also do audio, video chat oh! You can have enough free time at home but don't use it in a productive ways. Then you can start a part time business from home by the use of internet. Internet is amazing for housewives too, helping in shopping cloths and accessories etc. Internet is great for all private and government employees because of internet they are getting their salary directly in bank account. You can send and receive by the use of internet in mobile phones. Now the world is moving with high believe on the internet towards cashless economies.

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