How internet effect your daily life

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Rexway4, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Many people use internet this days as their primary source of information,we use the internet for e-mail checking and social media some use it for businesses (e-commerce).

    What are you using the internet for? What are the positive impact it has in the life of people living around you.
  2. anthonynguyen001

    anthonynguyen001 New Member

    Internet, I find in many cases, deter many from actually thinking. It is quite easy to simply go to Google, typing in a question, and receive an answer in a matter of seconds, no thinking needed. It is a downside to the availability in the abundant of information out there as many miss use them in one way or the other. The information age does bring great advancements, but also hampers individual thinking as well. Moreover, I also find that many cannot use the abundance of information online to their advantage. There are many great opportunities out there and in the webs, and many do not take the time to look for it. That's the little opinion I have on internet.
  3. JanetL

    JanetL Member

    We uses the internet in our dailly life for so many reason ,internet can be use to watch video and social media, I use you-tube to view many presentation on so many things and I never fine any difficulty using it.

    I use the internet some-time to gather information regards my business and conduct search on item to purchase during the weekend .
  4. shawnpeterson09

    shawnpeterson09 New Member

    Internet affects your daily life by making you feel amazed on what you are seeing on it. Lets say for example the most famous social media site/app Facebook. Do you know that Facebook is not free? Facebook can control the things you want to buy online, like for example, you like a post from Facebook "Ads", the other day you will see the product that you've liked before on the online shop advertisements on Facebook, and made you feel more amazed because you really loved the product, even though its not necessary, you will still buy it because you are amazed at the price of it, most product online is much cheaper than the product you see at the actual store /shop.
  5. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Do you use you-tube this days?and which location are you which isp are you using?I have some problem viewing some video on you-tube this days I have tried another service provider but I can't open and watch any video.

    Internet really contribute to part of our success this days infact my major soruce of earning is from the internet.
  6. Fernandao

    Fernandao New Member

    Nowadays, the internet is part of us, today people have a doubt already open Google and take their doubts right there, Before doubts were solved only in Books, Nowadays the internet is good for work, Searches and Watching Videos a lot of things.
  7. JanetL

    JanetL Member

    You are very correct the internet is one of the best place where people search alot of things and play youtube video, without the internet many works will be so tidious to complete this days.

    Internet can help you gain more experience and expose you to various opportunity around the world.
    The use of internet can never be compared to any other technology.
  8. postloop0120

    postloop0120 New Member

    For me there is pros and cons in using internet in daily life.
    Pros: Using internet you can access more information or data. if you want to learn something you will find using internet.And because of the internet you can communicate with your family and friends.

    Cons: The cons of the internet is if you exceeds of using internet like social media your mental health will affect and you feel more stress.Because if you stay all day in house while using social media you don't have a social life in outside.
  9. It depends of individual needs. Many people use internet for social medias but I prefer to use internet for free lancing jobs so that I can earn money.
  10. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    I accept with you its all depend on individual choice some people use the internet for social media while some people use it for work at home purposes,i use the internet to socialize with people through the social network and learn many things from search engine and participate in forum discussion like what we are doing here.
    Internet have so many function and there are people who use it to watched presentation on youtube its all depend on what you want to use it for.
  11. zae25

    zae25 New Member

    Internet and Personal Relationships has changed the way we interact with our family, friends, and life partners...The Internet makes it possible for an unlimited number of people to communicate the internet impacted our lives and the way we did things in the past is now different.
  12. Dijwar

    Dijwar Member

    Impact of the internet on our daily life. ... However, there are also negative impacts of the internet, such as it distracts us from daily life activities as well as makes us lose sense in reality, such as taking photos when eating or even texting while having a meal, which makes us lose our communication skills.
  13. jrl0700

    jrl0700 Member

    Internet has helped me gather information, connect to people and organise my life on a daily basis. I can say that it is now essential for me to have access to the internet on a daily basis.

    It is a great and exciting age we are now on. Especially with the internet of everything moving forward faster that we can imagine.
  14. Mollywrites

    Mollywrites New Member

    My brother recently set up an Instagram account and started posting entry positions for forex trading and he started getting messages from people asking him to teach them. He started an online class and a decent number of people signed up so I'd say the internet can be a great way to develop multiple income streams.
  15. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    You are writing something meaningful,with the use of computer and internet you can trade forex and make some extra money at your spare time,I have seen so many people trading and doing this business for a living this come from the use of internet and give access to the various opportunity that can contribute to the success of your life as a human.
    Thou I dont like the forex business the rate of incuring lose is better than profit so forex is for expert and professional trader.
  16. albertagu

    albertagu New Member

    The internet has helped me learn a lot about having business online...and has helped me teach many of my friends.the internet has made things easier for us and made us able to know things that are not thought in class
    recently i learnt how to create my own website in just 10 simple steps..this was not thought in class but the internet
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  17. jamesrea

    jamesrea New Member

    For me, On this modern day. Internet is a another factor why our world turns around. Internet provides us a great information, source of income, communication, shopping, and other stuffs. Without internet our life will be back to manual. Internet provides us a speed and quality works. It helps us to gather information in less than a minute. Internet changed the outlook of our life.
  18. alvenjohn

    alvenjohn New Member

    I have always been amazed of the amount of information you can access on the internet. Internet is what keeps me connected to my friends and families. The Internet keeps me updated of the latest happenings, from the upcoming superhero films up to the latest news on virus outbreaks all over the world. Also, I get to use the internet to watch YouTube videos, from music videos, music vlogs, information videos to sports highlights. The Internet is highly essential nowadays since you can never miss out on the latest headlines.
  19. JanetL

    JanetL Member

    You are so realistic internet connect us with family and friends mostly when we stay far off our family and sometime demand their attention we can get connected to them by social network and forums.
    I have more than two social media account mainly for my friends and my family alone since all this can be done with the use of internet service then we can say a big thank you to the inventor of this great technology.

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