How it feel to be in love

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  1. thresher

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    Love means giving in to an awesome power that brings two people together in the craziest ways. It means waiting, sometimes for a long time, for the stars to align. It means persevering through horrible dates and dull chats in line at the coffee house until you get your turn with it. It means surrendering control to a greater force and staying along for the ride.

    Sometimes love means disappointment. It means broken hearts and red teary eyes. It means taking a shot on someone and being let down. It means learning the hard way that you can’t make someone love you.

    Love, once it finds you, is worth every fleeting moment of highs and lows. Love, although it may fade, never gives up on you. Love that leaves is not lost; it will find you again someday, perhaps when you least expect it or maybe when you really want it to. Love doesn’t play by anyone else’s rules.
  2. zupbuddy

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    It feels like im in heaven, i found the love so I found the peace as well.
  3. iamwil101

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    Love made you to be an Idiot because how many times that your partner do bad things here you are still forgiving because you love that person very much, love that person unconditionally like your family. But if this is always the case you think that this is unhealthy relationship and need to cut it up but it is depend if the wrongdoing of your partner is severe if it not too much maybe you forgive your partner and give a chance to change.
  4. arthenian19

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    It feels all-consuming. That feeling of love and affection directed towards one person can be so strong that it has the potential to feel like it's taking you over. Preece says it can lead to feeling "almost obsessive." ... You enjoy being physically affectionate with them.

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