How long is your PATIENCE?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by eocasion, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. eocasion

    eocasion New Member

    Did somebody already test your patience? How and why?
  2. Dracindo

    Dracindo New Member

    Try teaching self-defense to kids at age 8 or lower. They're in the dojo because their parents want them to have a physical hobby, and think it's all fun and games. I'm actually afraid that I'll have to do this again when I start having kids. I don't have to teach them, but I'd rather not let out of the house on their own without knowing some basic techniques to protect themselves.
  3. Em14

    Em14 New Member

    when I was young I used to get mad easily. But when I become a mother life turns into a roller coaster. When my child bite on my shoulder and when I slip on a floor because of their toys it never gets me mad all. I self-study the art of having a long patience and now I should say I'm an expert to it because I think my patience is unlimited to my children.
  4. kthrn

    kthrn New Member

    How long is my Patience? As long as you know how to love, you knew what patience is. Because Love is patient and kind. And one of the fruit of the Holy Spirit is to have patience. Just like what Jesus did 2,000 years ago. He died at the cross for us to be save and Even when people mock him, spit on him even crowning him thorns but he did not do anything instead He prayed for them and forgave them telling his Father in heaven. "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Thats the true meaning of patience.
    In my own personal experience, my patience is so short as well but when i accepted Jesus in my heart. Little by little I'm changing into the person God wants me to be. Sometimes, I am provoked to be angry at times but thats normal. What is not normal is when you will sleep along with your anger in your heart. Thats why so many people nowadays, they dont know from where they got their sickness, maybe or oftentimes we kept grudges in our hearts, the result we cannot sleep peacefully at night. And the result is it weakens not just our soul But our whole being.
  5. Kyaseyn

    Kyaseyn New Member

    When I was in high school, I had such long patience. Whenever I was bullied I just ignored them. Whenever I had many assignments, I did not care a bit like it was a natural thing to do as a student. But when I entered young adulthood, I noticed I easily get impatient. I get bored easily. I guess it is only a sign that I am getting old indeed.
  6. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    I think I’m quite relaxed in queues but the eception is at airports , I would say I lose my patience quite quickly when the people know we are all coming to board a plane and they looked surprised! .In other situations like in shops or boarding a train ladies and women come first always .In conclusion I have a lot of patience but not at airports .Thanks Jordan Durante
  7. Zircrenzo

    Zircrenzo New Member

    My patience is very long because I can easily forgive and forget. But don't test my patience by hurting my loved ones. It is another story.

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