How many hours a day do you spend on sleeping?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by oyorslol, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. chickfillay

    chickfillay New Member

    I get sufficient amount of sleep everyday since I'm done with school. The amount of sleep i get everyday is 8-10 hours since I'm living alone and no one's going to wake me up. I'm enjoying this time where I'm in control of my sleeping schedule cause time will come that I'm going to be employed and I won't get enough sleep.
  2. rickmervin

    rickmervin New Member

    I have a lack of sleep since I played computer games, instead I sleep at night I play. When I'm playing computer games at night I didn't feel anything, I'm just playing and I don't want that somebody is disturbing me, because I'm focus in the game. So that every-time that play I ignore the time and I'm getting up in early morning, I sleep in 4 am and wake up at 10 am, so that every day I have a 6 hours sleep only. I have also a pimples, it is a side effect in lacking of sleep.
  3. kstanuch

    kstanuch New Member

    I tend to sleep between 7 and 8.5 hours, I really value it. Using a sleep tracker really helps monitor it, including light sleep and deep sleep. I recommend one, I have used the MiBand and now the Amazfit Bip, both really capable and last a long time.
  4. shoots2019

    shoots2019 New Member

    I have a tough time sleeping and my two cats don't help my situation either. I must average about 4 to 5
    hours a night and sometimes more when the two hoodlums are not up at 3 am and on the fly. They like
    to chase each other around the apartment and one of their favorite routes is up and over my bed which
    means up and over me. But hey, they're my boys and it's the price one pays for animal companionship.
  5. richardjohn999

    richardjohn999 New Member

    I sleep only 5 hours a day since i am a college student
    sleep at 12am
    Wake up at am5am

    And sometimes sleep on class :):)
  6. Lena888

    Lena888 New Member

    I spend anywhere between 3 to 5 hours a day sleeping. That's horrible, I know. I have a 23 month old son and a full time over night job. You catch my drift? Lol. It's horrible. Sleep just doesn't come easy these days. Better days are coming.
  7. gerrynepo

    gerrynepo New Member

    For me i sleep 7-8 hours per day why?
    Because for me sleeping is the best way to escape sadness. because while i am sleeping i always have a dream. A dream about excitement and fun story, so i love to sleep because it help me to be happy ;) and our body need to sleep because in sleeping state our body repair and replace all the damage cells in our body so sleeping is fun :)
  8. NichoFern

    NichoFern New Member

    I get about 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night. I wish that I could get more, because I also spend a couple hours a day in the gym about 5 to 6 days per week. I know I need more rest to get the best results but the obstacles I have make this a real challenge. The bed that me and my wife share needs to be replaced, it is in poor condition, which explains why actually getting to sleep has been a problem. This issue most likely explains why the quality of my sleep is poor as well. Working hard to earn enough money to by the bed that we can actually get great sleep in is on the top of our list this year!
  9. investwarrior

    investwarrior New Member

    I prefer to sleep 8 hours a day, but usually its around 6-10 all depends on a day. Its very iportant to have stable hours to sleep, because i working from home i can go to sleep at 3 am or 5 am and because of that my sleep is not quite quality.
  10. 1jayem6

    1jayem6 New Member

    I sleep 8-10 hours a day, I don't typically sleep late because one time when I sleep late, the whole day I have a headache. That's why I sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  11. kazthered

    kazthered New Member

    Too many! I sleep for at least 8 hours. It usually ends up being 10 hours at night then maybe an hour's or two nap in the day bringing it to a grand total of 11 hours. (I have a fatigue problem).
  12. sabur2000

    sabur2000 New Member

    I sleep around 8 hours a day. I try to go to bed early, so that I can wake up early as well. I have found out that when I wake up early, I can get a lot of work done and have a lot of energy.
    Normally, I schedule my sleep time according to my prayer time in the morning. As a Muslim, I pray 5 times in the day The morning prayer is one of them, so if the morning prayer is at 6:00 AM, then I will try to sleep around 10:00 PM. Getting enough sleep is very important because it allows you to work the most efficiently and feel the best through out the day.
    On the other hand, getting enough sleep is also a luxury because many people have busy lives and don't have the time to sleep early.
  13. cristina23

    cristina23 New Member

    i spend 9-10 hrs of sleep everyday. i wish to sleep more but i need to work .During my rest day i sleep almost wholefay i know its too much but thats the only time i will feel my rest.
  14. Marshawn

    Marshawn New Member

    It was always taught an excepted that the human body needs 8 hours of sleep to recharge it self.But after I've done a little more research about sleep and sleep patterns I've come to the conclusion that a healthy human body needs far less sleep than an unhealthy body. My research has brought me to the understanding that a more electrical body does not need 8 hours to recharge but somewhere along the lines of 5 to 6 hours. Less food to process and less stress equal the ability to recover much faster than what's considered the norm.
  15. Lana89

    Lana89 New Member

    As for me, I spend around 6 hours asleep. But the last research recommends sleeping between 6-8 hours daily. And that’s enough for the body to rest.
  16. Momamba

    Momamba New Member

    The average human being should sleep atleast 8 hours a day. I sleep 10 hours which is more than the usual and is pretty unhealthy.
  17. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    I sleep 7- 8 hours. And that's enough for me, I guess, to start my day.
  18. Averaham

    Averaham New Member

    I only sleep for about 5 to 6 hours, I cannot sleep longer than that, I am used to burn candle every night because of the nature of my job, and my body clocks adapted it, that is why I am having hard time sleeping every night.
  19. fabulosa_xoxo

    fabulosa_xoxo New Member

    A sad reality for me because I can say that I'm always sleep deprived and my mind seems not to shut down on my expected sleeping hours. So yeah, I just sleep for 4-5 hours, and I'm not feeling refreshed nor rejuvenated the next day. These cycle continues to go on and on and I needed to do something about it.
  20. Josemos

    Josemos New Member

    I try to go for 7-8 hours. I can run on less but I know I'd much rather not. The real question is WHEN to sleep and keeping a sleeping schedule!
  21. Lovelee27

    Lovelee27 New Member

    When the time that I have no child I sleep for about 10 hours a day. Now that I have a baby being a mom I can sleep a day for 6 hours only. It's big difference! but when I see the smile of my baby and she is growing up healthy and smart I don't care of the time to sleep. I want to spend my all time to her if I could not go to work. 6 hours sleep is not bad for me it is long hours sleep for me. But the energy I recover wasn't good enough to do more in our house.
  22. Floris564

    Floris564 New Member

    I sleep 9 hours a night. Sleep is very important for reducing stress and building muscle. There are more benefits of sleeping, but sleeping is extremely important.
  23. veselinnesterov

    veselinnesterov New Member

    7 to 8, it really depends on my daily routine. I found out for myself that more than 7:30 hours is the sweet spot to be. If I sleep less than 7 or more than 8 I feel really depressed and have a huge lack of energy. It also increases my appetite. That's why I am trying to follow this routine and to make it work, I make sure I go to bed at exactly the same time every day when possible.
  24. mariaj

    mariaj New Member

    I need to get a straight eight hours of sleep to be energized.
  25. Ojuksfrank

    Ojuksfrank New Member

    I really have difficulty in sleeping so I sleep less than 4hrs in a day. so I feel my free time with work or movie.
  26. Danna0305

    Danna0305 New Member

    As a student my sched is 1 pm to 7 pm and i usually got home around 8 pm then when i am done doing my daily routine i will gonna sleep around 12-1 am and wake up at 4 am (3-4 hr) and i will gonna sleep again in 7 am and wake up at 10 am (3hr) i am usually get ignorant in school because of lack of sleep lol.
  27. mariebernadette

    mariebernadette New Member

    Well, as much as possible, I try to have 8 hours of sleep. I normally sleep at around 10 P.M. and wake up at around 6 or 7 P.M. But since I have a very energetic one year old, I can't sleep for 8 hours straight any more because she wakes up and asks for milk every 2 to 3 hours during her sleep and I have no choice but to prepare it for her.:p
  28. Michael07

    Michael07 Member

    It depends if it's my working day or my rest day. During working days, I only sleep for about five to six hours because I wake early in the morning to prepare because our office is far from our home. And at night, I don't sleep early because I play mobile games and I also do an online job to earn some extra money. But when it is my rest day, I sleep for about eight to ten hours because I am not obliged to wake up early and I can sleep as long as I want.
  29. gobbledygook

    gobbledygook Member

    I'm a sleepyhead so I make it a point to sleep 8 hours (or even more) a day. I used to work in a call center before, not the graveyard shift but mine started at 6 AM until 3 PM. I had to wake up early and so as not to sacrifice my sleep, I would go to bed early as well, around 8 PM or so.

    I feel cranky whenever I get less sleep and I'd be sleepy most of the day.
  30. kixapolinar

    kixapolinar New Member

    I spend 5 hours of sleeping in an average. Being an engineering student means sleeping late at night because of too much home works and projects to be done. There's also a lot of major examinations that I need to study for me to pass the subject. But on weekends I make sure that I had enough sleep because I had a lot of time to work for my assignments. The best feeling is to wake up without an alarm clock.

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