how many languages you can speak?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by mamathabhukya, May 20, 2011.

  1. Friends i can speak English, Hindi, Telugu. Total 3 languages.
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  2. AmazingP

    AmazingP Member

    I am from the Philippines so most of us can speak at least two major languages: Filipino and English. But aside from these two, I can also speak another ethnic language which is Bisaya or Cebuano.
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  3. uN3xp3ct3d

    uN3xp3ct3d Guest

    I'm from Croatia and I can speak these: Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, English and a little bit of German. However Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian are very similar languages and therefore when you speak one of them, you actually speak all three.
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  4. naps22

    naps22 New Member

    I'm a Filipino and in the Philippines, we usually use Tagalog and English as our mother tongue. So all in all, i speak 2 languages.
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  5. CreativeClub

    CreativeClub Guest

    I speak:
    - Dutch
    - English
    - German
    - French

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  6. Tino Ban

    Tino Ban Guest

    i am from criatia i speak all balkan languages + English + German
    so its 3
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  7. Nicknicholas

    Nicknicholas Guest

    I can only speak English. I do know some very, very basic Latin! I never attempted to learn another foreign language since I am such a visually oriented person. I doubted I could roll my Rs or make any sounds close to languages like Spanish.
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  8. I can speak Visayan or Cebuano, Tagalog or Filipino, Chinese Folkyen, English and a little bit Chinese Mandarin(30%), Japanese (20%).. I understand a bit Japanese because I love watching anime...
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  9. Pure

    Pure Guest

    I'm from Malaysia. I'm a Chinese but my Mandarin is quite poor.
    My main language is English. I do know some Malay.
    Well that is the only three language I know. English, Mandarin and Malay.
  10. Patrick

    Patrick Guest

    I can speak Engligh, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka and Hokian. In total 6 languages. Ah...there is another language that I am still trying to master is Russian.
  11. JesusFarted

    JesusFarted Guest

    -A bit of Spanish
    -A bit of Arabic
  12. i can speak 4 languages. 1. English 2. Tagalog 3. Visayan and 4. a little Spanish.
  13. Jared Roland

    Jared Roland Guest

    I speak just English and Spanish
  14. Lindsay Hurt

    Lindsay Hurt Guest

    I actually went to College for this! I can speak English, Spanish, French and a little bit of Arabic. Most boring four years of my life.
  15. Luis Ramirez

    Luis Ramirez Guest

    I speak english, spanish and french. Three major languages in the world today. I'm trying to learn slovenian for personal reasons. I think the more languages you know the more of an advantage you'll have in the world both business and personal wise. It's a lot of work, but it can take you a long way.
  16. html

    html Guest

    i just can speak two language but i think i should study to speak the other language
  17. Silentgloves

    Silentgloves Guest

    For the most part I can speak two languages: English and French.
  18. speedy

    speedy Guest

    I am from Philippines I can speak English and Tagalog or Filipino our National Language. I can speak some of our local dialects as well such as Cebuano or Bisaya, Ilonggo or Hiligaynon and Antiqueno.
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  19. Yolanda

    Yolanda Guest

    When I was in high school I got taught English, French and German next to my mother tongue which is Dutch.
    However, my French and German isn't very good as I never used it outside of school and I didn't practice it after I went to college. So basicly I only speak English and Dutch quite well, and a hint of German and French ;-)
  20. TranceHF

    TranceHF Guest

    I can speak Finnish and English easily, but I'm also learning Swedish and German. Maybe I'll learn something like Spanish or French when I'm older :)
  21. Acid409

    Acid409 Guest

    I know English fluently and Spanish very well and a little German. It is awesome to see that some people can speak English and Swedish and all of that. It amazes me how some people can manage to know so much. More props to the ones who can master multiple languages.
  22. ivaylo2009

    ivaylo2009 Guest

    Hello I'm from Bulgaria.Here we speak Bulgarian language.But most of us speak Russian language as I.I know English and Greek language as well.Totaly 4 languages.
  23. I speak English and Spanish, but I understand some German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

    I would like to have the time to learn and speak these languages too, but actually I have too much things to handle at a time :(
  24. Doll Leviste

    Doll Leviste Member

    At least 5 excluding English, Tagalog and our own Dialect.
    Spanish ---> I learnt Espaniol en la escuela
    French ---> I learnt from school too in HS. And this is my favorite but hated language all at the same time. (This language is sexy but difficult to learn :( )
    Japanese ---> Self taught. Bought a pocket size book about the language
    Chinese (Fukien and Mandarin) ---> I learnt from Business School.
    Korean ---> Self taught :)
  25. smile4u

    smile4u Guest

    Chinese is my mother language and surely i can speak fluent Chinese. Besides, i can also speak English very well.
    Actually i can also speak a bit Japanese but i might be at sea when a Japanese is talking to me, lol.
  26. retiredscv

    retiredscv Guest

    I can speak english, chinese and a few other dialect. When i am older, i will learn something like malay and french only if i have the time :)
  27. Ivan Kopas

    Ivan Kopas Guest

    I'm fluent in Serbian, English, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrian and I can understand Slovenian, Macedonian and Bulgarian.
  28. Okay, lets see. I can speak Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English and Spanish! Norwegian, Swedish and Danish was all one language though back in the time. The scandinavian language!
  29. Edrondol

    Edrondol Guest

    Not nearly as many as I wish. Which means I speak English fluently. I also speak a nattering of German & French, but I'm nowhere close to fluent in either. But if I got dumped in countries that speak either I could get a sandwich, know the time & be able to ask for directions to a bathroom.
  30. defcon505

    defcon505 Guest

    I can speak English (American), Filipino (Tagalog), Ilokano (dialect northern Philippines), and Spanish. Learning Chinese (mandarin/cantonese)

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