How much do you chew food?

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    Chewing or mastication is the process by which food is crushed and grounded by the teeth. It is one of the four (Ingestion,Digestion-chewing, Assimilation and Egestion) processes that food take to pass through the alimentary canal.
    Without proper digestion that is chewing( break down of food particles into absorb-able particles), the second stage may not not be achieved appropriately. Chewing of food is essential, but many eat hurriedly and such food would pass out without being assimilated.
    The benefit of chewing food are numerous and therefore there is efficacious need to chew food properly and mixed it vigorously.
    Digestion of food has a broad spectrum of interest. I may explore few minor areas to draw your interest. For instance food digestion (that is, an act of breaking down food) involves two processes as mention earlier, which are
    i. Mechanical digestion and

    ii. Chemical digestion.
    Food being broken down mechanically involves using of grinders; the teeth. And Chemical digestion is the process by which enzymes breakdown food particles into absorb-able particles.
    Tell us more of how much you chew food.

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