How much time do you put in your fictional writing?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Noxius, May 8, 2018.

  1. Noxius

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    This question is mostly aimed at those who plan to become plubished authors, but I'd like to hear input from all fictional writers. :)

    I've been reading a lot about writing lately, especially on subreddits dedicated to writing, various blogs, etc, but I also read books about the topic like Stephen Kings "On Writing". Most of them seem to advise to put as much time into writing as possible, and doing so constantly. "Having a day where you don't feel like writing? Press out those words anyway" seems to be the what all of them agree on. And while I can see how this approach can help some writers, it is certainly not for me, it would only result in me staring at a blank page.
    So I only write when I feel like it, when there are things in me that want to come out. Normally. that results in roughly 5 hours spent writing fiction per week.
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    From what I have discovered, it is better to write about something then to have never written at all. Sometimes you'll hit a block and if you do the best thing to do is to charge forward writing on the book or switch gears and write about something else, such as a blog post or a poem or whichever thing you enjoy the most except for writing the book. For example, for myself, I started a facebook blog called Man Vs Pen, Where I hold myself accountable and helps me learn how to write more completely, and through many different kinds of plots. so through this, I could earn extra money but I could also have a loyal following so you build the brand first

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