How much time do you spend on social media everyday?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by SaimaElas, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. SaimaElas

    SaimaElas Member

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is life! ❤️
  2. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    The time you spend on social media all depend on the type of activity you carried out online,for instance you go to social media to chat with your friends and family the time you spend on such activity will never be the same if you go into the plartform to do some marketing or advertising work.

    Sometime people spend more time than they suppose to spend on social media, for me I think social newtwork need more attention on weekend but on normal business days we should give this plartform less attention so that we can fully concentrated with our business.
  3. bads05

    bads05 Member

    I spend my time on social media almost 8 hours a day...
  4. JanetL

    JanetL Member

    You spend 8 hours each day online? It is not a bad idea not doubt but always ensure you do something tangible and productive,I spend alot of time with social networking site sometime ago but I latar learn some business opportunity online, so I turn the time I spend chating with friends on social media into money.
  5. Lovebird2

    Lovebird2 New Member

    I spend about 4 hours daily online because I have so many things that I do online daily, I will check my emails and send some newsletter to some of my client and promote some links online.

    Online is a place that someone who know how to use the internet can't stay a day without it.

    The time you spend online all depend on the type of activity that took you there, bloggers and content editors spend most of their time promoting their various business and updating their bloggs, am into blogging now but since am new in this field I do spend little time learning the primary aspect of bloging.
  6. shankz15

    shankz15 New Member

    When i have free time to spend in social media it's worth about 8-10hrs so i can fully time and focus on what should i do on my accounts like the important matters i should have to do and pay attention to it
  7. JanetL

    JanetL Member

    It's all depend on your activity in that social media ,I saw your write-up 8-10 hours on social media what type of activity do you wan't to do there? if it is just for chating purposes or passing information across to your family then that duration is too long,
    you need to reduce the time you spend on social media so that you can take care of others activity be it offline or online.
    I spend less time now with social network since I have to put more time into my business.

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