How much time do you spend on the internet ?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by jahanzeb ali qureshi, May 6, 2017.

  1. Writing articles and helping people online are my hobbies. So i use to spend most of my time on the internet. I divided my hours for the different kind of activities. I gained a lot of knowledge from internet surfing. Internet had made communication so easy. I do use internet for more than 6 hours but I takes several short breaks during How much time do you use the internet ?
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  2. DeeFree

    DeeFree New Member

    I am currently unemployed and have a lot of free time on my hands thus I spend HOURS on the Internet. I even take my laptop to bed with me and fall asleep to Netflix or YouTube. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to wake my computer up and check all the forums I posted in the night before to see if there are any replies. I then go to YouTube and literally spend hours watching dozens and dozens of videos.

    Ater that, I go to all the news sites and read about the same thing over and over again. Then I go to all the gossip sites. Thank goodness Yahoo deleted all the free games on its site because I would spend eight hours straight playing backgammon with people from all over the world.

    I don't know what I'm going to do when I return to work.
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  3. funkrocker

    funkrocker New Member

    At least eight to ten hours a day, most days.
  4. winter79

    winter79 New Member

    Well the truth is that I spend a lot of time on the Internet. I have an online business and I'm very aware.
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  5. Trecie08

    Trecie08 New Member

    I spend about 2 to 3 hours a day on the internet. Mostly it's Youtube to be honest. I love watching various types of videos there and I find myself using it as a search engine sometimes. I love to see what other people think of products and services.
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  6. krishna khot

    krishna khot New Member

    I spend around 4 to 5 hours daily on the internet. I love to read newsletters about various topics. I search about latest innovations, research, technology, gadgets etc. I watch Youtube videos related to science topics.
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  7. derekz

    derekz New Member

    I'm online around 10 hours a day. This is divided between school, social and hobbies. I am probably doing online classes around six hours a day. Social for one to two hours and my hobbies which are gaming and movies for one to two hours.
  8. Aaliyah Miller

    Aaliyah Miller New Member

    I spend about 15 hours a day on the internet. One being social media and second is school work.
  9. siddhu369

    siddhu369 New Member

    Mobile is integral part in my body now :p
    Except while I am sleeping, I will be connected to internet throughout the day
  10. Eva.Ling

    Eva.Ling New Member

    I am always on the Internet as my job requires it but sometimes I do wish I had a chance to unwind. I try to disconnect in an effort to get downtime from it but... somehow or other, I will still pick up my phone and get online. Internet addiction is real, many days I even eat in front of the computer or my mobile. So the conclusion is... I spend too much time on the Internet!!!!
  11. nyiguto56

    nyiguto56 Member

    I spend around 2 to 3 hours a day on the web. Generally it's Youtube to be completely forthright. I adore watching different sorts of recordings there and I wind up utilizing it as an internet searcher once in a while. I want to perceive what other individuals consider items and administrations.
  12. ShoryukenPizza

    ShoryukenPizza New Member

    I'm astonished that there aren't any MMO gamers in this thread!!

    But I, too, spend a large amount of my time online. After school and work, I'm usually found playing Guild Wars 2 on the Stormbluff Isle server, leveling my Asura Ranger. If I'm not on GW2, I'm catching up on the latest anime or stuck in the endless loop of scrolling on Facebook.

    I'm not sure how so many people spend so much time on Youtube though. What are you guys watching? Haha. I probably spend a very small portion of my week on Youtube watching GrimmGreen or OhmBoyJosh vape review videos. Although Grimm's videos are about an hour long... there are only about 2 videos a week!
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  13. Lefttidge1823

    Lefttidge1823 New Member

    I have to say I use the interned a lot. I would say my max is 6 hours, but most of the time 3 to 4 hours daily. There is so much to learn, and research.
  14. kings1771

    kings1771 New Member

    I have to say I spend most of my time on the internet approximately 7 hours daily I download videos, music and also attend online seminars as a student I also learn online by browsing through pages and also downloading pdf's.
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  15. Shielababes

    Shielababes New Member

    Pretty much all the time. I write articles for my blog so I get all my references via internet. Sometimes though when I'm not writing, I usually stream shows and listen to music. I also print alot of stuff like templates and designs whenever I have orders such as invitation cards, tarpaulin lay-outs, t-shirt designs, etc. So yeah, I'm thankful to have internet as part of my daily life. Aren't we all? :)
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  16. promzy

    promzy New Member

    I'm currently a student I have enough time for myself. I spend most of my time on the internet everyday I like to check my social media, chats and do some browsing. Presently I do posts online to make a little cash because since at home doing nothing I prefer getting busy with my smartphone doing online posts, doing online surveys to make money and have fun that's most of it all.
    I also spend my time online streaming videos on YouTube and listening to musics online. I love spending my time online I get to know what's happening in the world also by reading news.
  17. cardiae

    cardiae New Member

    I would say on a daily basis, I probably spend four to five hours on the internet. I'm on social media throughout the day, but I can spend hours, upon hours, on YouTube. For me, the internet gives me a far reach, and a great deal of help. I can stay in touch with people through social media, as well as, research anything I need to know about.
  18. post100

    post100 New Member

    I usually spend around five to six hours on the internet every day. I use the internet for gaming, watching YouTube, browsing social media, online learning and doing research.
  19. flowgard

    flowgard New Member

    I'm almost always on the internet...I can't help it, who asked it to be so full of interesting things?! (Yes, I do have an internet addiction.) As for me, I use it for recreational purposes (listening to music, chatting on social media, things like that) and to find work online.
  20. Hux

    Hux Active Member

    I spend almost all day and night on the internet. I spend half of my time gaming and probably the other half eating and browsing the internet and forums.
  21. TheElite

    TheElite New Member

    I spend around 10 hours on the Internet on vacation, and 5 hours on school days.
  22. Jack O' Riordan

    Jack O' Riordan New Member

    A lot of time, sometimes more than I would like to admit. It truly depends on what activities I have planned for a certain day. If I have nothing planned, I could find myself on the internet for around 10 hours. I enjoy gaming and watching videos on websites such as YouTube and Facebook. I always ensure that I have a healthy balance though. I always prioritise my health and If I ever see the time I spend online affecting me in a physical or mental aspect, I will be sure to take a step back, recover and then come back whenever I feel fit to do so. This has never happened to me personally, but I know people who have had issues and treated the internet in a similar respect.
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  23. Carmal900

    Carmal900 New Member

    It is not an exaggeration if I say I spend almost my day on the Internet, been an Internet guru it is very unlikely of me not to be online as always as possible.. To be on record I spent minimum of 14 hours on the Internet
  24. Jack_Dan

    Jack_Dan New Member

    Internet is the big part of our life these days. I spend almost 10 hours on internet by doing some random surfing, watching online videos on YouTube, listening music through online radios, reading some trending news, writing articles, checking social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I think internet bring closer to many people and the world now a day is feel really small. You can connect and reach many people anywhere with the help of your computer and internet.
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  25. tarkesh786

    tarkesh786 New Member

    All most all the time i use internet because i am a self learner student. I am a guy who don't depend on institute for completing course. And also i love to learn new technology so, most of the time i use internet to learn something new and also for using social media.
  26. KeyCats

    KeyCats New Member

    Way too much probably but now of days most of your connections and news is through a digital format. I probably spend 4 to 6 hours a day online including doing work. I love being outdoors and in nature so it's hard to mix the two. Sometimes I don't enjoy being stuck staring at a screen all day, so I just not only need to rest my eyes and brain but to help my soul feel better. I love being able to get knowledge and stay up on the news online but it is great to just disconnect sometimes.
  27. Constanza

    Constanza New Member

    I spend around 7 hours on the internet every day, at least in winter. I don't like to be looking at a screen all day, but most of the time I don't have anything else to do, and I can't go out too much either because in my country it's winter and the weather does not help me. I try to do something else whenever I can, but most of the time I end up on the internet.
  28. dexy122

    dexy122 New Member

    I wake up, make myself some coffee, turn on the PC, and I'm online. I'm a freelancer so I don't work all the time. I read the news, watch some videos for fun, check what my friends are doing on Facebook, work when I have work. And I do that throughout the whole day until I go to sleep. I make pauses and go check out what my dog is doing, walk outside a bit, but I'm always close to the PC and basically online at all times. I don't use the internet on phones, though, I don't like that. And, of course, I look to hang out more with my friends during the weekend and go offline a bit. To answer your question then, basically my whole day, 12+ hours.
  29. Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson New Member

    As for me the amount of time I spend online varies depending on the task that needs to be accomplished. Sometimes, I spend hours searching for vital information that are relevant to the task at hand. In some cases, I spend a lot of time downloading videos, music or ebooks. But on the average I spend 4 hours online daily.
  30. Realest

    Realest New Member

    The amount of time I spend on the internet depends on how free I am. When I was still in school, I usually spent about 3-5 hours each day. I only spent more if I have a very demanding assignment that requires me to search different sources online. But now that I have graduated from school, I spend almost every hour on the internet doing freelance jobs or just gaming. I can't imagine how life would have been without internet.
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