How much time should I spend on the internet per day?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by paypaliulianradu, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. paypaliulianradu

    paypaliulianradu New Member

    It seems that i spend many hours (some days all day long) on the internet and i
    really want to reduce that.
    For serious reasons i can't quit completely. So how many hours do you consider ''healthy'' to spend someone on the internet?
    Also do you think it is better to spend all these hours together or separately?
  2. Lovebird2

    Lovebird2 Member

    It's look like similar thread has already been started, well the truth of the matter is that the time you spend online all depend on the type of job and nature of activity you want to carriedout online.

    For blogger and someone that have work to do online then you must be ready to finished your work before you logout I spend about 5hours this days online.
  3. Dijwar

    Dijwar Member

    psychologist says if you are spent more than 5 hours on the Internet You are an addict.

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