how much time you spend on internet?

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how much time you spend on internet?

  1. 2 hours a day

  2. 4 hours a day

  3. 8 hours a day

  4. above 10 hours a day

  1. mrkylece23

    mrkylece23 New Member

    I spend a good amount of time on the computer why? Because its filled with so much information ! you can simply google search anything and you can find something exactly to what you searched or relative to what you searched. Ive learned so much from investing my time into research on the internet, but you need to be careful! You need to find resourceful links that arent fake! There are alot of fake websites and fake truths or conspiracies on the internet! Dont believe everything you read ..
  2. Alicia36

    Alicia36 Member

    I usually spend about six to eight hours a day on the Internet I'm trying to cut down on my internet time. But I use it to look for extra work on line.
  3. jnee

    jnee New Member

    It all depends on how many hours I'm at work each day, but generally I'm on the internet about six hours per day. Yikes!
  4. Alicia36

    Alicia36 Member

    I'm trying to cut back on my time on the internet
  5. jnee

    jnee New Member

    I'm trying to cut back on the time I spend on my computer each day too! It's hard and to be honest I never end up cutting back too much, with my work involving being on the internet and computer, and then having a lot of my hobbies being online too. Since the weather is nice right now, it has made it a lot easier to cut back though.
  6. Alicia36

    Alicia36 Member

    I know it is really hard to cut back I always say I'm gonna try and cut back but I never seem to be able to do it.
  7. Tajudeen Idowu

    Tajudeen Idowu New Member

    I do spend 4 or more time on internet depending on what activities am doing.
  8. frankie098

    frankie098 New Member

    I spend a lot of time on the internet. Possibly more time than is good for me. I spend about eight hours a day.
  9. Selvie

    Selvie New Member

    Too much time according to my mom who is right this minute nagging me to close my laptop and go eat lunch. lol. :laugh: I spend at least 6 hours a day. My laptop over heats so I have to put it off to let it cool down frequently. I am building a business online, so I have to spend a lot of time online adding content and reviews to my website.
  10. Eashow10

    Eashow10 New Member

    I easily spend over 10 hours a day online. I work as a Freelance SEO expert. Most of the time I spend on my laptop, I still prefer it to the newer technology, but on occasion will use my phone or tablet to work or surf the internet. As a Mom I am always looking for new ideas and activities to play with my daughter.
  11. araysieyy

    araysieyy New Member

    I admit that I have an unhealthy lifestyle, because I spent more than 10 hours, unless I was asleep, in the internet just repeatedly browsing feeds and updates on facebook, twitter and youtube and looking for new series or movies to watch in asian dramas streaming sites. I lack some exercise, my only exercise is just going to bathroom or kitchen and that's it. Especially my only class in a week is just a day, so most of the time, I'm just staying at home and spending my time in the internet. Sometimes, I meet my friends to hang out and catch up.
  12. zane097

    zane097 New Member

    Yes, I spend more than 10 hours on the internet but that's not straight to finish. I look at the internet to check emails, important updates, or if I have something to know about from time to time. So it usually takes me 2 hours on the internet then rest for awhile. If I come up with something to do, I try to search the internet to know what people have to say about the topic. I love reading about discussions and arguments about the current issues of the world. Just be practically moderate on the things you do on the internet. Think more about being productive rather than stuck in one place.
  13. wilfredorv31

    wilfredorv31 New Member

    Hello, personally, because I work full time, I can not spend as much time on the internet as I would like to do it, so from Monday to Friday I spend approximately 5 hours a day and on weekends approximately 10 additional hours, the largest part of this time is for the purpose of generating additional income to cover some important family expenses (online jobs).
    Within that same time I attend some personal matters such as banking transactions, communication with relatives, exchange of academic information, and researchs, among other things.
    All this I comment to you, because I consider that symbolically the hours we dedicate to the internet do not mean the same for everyone, although each of them have the same 60 minutes. That is, it is about the quality of that time that we use, for some it could represent junk time, idle time and for many others, as it is in my case, it could represent a significantly valuable and scarce time.
  14. alan.e.o

    alan.e.o New Member

    Most of my day is spent on the internet. Between email, Youtube, online work, streaming music, eBooks, etc., I probably spend about 10-12 hours online.
  15. huangxinan

    huangxinan New Member

    I am spending 8 hours a day in the internet. It seems that internet today for me is life. It seems that I can't live my life without it. I feel good when I am able to use it.

    I like internet very much. It has helped me in my work. I use it in making research. I can download whatever information I wanted to have. Internet is good if used in a good and proper way.
  16. nearxxfar

    nearxxfar Member

    I basically spend more than half of a day using internet and going through my social media. I cannot hide the fact that I am a internet dependent person that I tend to use my time just going through the net.
  17. vjrafa

    vjrafa New Member

    Internet is like breathing to me. After waking up, until going to sleep, Internet is on...
  18. Jahdy

    Jahdy New Member

    I spent more than 10 hours a day. Every minute I'm online. I always have ways to open my accounts even I'm in office (its our secret ok? hahaha)
  19. beermoneyhunter

    beermoneyhunter New Member

    I generally invest a large portion of my time on the onternet about 8-12 hours sometimes even more. Consistently. What's more, I just late to understood that I am not by any stretch of being productive this time. Such a large number of diversion focuses all over the place. In any case, since I require the Internet for work I can't simply leave this marvelous condition. So I've chosen to completely go take a rest for quite a while consistently and I can tell that it was great thought. I turned out to be considerably more beneficial and now I possess more energy for things that extremely matter.
  20. leslie0706

    leslie0706 New Member

    Unfortunately, yes I spend more or less 8 hours a day on the internet. Reality sucks but that's the way it is. At work, during free time I browse the net to look for interesting ideas what to teach. When I got home, I check my social media account to see if someone message me and that will take up to an hour or more without even changing my clothes yet. I surf from site to site. Looking for motivational quotes, travel essentials, work abroad and how to have a healthy lifestyle.
  21. Christopher19est

    Christopher19est New Member

    Sometimes i awake 24 hours just to some watching a series movies,playing games, looking for a new music to listen.
  22. virtualjsb

    virtualjsb New Member

    I use it all the time. Here at home, once I open my laptop i am automatically connected to internet. When I open my TV it is also connected to the net. I never turn off my cellphone which is always on standby receiving emails, phone calls and video calls. So I can say that I am 24 hours a day connected to the web.
  23. jacknario

    jacknario New Member

    I spend 8-12 hours in internet. I use internet in my office, as an administrative assistant I need to be online all the time. My boss mostly gives instructions thru emails or facebook, and I am also using Google drive to be able to continue or update my work wherever I am. By using Google drive my boss will be able to check and provides comment immediately to my work.

    I am also the social media manager of the Facebook page of our department, from time to time I answers inquiries of students and other interested parties in our program. I am also using Facebook to contact students, because most of the people now are more easier to contact in Facebook than emails.

    And when I get home, I need to be online again to do my part time job which is answering on line surveys. I am also using internet in my online business for beauty products.

    In terms of parenting, I am also using internet to research parenting style to be able to become at least a good mother despite of being a very busy schedule.

    Thanks to internet.
  24. tintvmint

    tintvmint New Member

    I spend 8 hours and more in the internet. Because it has a lot of information you can found out. It also include watching your favorite movie, news and a lot more. It is very useful specially when you want to research something. Actually, i have much more time in the internet rather than watching a television.
    For me as an adult it is okay to spend much time in the internet because i can managed my time while doing some household chores. Unlike, the teenager they spend more time rather than studying and doing some homework now a days.
  25. dianna099

    dianna099 New Member

    i spend everytime on internet.

    SUDANKC New Member

    I cannot remain with out internet when i am free. Even when i am at job, Facebook Messenger and other notification won't keep me apart from the internet. So, sometime i am engaged with it almost half a day!
  27. EffectSix

    EffectSix New Member

    Easily, I spend over 10 hours; as a student, I'm expected to be online all the time in order to complete assignments.
  28. anjabakker

    anjabakker New Member

    About 4 hours a day, researching for my next trips, finding people to connect with and then there's the time spend on social media which seems an ongoing thing rather than a sit down time... making sure to connect, comment and keep alive the profile I've build.
  29. Angelene

    Angelene New Member

    Spending time on the Internet is depending on how much Time I am using my Computer or Phone, Internet is what I am always using when I open my Device, Usually it takes me 8 hours minimum using the Internet or maybe more depending on what I must do in a day..
  30. riza1210

    riza1210 New Member

    Since we have free wifi in our office, I spend the whole day using internet. i always checking my messenger and facebook time to time even in my working hours by shifting my pages in desktop haha lols. I love reading news and discussions about investments and wealth. In my break time I watch videos in youtube like funny videos to relief from stress at work.

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