How much water do you drink everday

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  1. Marshy707

    Marshy707 New Member

    64 to 100 oz of water a day for me. It makes a huge difference in how I feel and look.. Water is essential to life and the average person does not get nearly enough.
  2. creaturecation

    creaturecation New Member

    I try drinking half my body weight in ounces. I use an app to remind me throughout the day to drink and I record how much I've drank that day in the app too.
  3. edz26

    edz26 Member

    8 to 10 glasses a day, I start my day with two glasses of water and I end up my day with another 2 glasses o water I go to bed and I drink more water every time I feel thirsty instead of juices or carbonated drinks.
  4. rebeccaverdad

    rebeccaverdad Member

    I drink 6-8 glass of water per day. But when summer just like now I think I drink more than 10 glass of water per day. Because its summer our sweat glands are more active so we have replace the water lost. We can also eat some tropical summer fruits like watermelon, melon or turnip (singkamas) to ease the heat.
  5. waynetrac

    waynetrac New Member

    You can't really go wrong with drinking water. It is quite healthy to drink a few liters of water a day. A good rule of thumb for me is drink 250 - 500 ml every hour that I'm awake to ensure that I use the washroom once an hour. Of course this is not necessary, but it is a really good indication that you are well hydrated. This also helps with my random cravings throughout the day. I believe that the only time drinking lots of water is bad for you is when ingesting liters of water all in one go.
  6. diomon87

    diomon87 New Member

    I recently started a keto diet, low carb/high fat, that really pushes copious amounts of water intake per day. Before I started this diet I would drink water when I was thirsty, now that the success of my diet hinges on my water intake I drink about 64 ounces per day. The mechanisms of the diet and the way my metabolism has changed has increased my water intake significantly.
  7. Water is life! The amount of water I drink actually depends on the activity that I made on that day, for example if I workout this day, I consume more water than I usually do, and the reason is that I need to replenish the liquid that has gone out of the body. I also drink more water lately due to the hot weather.

    I can really feel the benefits of drinking plenty of water and it feels good to get your body hydrated.
  8. aeriajel

    aeriajel New Member

    I drink 9-10 glasses of water a day and it's really good in the body.

    Before, drinking so much water keeps me vomit, I was feeling like drowning, so I just drank a little every day. But when I got an ailment, a Colon Cancer to be specific, I tried to drink more water for cleansing. I did water therapy and it's such a big help from my health.

    I studied Naturopathy, it's about naturals, natural remedies for me to have more knowledge, and I found out that drinking water is a big factor to be healthy. Drinking water or the water therapy makes the body hydrated. Other says, they just drink water when they feel thirsty, but it's a wrong way of thinking. Why? Because when you feel thirsty, it's a sign of dehydration. So, don't wait to be dehydrated before you drink water.

    There are also a proper way of drinking water. Some way is you drink water every 30minutes but I think you'll feel bloated if it's just a short interval of time. So I suggest, drink water with lemon every 1hour because it gives energy in the body. I did this also, and it really made me energetic. I don't feel weak even I did some heavy chores. And there are many researches about water with lemon can cure serious ailments.

    So, for me, if you really want to live longer, start it with drink plenty of water a day. Make sure that you drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to have a health life.
  9. Juan Mateo Rosario

    Juan Mateo Rosario New Member

    Water is very beneficial to everyone. In a day drink 8 or more glasses of water to make my body and brain always hydrated. Water can heal diseases, it can help you to lose weight, increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue, it fluhes out toxins to our body. It moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth. Gets rid of wrinkles. It’s the best anti-aging treatment around. Drinking plenty of water helps fight against flu, cancer and other ailments like heart attacks. It helps relieve and prevent headaches (migraines & back pains too!) which are commonly caused by dehydration. And THE BEST it can save you a lot of money. water is very cheap, anyone can afford it.
  10. abby002

    abby002 New Member

    Drinking water gives us a lot of benefit. It help us feel full and hydrated. One of the most effective way of losing weight. Water makes us beautiful, if we drink a lot of water our skin looks glowing and smooth. Start drinking 3-5 liters of water everyday. Health is wealth.
  11. Shasmile

    Shasmile New Member

    I'm poor at drinking water and I've discovered that my kids are taking after me. I have really read so much about the importance of drinking about 8 glasses of water daily but I've never been good at putting it into practice.

    The first time I tried carrying out the water therapy, my stomach ached and I stopped. I couldn't endure the early morning rumblings! I'm going to try drinking at least 5 glasses per day for a start. I think with time, I'll drink over the daily recommended 8 glasses of water.
  12. Ozella Decola

    Ozella Decola Member

    8-10 glasses a day for me
  13. roquedetera

    roquedetera New Member

    Actually i drink water to much .ithink more than 12 glass a day.because i am a dehidreted person.So my doctor recommend to me that i drink more water.
  14. i usually drink 10-13 glasses of water-just water alone coz its hot here in the Philippines (coz its summer). Do I make sense? haha
  15. JeetKuneDo

    JeetKuneDo New Member

    I usually drink Water 8 to 10 glasses a day. Consuming enough Water hydrates your Skin, diminishes the appearance of Wrinkles and it flushes Toxins out of your body and also regulates our Body Temperature.
  16. Cranel1309

    Cranel1309 New Member

    Base on my weight I need at least 1700ml of water but it is still healthy to drink upto 3000 ml of water and base on my experience it makes me less hungry and lighter. It may cause like 5 times in the toilet but it makes you feel good. And it makes you lose weight because it drinking of water helps you sweat more when you work out which is actually good to detoxify our bofye
  17. Latty_Eddy

    Latty_Eddy New Member

    Drinking water poses a bit of challenge for me. This is because I am always on the go...and water always makes me want to go lol. Whenever I drink water, it makes me want to pass urine very often. Though this is very good and beneficial to the body, it inconveniences me many times as I am always on the road, or in some meeting. It is very embarrassing when every 15 minutes you have to go to the restroom like a child, especially when the boss is in the meeting. This happens when drink the 6-8 glasses of water though. Whenever I drink and 2 to 4 glasses I am good. I only go to the bathroom maximum 4 times for the day or even less if I am eating something sweet or salty. This I don' t mind, even though it poses a health risk for me.
    What I try to do is, when I am at home, I drink the 6 to 8 glasses of water, sometimes even more, I can go up to 10 depending on how busy I am at home. This really works my excretory system, but I am at home so I don't mind.
  18. Gary Crowell

    Gary Crowell New Member

    I personally try to drink at least 8 glasses or 64 oz. of water minimum per day. I keep water with me throughout the day and that's all I drink. I don't drink sodas, coffee, juices, milk, etc. I am 54 years old and I am always told I don't look my age. Although part of that may be genetic, I attribute a portion of it to keeping myself hydrated and my system flushed of toxins and impurities by drinking plenty of filtered water every day.
  19. orozcojessamae

    orozcojessamae New Member

    Maintaining water balance is essential for your survival.
    For this reason, your body has a sophisticated system for regulating when and how much you drink.
    When your total water content goes below a certain level, thirst kicks in.
    This is controlled by mechanisms similar to breathing — you don’t need to consciously think about it.
    For the majority of people, there probably isn’t any need to worry about water intake. The thirst instinct is very reliable.
    There really is no science behind the 8×8 rule. It is completely arbitrary.
    That said, certain circumstances may call for increased water intake.
    The most important one may be during times of increased sweating. This includes exercise and hot weather, especially in a dry climate.
    If you’re sweating a lot, make sure to replenish the lost fluid with water. Athletes doing very long, intense exercises may also need to replenish electrolytes along with water.
    Your water need also increases during breastfeeding, as well as several disease states like vomiting and diarrhea.
    Furthermore, older people may need to consciously watch their water intake because the thirst mechanisms can start to malfunction in old age.
  20. Derrick-5Obx

    Derrick-5Obx New Member

    Fluid Facts for Kids
    Although plain drinking water is a clear choice for
    proper hydration, it’s not the only choice. The water
    in other beverages such as milk, juice, sports drinks
    and soft drinks—and even in foods, such as yogurt
    and ice cream and caffeinated beverages like coffee
    and tea—contribute to the body’s water needs the
    same way plain water does.
    Your children’s daily water needs will vary
    depending on their age, gender, physical activity
    level, the temperature outside, and their health,
    including whether they have a temperature on a
    given day. Generally, healthy kids who aren’t
    involved in rigorous physical activity or sports get
    enough water by drinking when they’re thirsty and
    eating a balanced diet.
    Check out the nutrition chart below for guidelines on
    adequate daily water intake for kids from beverages
    and foods. Then, tap into the tips below to help your
    kids drink up for good health.
    • Keep fluids flowing. Offer smaller amounts of
    beverages throughout the day, rather than large
    amounts at one time. This keeps kids hydrated,
    but not so full from fluids that they’re not
    hungry at mealtime. Be mindful of the types of
    beverages you choose. Beverages with added
    sugars and calories, but few other nutrients,
    should be occasional choices.
    • Make fluids fun. For littler kids, serve
    beverages in colorful glasses and use crazy-
    shaped loopy straws.
    • Let kids pick their own water bottle. They’ll
    be more excited to carry beverages to school,
    sports and other activities. Tip: To keep
    beverages chilled, freeze half the fluid in the
    bottle overnight and then top off the bottle in the
    • Use caution when it’s hot outside, especially
    for active kids. In high temperatures, kids don’t
    sweat as much as adults do, so it’s harder for
    them to cool off. This makes them more at risk
    for dehydration and heat exhaustion. When it’s
    hot out and kids are playing sports—or even just
    actively playing—head off problems by making
    sure they drink fluids before, during and after
    activity. As a guideline, encourage at least 4
    ounces of fluid every 15-20 minutes, or
    whenever there’s a break or time-out. Tip: One
    ounce equals about one "gulp.
    Use caution when it’s cold, too. Kids who play
    winter sports or play actively outside in cold, dry
    environments may sweat more too, especially
    when wearing lots of layers or protective gear.
    So, follow the same fluid guidelines as for hot
    • Slip in watery foods. Serve soups and juicy
    fruits and veggies like cherry tomatoes,
    cucumber slices, lettuce, watermelon, oranges,
    grapes, peaches and strawberries. Can also add
    lemon, lime or orange slices to water to flavor
    them naturally.
  21. maemandapat

    maemandapat New Member

    It's a must for me to drink at least 2L of water everyday.. I drink 2 glasses of water in the morning and always bring a water bottle with me. I read an article months ago about a girl who drinks very little amount of water and it almost killed her and now I understand how important water is. Before I knew about it, I am prone to headaches and always sleepy,, drinking plenty of water helped me to be active throughout the day. Water does some wonders. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day isn't a myth. Do it for your own good.
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  22. jonniel123

    jonniel123 Member

    Our body compose 70% of water and our brain is compose 95% of water. The question is how much cup of water should drink in a day. You need to drink water 8 cups everyday because our body needs that every hour or every minute our body out some of liquid such as sweat so we need to return it by drinking water
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  23. kakarot_72

    kakarot_72 Member

    I can drink as much as i can. Water serves as a nutrient in our body.
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  24. mfc_25

    mfc_25 New Member

    We all have heard that an average person needs to consume eight glasses of 8 ounces of water per day. But did you know that deciding how much water should a person drink per day is more complicated than this eight glasses rule.

    An individual's gender, weight, activity, and health status all plays an important role in determining how much water the person should consume.

    Girls and boys ages 4-8 years old should drink five cups of water per day.
    Girls and boys ages 9-13 years old should drink seven to eight of water cups per day.

    Girls and boys ages 14-18 years old should consume eight to eleven cups of water per day.

    Men ages 19 years old and above should consume thirteen cups of water per day.
    Women ages 19 years old and above should consume nine cups of water per day.

    As I have said health status and activities also affect the amount of water an individual should consume. It is advised for pregnant women to consume at least 10 cups of water and if a woman is breast feeding she should aim for 13 cups of water per day. Also people who live in tropical countries or experiencing hot weather and those who work out often are advised to drink more than the daily requirement stated above to avoid dehydration.

    You can read more about this topic and more about how water affects our health on this website:

    Meanwhile, here is a video done by BuzzFeed where they challenged some of their employees to drink water for 30 days:
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  25. renba27

    renba27 Member

    I cannot actually estimate the water I'm drinking everday because when i feel that i need it i always deinking the amount that will satisfy me. It's a good estimate because our body say it so because our body knew how water it need a day.
  26. dennyserbia

    dennyserbia New Member

    Very little. This is a mistake for sure, everybody know that water helps our organisms to clean up, but as it doesn't have a specific taste it is not so interesting. I usually drink it after a meal or when it is very hot, in other situations I prefer juices.
  27. ljas

    ljas New Member

    Drink and drink lots of water! it is the best intervetion for good health. Also water keep us hydrated thus making our skin glow. Also, it help us to be look and feel young. Why not drink lots of water?...
  28. Vacko

    Vacko New Member

    I would say i drink about 3-3.5 L. every single day. I start of my day by drinking 0.5 the same moment i wake up, even before brushing my teeth and taking a shower. Rest of the water i drink truout a day.
  29. JoyRam

    JoyRam New Member

    As per my wellness coach, I need to drink 4 liters of water a day based on the weight that I have right now to be able to achieve my target weight. I started to drink 4 liters of water and I add 4 cap full of Apple Cider Vinegar per 1 liter to loss weight.

    To computer how much liters of water you need in a day:
    Multiply your current weight (in kilos) to .07 (70% of water in our body)
    Ex: 54 X 0.07 = 3.78 or approx. 4 liters of water in a day

    We really need to understand that water is critical to life. 1% dehydration causes the feeling of thirst, at 3% muscles drop in strength and endurance, at 10-12% there’s heat intolerance and extreme weakness and at 20% dehydration, it may result to STRESS.

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  30. laurenator

    laurenator New Member

    I used to be AWFUL at regularly consuming water. Sometimes I would go all day only taking a tiny sip of water. Safe to say, I wasn't the healthiest person back then. One of my 2019 goals is to drink 1 litre of water per day. I have a 1 litre Fuji bottle (the packaging is pretty, okay) that I fill up every day. It's the perfect size to carry around the house when I'm doing my schoolwork. I have a wooden-looking metal water bottle that is 750 ml that is currently sitting in a box... Drinking from something cold and metal has a weird effect on me and I dislike it. Get a quality water bottle that you LOVE!

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