How much water do you drink everday

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  1. SreekuttySudhi

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    It is better to drink water not less than 2 liters every day. Because as a universal solvent, water has many roles in our body. Some of them are:
    a) Water can act as a buffer that can maintain the osmolarity and pH of the blood.
    b) Water is the base for all metabolic reactions. So it is important for the proper distribution of nutrients all over the body.
    c) Drinking plenty of water can reduce the risk of kidney diseases. Because it can facilitate proper filtration of waste from the blood.
    d) Drinking plenty of water can decrease fatigue.
    e) Drinking more water can reduce the dehydration of the body.
    f) Water can detoxify the blood to some extent.
  2. Drink water everyday at least 8 glasses a day to avoid dehydration. Water also can prevent urinary track infections.
  3. laizajavier

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    I follow that advice myself. One item I could not live without, in fact, is my water bottle. To make sure I have one with me at all times, I own several. I keep one each in my car, purse, and backpack, so pretty much everywhere I go, I have a water bottle on hand. I also keep a reusable cup with a lid and straw next to me all day long, so I can easily sip throughout the day.Water acts as a building block, a solvent for chemical reactions, and a transport material for nutrients and waste.Water also helps maintain blood volume and allows proper circulation, helps regulate our body temperature, and acts as a shock absorber for our joints and our brain. There are still more health benefits of water: It helps lubricate the linings of our inner organs and maintains healthy kidney function.
  4. yhanmar08

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    Water is the most important liquid that our body need. Thats why i drink a lot not only 8 glasses a day but maybe 12 or 15 i don't know. i also infuse it it garlic or lemon so it be me more healthier. Water take away all the toxins in our body and it also keeps our blood flow easily. When your rating junkfoods or other bad foods it is important to drink a lot of water.
  5. RaffyXsammy018

    RaffyXsammy018 New Member

    Hello readers, I would like to share the informations that I heard from a gym coach. The preferable water in take everyday is half of our body weight so for example I weigh 137 pounds divided by 2 is 68.5 pounds when we convert is to liters it is 31.07 liters. So that is my preferable water in take per day. You can calculate yours too using the converter online.
  6. HanniBanni

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    If you follow these drinking water rules make sure you have made a serious change in your life. If you only go to the bathroom several times throughout the day, or have stomach aches and puffiness after lunch, chances are that you will be drinking water in the wrong way. With small changes you achieve great results:

    1. Before lifting the glass and drinking water, first sit down as you sit during a meal.

    2. No matter how thirsty, sip a sip, not a whole glass of water at once. Sip water, take a sip, then sip water again and you will immediately see the difference.

    3. Drink regular water throughout the day. If you drink a large amount of water at once, the water only passes through you and your body does not absorb it.

    4. Forget about water from the fridge. The water temperature should be close to the room temperature, otherwise you will damage the digestive system.

    5. After a meal, drink just a few sips of water. Too much water disrupts your body's digestion. The rule is this: 50% gastric food, 25% water and 25% emptying so your digestive system can digest food properly.

    6. For the same reason, do not drink too much water before your meal.

    7. Drink water whenever you are thirsty. Thirst should not be neglected, it is a sign that your body needs hydration.

    8. Regarding the amount you should drink the basic rule states that eight glasses of water are needed per day. But keep in mind that every person is different and every organism is different. Therefore it is best to drink when you are thirsty and to discover your own measure.
  7. AngKool27

    AngKool27 Member

    2 Liters, and Im feeling good,...
  8. rextrip

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    It is a true saying that one should at least drink water not less than 2 liters every day. Because as a universal solvent, water does a lot of good things in the body. Still in my own Case I don't even border about the amount of my water intake of which I know could even be far less than 2 litres per day. Actually I know this is not very good for me. But the thing is, I just don't like taking much water.
  9. IreneJay

    IreneJay New Member

    8 glasses of water is the required of your body need everyday. Water is important to nearly every part of your body. Not only will hitting your daily recommended intake help you maintain your current state of being, it may even improve your overall health.
  10. kendrickal

    kendrickal New Member

    I see to it that I drink at least 3 liters of water a day since I believe that drinking lots of water brings a lot of health benefits. However, it still depends on the person's size and his/her daily activities.
  11. tessa602

    tessa602 New Member

    Drinking sufficient amount of water will definitely bring good effects to our health. I have grown up knowing that drinking 8 glasses of water everyday is already ideal. But as i age, I guess taking more is a lot beneficial. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I drink 2 glasses of warm water. According to studies, doing it regularly will help resolve some health problems. The entire day, I usually have with me a tumbler containing 750 ml to 1 liter of water so I can drink anytime I want to even without waiting for me to get thirsty. All in all, I consume about 3 liters of water daily. Believe me, prior to doing this, my immune system was way too low. I was also diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Thank God and thanks to clean water, I am over it now!
  12. selectra

    selectra Member

    When i stay at home i can drink up to 2 liters of water a day, but when i go out, i find it hard to keep drinking so i will drink like 3 glasses of water a day.
  13. RosaLeite

    RosaLeite New Member

    Water is life for me. I drink 6-7 liters a day. I barely drink soda or anything else but water. The only bad thing about drinking a lot of water is the number of times you go to the bathroom, but other than that, Its the best habit you could have.
  14. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    i drink 1-2 litters a day.water is one important things that our body help to clean our if you eat a lot of salty food you must a lot of water to prevent kidney disease in the future.right now i dont drink cola or can juices i only drink water.
  15. Ayhie

    Ayhie Member

    Water is Life. Our body is made up of 60% water. That's why we need to drink 8 glasses of water everyday. There's a lot of benefits in drinking water, it aid indigestion, help you slim down, it fights wrinkles so you look younger, no more kidney stones and makes you dehydrated all day and more. You can also add lemon to your water for flavoring its healthy.
  16. earnheartashley7

    earnheartashley7 New Member

    I drink at least 6 giant bottles of water a day. I basically just keep a bottle in front of me at all times, to encourage myself to drink water, even when I'm drinking my coffee. Drinking more water has done wonders for my skin.
  17. bayinnah12

    bayinnah12 New Member

    I drink tea all day. No water except whats in the tea. Water is so very bland. Tea is the drink of the gods. Herbals, greens, blacks, whites, rooibos, jasmine, darjeeling; the aroma feels the air so sweetly and refreshes warm as the sun the mind, body and spirit.
  18. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Water is essential for health without water your body system seems to be dry, so you need water to keep your body hydrated ,I drink about 4litres of water daily as instructed by doctor.

    Water help clean your bowel and help you digest some of the remain food particle ,so drinking alot of water mostly in the morning is very good.
  19. Vishnukollam

    Vishnukollam New Member

    There are several openions based on this topic.In my view we should drink at least 2 litters of water everyday.Water is an essential content to keep our body well hydrated.All the cells and organs uses water to maintain all their functions. It also regulates the body temperature.Our body loses water in many ways so we need to rehydrate it.So water plays an important role in the smooth functioning of our body
  20. cfulton33

    cfulton33 New Member

    I have not been drinking enough water lately. I have been drinking about 20 oz and that is with concentrated effort! I make it to that number by drinking sparkling water, as it tastes better to me. I used to drink over 70 oz and I hope to get back to that number. I have noticed that being in a routine helps me drink more water.
  21. donald78

    donald78 Member

    There are many different opinions on how much water you should be drinking every day. The body is about 60% of water, give or take. You are constantly losing water from your body, primarily via urine and sweat. To prevent dehydration, you need to drink an adequate amounts of water. As with most things, this depends on the individual. Many factors ultimately affect your need for water.
  22. mnabid

    mnabid New Member

    Because 60% of the human body is water, we need to drink water at least 2 litter/day, which has indispensable benefits for health. If you are practicing some sort of sport, trying to gain muscle or loose weight, so water is even more important for you, especially if you are doing keto diet, you need to drink at least 4 litter/day.
  23. knleeeeee

    knleeeeee Member

    For me I drink about 1 liter of water because its the amount suggested by my doctor that suits my body built. It is not really needed to drink 8 glasses of water everyday because we have different body built which means we have different amount of water we need to drink everyday.
  24. jamesrea

    jamesrea New Member

    I'm a water lover. The moment I ate something, I will drink water immediately. Approximately more than 8 hours of glasses a day I consumed. Water is life. Drink more water for a happy life. Stop buying flavored or colored drinks it is costly and can cause fat. Even when I'm not doing anything I drink a lot of water. The climate here in my country is a factor. It is kinda sunny weather and water is essential.
  25. yoshibear

    yoshibear Member

    In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day.” For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water a day.
  26. Majorphoto

    Majorphoto Member

    Basically water is life. It's ensures the continuous survival of most life forms especially humans. You can do without food for a while, but certainly not water. So make it an habit of drinking considerable amount of water a day, and you will be happy you did so.
  27. Biisting

    Biisting Member

    approximately 10 classes depending on the activities that i do
  28. choii0422

    choii0422 Member

    I think 3 liters a day.
  29. wifientertainer

    wifientertainer New Member

    As we know human body contains 70% water and we have to maintain that percentage. We have to drink at least 3 ltr water in a day. It helps to make your skin glow and fresh. The digestive system depends on it and It flushes body waste. it helps to lubricates the knee joints.
    But i see everyone forget to drink that much water here is the solution of that you have to change your water bottle to glass bottle.
  30. Beerlover

    Beerlover Member

    How much water is in 118 beers? Figure that out, and that is my answer.

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