How music affects you?

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How music affects you?

  1. how music affects your life?

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  3. yes it affects me

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  1. bellezy17

    bellezy17 New Member

    How does Music affects your life?
  2. jenfrancisco26

    jenfrancisco26 New Member

    Music really affects me most especially my mood. Whenever I feel gloomy I listen to a rock music to cheer myself up. Whenever I loose hope I listen to worship songs. It is just a matter of how you see things in life, on how you are going to deal with yourself and I could say that music really plays a good role in my life. I hope that song writers will continue to write new songs not just to express themselves but also to inspire others.
  3. ruxxy18

    ruxxy18 New Member

    Music has really a big impact in everyone's life when it fits in our current mood. Like me, it really affects me whenever I listen into it when I am lonely, it can make me cry. Although it made me cry, I thank music that the pain went out. Not just that, every time I am lonely, I listen to jolly musics and it really helps me in changing mood. I'm really into music since I was little. I usually doing this every time I am scolded by my mother. Now that I am an adult, I usually listen into it when I get broken or whenever I have trouble in school, work, and in my friends.

    I hope you guys will do the same too because it can also prevent depression I swear.
  4. miki.rzc

    miki.rzc New Member

    Music has been part of everyone's life. It affects us in may different ways, through our emotions and moods. For me, it gives life to a boring day. It changes my mood depending on the genre and depending on the message and lyrics of the song that I listen to. Sometimes it makes me happy and sometimes it makes me feel sad, sometimes it gives me a nostalgic feeling whenever I hear a certain music and it brings back my memories whether it's good or bad. Music connects people, it brings us together and enjoying the vibe it gives us. Music inspires us through it's message, it sometimes makes us feel as if it was talking to us. Music to me is everything, so without music life is boring.
  5. precym143

    precym143 New Member

    Music exerts such a powerful influence. Your choice of music is more than just a window into your mind and heart revealing facets of the inner person. It can influence your mind and heart. Music can take you back in time. Music can improve your mood.Music can create a powerful bond of unity. Music can help you cultivate valuable qualities.
  6. Enzio

    Enzio New Member

    Music affects me so much, Music is life. I can't imagine my life without music, music brings me happiness and sadness and everything!In times of trouble, when I am down, when I am alone music made me calm, Music reminds me that life is beautiful, that it is not yet the end of everything! Music is my soulmate, you can cry, you can smile through music, you can express everything what is in you heart and mind!
  7. JAnnBowers

    JAnnBowers New Member

    Music is my go-to place when I have lost my creativity and am facing some sort of battle in my life. The beats ease the anxiety but they lyrics is what I love because they release the pain and anguish I may be feeling. I know my music so well that when I am in the need I know exactly what song I am needing to hear, and usually, it is by Def Leppard. Joe and the guys inspire me so much to write and to continue to face my many challenges. There are times when I explore others and their music, I love it all.
  8. I can't imagine my life without my playlist. Music had done so much for me, it helps me whenever i am getting a hard time sleeping. Music also feeds my soul and gives positive reflection to me.My music playlist feeds my subconscious mind with good messages. Sometimes motivational songs somehow motivates me on some aspect of my life.
  9. hgenoso

    hgenoso Member

    Tbh it affects my mood greatly and helps me cope to whatever im feeling whether at that day i wanna be sad or grungy. I could also be happy and very hyper it makes us feel and gives enjoyment.
  10. kalewetebenjo

    kalewetebenjo New Member

    Music affects me and we know that it is part in our society today. According to research music stimulates emotions through specific brain circuits. Listening to music can create peak emotions, I always listen to different kind of music when I'm happy or sad it helps me to change my mood. Without music life will be boring and colorless, Music is life and life is music.
  11. Music affects my life a lot depending on the genre that I will listen to. There is a rock, pop, r&b, hip hop and a lot of type of music. But the music that affects my life most is the worshiping music or sounds.

    In the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 25:12, the Lord said: 12 "For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads."

    A song or a music of a person coming from the bottom of their heart are essential to Him. It is a prayer to Him that if we will choose a good music, doesn't have a bad words on the lyrics and no yelling at the song, It's like we are worshiping Him.

    We can choose whatever music what we will listen to. But make sure that the lyrics are good to hear because sometimes nowadays most of the songs are not good to here. Choose wisely because the music that we will listen might affect or describe what kind of person we are.
  12. markrcm09

    markrcm09 New Member

    Music affects me in different can either make my mood good or even make me feel like im the loneliest person in the world. Music really brings an experience where you will be driven to a mood or a situation that the music wants you to feel. Listening to music is a good pastime and a productive one for it can relieve stress but it also practives your brain to think and to feel.
  13. BleuSkye

    BleuSkye New Member

    Music really affects me lot whenever Im not in a good mood and if ever I hear music it really change my mood into a nice one. It also relieve stress. And music can help our imagination activate, especially christian song their are music also that irritates me like linken park or any rock songs that makes my ear drum broke. Above all I love music it plays a big role in my life.
  14. jay_l31

    jay_l31 New Member

    I could not imagine living without music. Music for me is life. It sets my mood for the day. There I times I cannot convey my thoughts and emotion too someone so I sing but I am not a singer to be honest, and I don't have a good voice. It's just that every song conveys different emotions. And it's true right? We cannot hear wedding songs in a wake, because if it's happen, it would disturbed the mood of the people. So listening to music really helps me set my mood in every day life. Music is a means of communication for me as well. One example I can give is during our annual family gatherings. I'll be able to meet my nephews and niece who I never saw for a year or months. It's really hard to get close to them however if I start singing children songs that they know about, they started to sing with me. And they started seeing me as a good uncle. These are just few of the instances that music really affects my life.
  15. Madoblas

    Madoblas New Member

    Music is a part of my life. It gives me hope in love it ease my pain and it gives sunshine to my life. Especially when it hits my favorite song I stand up and dance sing along with the music turning my head upside-down. Music is a stress reliever.
  16. John Rey Esplana

    John Rey Esplana New Member

    Yes especially when i really felt being down. The melody , the harmony and lyrics of the song that comes out, i just can't resist and help myself. It's just driving me crazy.
  17. mdayrit

    mdayrit New Member

    I cannot think of a person who doesn't appreciate music. We may vary in the taste of genre or era of music that we listened to but we all enjoy it. Thinking about what music can do in our lives, I can say that in a way it affects my moods or feelings.

    It heightens my feelings in certain situations. For instance, whenever I feel sad and I hear music that is sad, it adds up to the feeling and can make me feel more depress.

    Music can also affect my energy. Whenever I feel bored or sleepy, listening to lively music can help lift me up. It can lessen the boredom and sleepiness if not totally remove it.

    It helps in contribute to keeping my self in good health. Unlike food that can directly help in keeping you healthy, I think music indirectly helps me to be in good health. This is because by listening to a happy and lively music can somehow help me stay positive. And by keeping that positive outlook in life, it lessens the stress and in return can lessen the risk of getting sick.
  18. tatz1120

    tatz1120 Member

    Music is my life, like when I'm down. It is like my bestfriend. It comforts me. Every time I listen to music it gives me hope and energy.
  19. akp555

    akp555 New Member

    Music definitely affects me and has a huge impact on my mood. Music in general is very important to me, too, and there are a lot of songs that bring me back to certain points or events in my life.
  20. RoelMartin27

    RoelMartin27 New Member

    Music is one of the greatest creation that the world offered. It made our lives more meaningful and inspiring as we continue our journey in life. The music enters our soul to deepen our emotions and feelings where the melody keeps on stimulating our body to experience satisfaction. Every time I heard music, it change my mood depending on the music played.

    It really affects me during time when I am in down and sadness. Music helps me to burst my emotions of hatred and regrets. It has the power to move and motivates you to pursue your goals and ambitions as you listen to music which entails about journey in life. It has more to offer and has a lot of variety. Without music life would be miserable as it gives color to one's life.
  21. AdrianClark

    AdrianClark New Member

    Music affects me personally big time. It is an escape from all the negativity. I listen to music when I'm happy or when I'm sad. It also boosts my mood especially when I listen to up tempo hip hop type of music. I'm also a fun of the history of music, I have a list of songs from each decade from the 1960's era until this new school era of music. I also produce beats myself and post it to Soundcloud. I can't imagine my life without music.
  22. flapdoodle_02

    flapdoodle_02 New Member

    I think music is a part of this life. when we are born, it is there. it already exist! just like air, we need it to breathe, so it exist before you were even born. You just can't imagine life without music. even a movie without music will be very, very not a movie at all.
  23. AbarquezSofia

    AbarquezSofia Member

    Music is the best for me, it will help me to my mood. Music is the best comforting, when you listened you will realize that you're feeling good.
  24. Mixki1

    Mixki1 New Member

    Music affects me tremendously! It can change my stance, my mood, my entire outlook. Music can be my communication to the world when talking just won't do.
    An exceptional soprano solo always brings me to tears of joy, gratitude and pleasure.
    Hip hop helps me organize my daily life with mnemonic devices to aid my memory.
    The right rock song can get me so pumped and charged, that I feel like I can take on the world.
    The right folk music can soothe and calm me or make me contemplative and introspective. So can the right soul music.
    R'n'B is often used for this, or sexy times or dancing, it depends on the song.
    Whereas pop music is a cheap shoot. Because it can be anyone of these genres or not and the response from me can run the gammet. So that's how music can affect me.
  25. kj123

    kj123 New Member

    Music affects me so much. It help me to enhance my moods. When ever I'm stress in life because of work , I turn to music. I listened to my favorite band "Eraser Heads" . it bring back time. It bring back happy memories that I'm cherished.
    There is a "connection" , for some reason you can actually relates to the lyrics. Thing that you cannot utter can be express thru music. It is really amazing. It is like "magic".
  26. kshy119

    kshy119 New Member

    Music is beautiful. It helps me study and sleep. It calms me down or, in contrast, energizes me. I turn to music when I'm stressed, tired, happy, indifferent, and more. Music is always there for you. People are inconsistent, but music always exists. It doesn't judge you or hurt you.

    It's not just the instrumentals or melodies that are great about music. Lyrics are another essential part of music (non-instrumental). Some songs and artists discuss topics are important to you or topics that you can relate to. I love that.
  27. Music affects me so much, it given me different moods, like for example, for me? a sign of being happy is to play rock song or a party wild song, or? For sadness, i play sad songs, but sad songs also help us to feel asleep
  28. iambrynx

    iambrynx New Member

    Music gives a huge impact to people. It helps them boost up their mood or to cope up with any problem that they are suffering. Music helps us think better and it influences our mind to do what is right and just.
  29. Esse

    Esse New Member

    Ilove music
    I like music especially when I'm home alone and my song is over and depends on the song what kind of irereact I am doing
  30. Music has a profound effect on my mood and my emotions. Positive music can make feel motivated to make changes in my life that are positive. Beautiful music can make me feel ecstatic or sad or melancholy. There are so many different feelings that music can evoke. Music allows me to feel things that i can't express with words.

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