How often do you listen to music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Mr. Blue, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Federico

    Federico New Member

    Every single day, of course. Lately I've been actually conducing a little experiment, which has so far proven to be very fun. I use the bus everyday, twice, so I have a lot of time to kill in there. I have a massive album collection on iTunes that I never bothered to listen to in order or completely , so what I'm doing is listening to two new albums a day. It is a very refreshing thing to do. I am discovering new music every day, and whenever I come across a good record my bus rides are a breeze.
  2. Patricia Cartwright

    Patricia Cartwright New Member

    I love music and listen to it several hours every day. I always start my day with music and end it the same way. I enjoy a wide variety of music ranging from classic rock, rap, pop, folk, filk, country and hard rock.
  3. FreeFromJargon

    FreeFromJargon New Member

    Probably everyday for around 3 - 4 hours. I usually start off my day with a bit of music to wake me up and then I head on down to the gym. At the gym, I put on more motivating tunes such as eminem tracks or techno music (anything with a fast beat or strong lyrics) and once I get home, I'll put on some music to settle down. At night, I'll typically listen to music for around 30 minutes before I go to bed.
  4. ryu91

    ryu91 New Member

    I honestly don't think I have gone a day (since I can remember) that I have not listened to some form of music. Even when watching television all shows and commercials have some sort of music in them so it would be hard to go a day without it. I think music gives us a way to relax and even express ourselves, it sometimes shows what kind of mood we are in too.
  5. donald22

    donald22 New Member

    I have always been a big fan of music and hifi. I first got into listening to music when I was a teenager back when there were only records and 4 track tape recorders, my main interests are 70's rock and blues from the likes of Led Zeppelin and Rory Gallacher. During the 80's, 90's and 2000's I got addicted to buying cds and ended up with 3 bin bags full of them. The reason they are in bin bags is because my entire music collection including all those cds are on a single 120gb SDD hard drive that weighs only 100 grams. Modern technology eh.
  6. Elizabeth31

    Elizabeth31 New Member

    I spend a lot of time listening to music. I have a wake-up playlist, a going to sleep playlist, and others for everything from cheering myself up, to doing housework, to relaxing, etc. When I'm working on my computer I usually have my iTunes on shuffle just to have something in the background.
  7. Platex20

    Platex20 New Member

    I listen to music almost everyday, and i like almost all genres. Mostly when i am having a hard time. I personally think that i wouldn't be able to live without music. It became a part of my life.
  8. deltaop

    deltaop New Member

    They say music is food for the soul. They say right! I listen to music nearly every day in one form or another. Today's world is like this, you can't stay away from the tantalizing tentacles of music for long. If you don't find them, they will find you!! By the way, heavy metal all the way!
  9. Garesh

    Garesh New Member

    I usually only listen to music when I'm driving, and even then, only when I'm by myself.
  10. posti13

    posti13 New Member

    When I think of music,I think of what makes this world go around.Music is the catalyst by which we are able to step into other realms and to feel and experience the beauty along with the ups and downs of life.Without music we would not be able to connect with certain time periods in our lives.The varied emotions that are conveyed when that special song comes on, that takes you back in time and makes you feel like you are 16 again,there is just no other feeling.I feel that world without music is no world at all.
  11. kay pierce

    kay pierce New Member

    I listen to music everyday. Music is where I find my sanity. My mood usually chooses the genre of music I listen to, but most of the time I listen to soulful music.
  12. liston

    liston New Member

    I listen to music most of the times. It is one of my favorite hobbies. By listening music i feel relaxed.
  13. Sherrie Vee

    Sherrie Vee New Member

    I listen to music multiple times a day every day! I don't know what I would do without it. I bet I could have a song for every moment of my life. I love especially to play music while cleaning and exercising. I also really enjoy being able to play it while I work. The energy of certain music really helps me stay focused and gives me exactly what I need to keep going.
  14. bharathikandregula

    bharathikandregula New Member

    I cant imagine even a single day without music. Most of the time i hear to music. when i am sad or happy i preffer to listen music. Music theropy is very good medicine to getout of any disease or aillment. I can be happy and can forget all the fear, tension and presurre once i am connected to music. I love melodies a lot, anytime i can fall asleep listening to them. I also love jazz, fussion, fastbeat music.
  15. clint48

    clint48 New Member

    I listen to music in spurts, I may listen to music all day for 2 or 3 days and then not listen to music for the next month. I guess it just depends on how I am feeling. The one thing I don't like is hearing loud music coming from a house a block away or someone pulling up next to me in a car with their music blasting.
  16. genny

    genny New Member

    For me music is everything, it does not matter what the genre is if a song is made well and when l say made well l mean the song writing side and the beats then l will like it. When l wake up in the morning my music goes on first, l cannot explain it but my day starts better with music. There is so much artists making music whether they are mainstream or underground so it's always worth looking around especially online.
  17. Misty Wright

    Misty Wright New Member

    Every morning when I'm on my way to the clinic and Dunkin donuts to get my coffee I have my special morning show, Wired 96.5, and then when I'm home I listen to music with my little one who loves to be sang too . Music can be very relaxing or inspiring.
  18. jgrullon48

    jgrullon48 Member

    I listen to music on a daily basis. At work, the radio is literally set on the table beside mine.
  19. mobilemarketingmom

    mobilemarketingmom New Member

    I listen to music everyday. I like to listen to it when I am working in my home office. It helps to pick up my moods when I am down. I sing so music is a huge part of my life.
  20. Texas777

    Texas777 New Member

    I listen to music while in the car and when I work out at the gym. Music can make a long drive go by quickly, or can make a tough workout somewhat enjoyable. I also love listening to music while hanging out on the beach or by the pool - music and summer seem to go together well.
  21. AndromedaWolf

    AndromedaWolf New Member

    I usually listen to music while I do work on the computer during the day. I listen pretty much every afternoon, unless there is something interesting on tv I can listen to while I work. I find that it helps me to focus on my work.
  22. Sw33tz

    Sw33tz New Member

    To start off: Music is unavoidable. It's always playing in stores, malls, streets, etc. However, aside from all of those I do listen to music a lot. When I'm feeling down or sad I listen to music to uplift my spirits, when I'm happy I listen to sing/dance along. With music we can better express our emotions and so it's part of my everyday life. I think I'd go crazy if I could not listen to music.
  23. sudip tembhurne

    sudip tembhurne New Member

    I listen to music 2-3 hours a day. I travel on the subway 3 hours a day and I'm incredibly bored. It wakes me up in the morning (I listen to a lot of hip hop and r&b to wake myself up), and it helps me relax and unwind after the end of a really long work-day.
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  24. jaichu

    jaichu New Member

    I love music :) :) Music is just divine. Music is an art, for which few people dedicate their life. I travel almost 6 hours a day! Without my earphones, my ears can go mad. Very often, i see my co-passengers sleeping, which makes me jealous. Because, i cannot sleep during journey :( So, only companion for me during the travel duration could be either Music or Books. But reading books druing journey can cause eyestrain which would make me pay for vision therapy :D Music makes me feel so satisfied and relaxed. I do hear a lot of tamil songs composed by A.R.Rahman. His songs most of the time contains astonishing lyrics which inspire and motivate me through which i could even learn ancient tamil. Since he composed music in Hindi, i was tended to learn hindi too. Music helps in so many aspects of my life!
  25. I actually don't listen to music very often. The only time I tend to listen to music is when I am in my car on the way to work. Once I am home I usually spend my tome on the computer or watching television during my free time.
  26. pramsing

    pramsing New Member

    I listen to music daily, no matter where I am. I listen to music on my phone, iPad, desktop and laptop, I usually listen to music using Spotify or Youtube which I'm sure almost all of you know what is. :p

    I listen to different music depending on my mood. I've been like addicted to music since I was very young, but I'm very bad at singing.
  27. iamken

    iamken New Member

    Before I went to sleep, I always listen to my playlist mini portable mp3 player. Listening to the songs will help my mind at ease and even I wouldn't notice that I already asleep. I just woke up having an earphones plugged unto my ears.
  28. mjrllb

    mjrllb New Member

    I often listen to music especially at noon and in going to sleep. I like soft music that has full of meaning, usually love music I really like the most. Though it was no meaning in my relationship but it gives me the idea of what will gonna occur if that will happen to my lovelife.
  29. iKyriaki

    iKyriaki New Member

    Most of the time when I'm sitting at the computer I'll be listening to music. It gives me something to do in addition to whatever else I happen to be doing at the time and it often gives me a reason to sing along and move around like an idiot. A joyful idiot, but an idiot.
  30. Crystal P.

    Crystal P. New Member

    I listen to music every single day! I normally don't stray too far from my country genre though! I will listen to music on my way to work, while I'm at work, on my way home, and even while doing homework. Not a single day goes by that I don't jam out a little bit!

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