How strictly do you watch what your CHILD is eating?

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Are you strict about what your child is eating?

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  1. onlyonevee

    onlyonevee New Member

    It can be seen as a fairly difficult task, watching what we eat even though we drive past many fast food restaurants each and every day. Grocery stores have candy lining the checkouts, and we've learned to associate different types of unhealthy foods with certain activities, like popcorn at the movies or cake at weddings.

    On top of the pressure to take care of my own body, I also have a concern about my 5 year old daughter. In America, it is not uncommon for a child to be obese, and this is a problem I would really like to avoid for her, so we are very careful in our household to limit sugar and unhealthy snacks, and to teach her about healthy habits.

    What is a day of food like for the child/children in your home?
  2. jannanichols

    jannanichols New Member

    I don't have to watch her closely with what she's choosing, as I only buy healthy snacks. She rarely has the option to have unhealthy food. I send her food to school with her. She knows what I buy and don't buy at the store. We also cook a lot together and I let her choose what snacks to make sometimes. Trail mix, granola bars, muffins, are favorites.
  3. BDeavers

    BDeavers New Member

    It's one of the hardest parts of being a parent. For me, I'm very strict on what my children can eat. They are new to this world and every meal or snack they eat contributes to their growth and nutrition. Yet, its a constant battle with grandparents who want to "spoil" my kids by giving them candy and soda, when in reality, they are sabotaging their eating habits I'm trying to instill. So, I get to be the bad guy who says "No, you can't have soda," as my child watches her cousin guzzling down mountain dew. A treat now and then is fine and usually visits with grandmas are those days. But I don't allow soda in my house and try to keep it free from sugary treats. My kids know every meal comes with fruits and vegetables nd they have to be eaten. Its a daily struggle, but I'm fighting the good fight for the little bodies I'm trying to feed and water for a healthy future.
  4. k.kristie

    k.kristie New Member

    My kids don't drink soda because I did not introduce it to them. Of course they also don't see me and the husband drink it. They're the eldest kids on both sides of the family. By the time they start nursery they noticed that their classmates are drinking them. They would ask me what the kids are having, and that's the time I would then let them try it. Both my kids were surprised of the fizzing carbon and they told me that they didn't like it because it's "sharp."

    My kids are picky eaters so I only buy healthy foods for them. Junk foods are only for long travels. It helps control motion sickness...and whining. ;)
  5. Sundyd

    Sundyd New Member

    As a mom of four boys and two girls, I have to admit that nutrition is one of my greatest concerns. Approaching the subject from a place of compromise and balance has worked best for me. Spending time teaching my children about the importance of healthy eating has also proved to be beneficial. In my opinion, it is best to stay away from the extreme in any situation. For this reason, my children enjoy satisfying home cooked meals on a regular basis, but they are also allowed to pick and choose what they want when they are eating out at restaurants or while visiting the homes of friends and family. You will be surprised, at times, by the good choices they make when you let them make their own decisions regarding food.
  6. The Mask

    The Mask New Member

    My kids constantly asking for sweets, ice cream, candies, soda. Maybe it is not the best way to explain your children about health, but it worked for me. One of my kids is 8 and another one is 5 years of age. They asked me for ice cream few month ago and I asked them to sit next to me and Googled "diabetes gangrene", they looked at these horrible photos and I told them that every 4th or so person in this country is suffering from health complications related to sugar. I also told them that the way they eat ice cream and candies is potentially going to lead them to something like that later on in life. They perfectly understood that sugar is bad. Now they watching each other and constantly reminding each otehr about it. It worked like a miracle. My kids do not eat junk food at all!!! Sometimes I give them something and they love it even more when sugar is like a reward and not part of their every day. They don't feel deprived or anything. They learned to eat fruits and vegetables. This is honest truth.
  7. corkylynnx

    corkylynnx New Member

    When my daughter was a baby, I grew my first garden and made baby food pureed in the the blender with some of my garden veggies which I put in cubes in the freezer. I took them out and fed them too her and she especially loved the beets because they were sweet. I had 5 gardens while she was growing up then got too ill to have anymore but as a small child, she ate out of the garden. As she got older, she would stay the night at a friend's house but didn't like the fast food they would order from McDonald's as it tasted gross to her. Although, she has some sweets like some ice cream and chocolate once in awhile, she enjoys her veggies and healthier meats to this day so I don't get anal about her eating sweets here and there. She is 16 years old now and looks beautiful and healthy plus enjoys mainly healthy foods. I did not micro-manage her as she would have overnights at friend's places and I cannot control every little bit of food she puts in her mouth. I have to say that there was never a battle over food in our home like there was when I was growing up and I believe that is worse for the child's eating habits with nasty dinner times like I had growing up.
  8. ReneeB

    ReneeB New Member

    While at home I don't have to watch what my children eat because I do not buy things which are high in sugar or processed. However, when they are away from home sleeping over with friends, I can only trust that they will make the right decisions. But my kids enjoy fresh veggies and we shop at the farmers market the majority of the time. I believe that if you train up your child to eat a certain way that way will stick with them no matter the temptations that comes their way (when it comes to bad habits that is).
  9. corkylynnx

    corkylynnx New Member

    When my daughter was a baby, I made my own baby food out of fresh veggies that I got out of our garden. I would puree beats, yams, spinach plus carrots mostly. We would eat fresh veggies raw or cooked out of the garden when she was a toddler so she grew up eating a lot of different veggies which she seemed to enjoy so I didn't mind her having some sweets once in awhile and now as a teen, I don't worry about her eating habits. She enjoys her veggies naturally without me ever having to force them on her and always preferred them over fast food and processed food which her friends only liked. I believe growing up with me always having a garden gave her relatively good eating habits so it was always a non-issue.
  10. Ank_crit

    Ank_crit New Member

    though i dont have a child, i m of the opinion that children are to be left alone to enjoy their food n not pamper them about how they eat.
  11. Give

    Give New Member

    My children are older now. Looking back, I wish I had watched what they ate as children more closely. I should have decreased the amount of sugar, white flour, and bad oils they consumed. Since I had gone through a divorce when they were younger, I was not paying attention to what anyone was eating nor was I considering the consequences of those meals and snacks. I am now trying to compensate for those mistakes by encouraging them to make better choices, but it is much more difficult now since I did not establish those habits early.
  12. egarrett24

    egarrett24 New Member

    I can empathize Give. I have a 15 year old son who eats differently than his four year old brother. During my older son's toddler years, food was consumed based upon mindless convenience. During that time, the concept of food having an impact on the mind or body was of no consideration. I am grateful that my knowledge base regarding proper nutrition has grown. I am now equipped to impress healthier habits and choices for my family moving forward.
  13. Janeandcharley

    Janeandcharley New Member

    I only have a one-year-old, but at this point I'm not particularly picky about what he eats. Although my husband and I are both overweight, the baby is actually skinnier than he should be for his height so I don't worry too much about giving him sweets or fats. Maybe I should be more strict, I'm not sure. He is an excellent eater though and will eat fruits and vegetables and whole grain pasta just as readily as muffins and cheerios, so hopefully those habits continue. My husband and I are working on our diets though, so hopefully we can all improve as a family.
  14. Heather6000

    Heather6000 Member

    My children are grown now and we didn't have as much focus on kids diets then like we do now. But one thing that I learned is that starting kids off early with fruits and vegetables and sticking with it is the best way to keep them eating healthy.
  15. edz26

    edz26 Member

    As parents, we are the best model to our children when it comes into eating we set as an example in our meal experience . Me and my husband are veggies eaters. Thus my children eat even my one year old she enjoy to eat string beans, leafy vegetable and fruits instead of fries and junk foods. Expose your kids to healthy foods and discourage from unhealthy food. Nutrition is very important so instill it with your kids.

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