How the heck do people lose weight??

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What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to losing weight?

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  1. Changing my diet

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  2. Drinking so much water

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  3. Exercising

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  4. Finding the motivation

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  1. MakeupDiva

    MakeupDiva New Member

    Honestly, losing weight is the biggest challenge I've ever faced in my life. I try to eat right, but I slip some days, and my exercise regime is pretty nonexistent. How do you find the motivation everyday?
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  2. Becky3434

    Becky3434 New Member

    The only thing that seems to REALLY work for me personally is calorie counting. It's like that first baby step to really get you into the routine of watching what you eat and how much you eat. My boyfriend tells me that weight loss is about 70% diet and 30% exercise (I wouldn't quote him exactly on the numbers though). Not saying that exercise isn't important but rather that what your diet is composed of is extremely important. What you eat determines how much weight you can lose and exercise can help aid in speeding up this process and/or to help tone and tighten your body. More calories out than in is the key. So use exercise to help burn extra calories you may consume throughout the week.
  3. Honeycomb13

    Honeycomb13 New Member

    Weight loss came for me when I gave up the meats... and stopped supplementing the absence with junk food that didn't have meat (awkward laugh) when you're not consuming fat and excess carbs the weight falls off you. Weight loss WAS a struggle for me a couple years ago but during this journey that struggle switched from weight loss to food consumption. It helps to learn your relationship with food as a lot of us don't have the 'correct' one. We've stopped utilizing eating for its original purpose (i.e. nourishment and sustenance) and have begun eating to satisfy emotional comfort, physical gratification, satisfaction, overindulgence etc. learning what food serves for you helps a lot in tackling it. Because then you're able to trace why you slip if and when you slip and tailor your strategy to your needs.

    From my experience, the first and most important component needed for a successful attempt is Self Love. Being too hard on yourself and bashing your feelings down for eating that last plate or that candy bar you said you wouldn't eat or the soda you weren't supposed to buy only agitates the situation as You are a living being with emotions and feelings that matter and the way you speak to yourself cuts very deep into your mental wellbeing. Weight loss or any attempt at a lifestyle change is always going to be a long and ONGOING journey. And long ongoing journeys require perseverence, determination, faith, and Self Love.. the last two being the highest of importance as You're going to be the sole (at least the most important) witness of the journey.. Picture a friend or a not-so-friend who's seen you succeed or fail. How did they react? Did they bash you down or build you up? Now picture that inside of you, which do you think will be of more help if you're trying to take this on and to win to the end?

    All long and ongoing journeys WILL come with failure and shortcomings disappointments and frustrations. You need to have a strong enough connection, and love within yourself to not judge so hard when you hit those rough and very 'undignified' moments. Because struggle is always going to come with those moments of weakness and the last thing you're going to need is a big earful of negativity and hateful Self Talk. Doing that to yourself is exactly the same (more so actually) amount of damaging as if someone else were to hit you with an extremely unsupportive demeanor after allowing yourself to be prone and vulnerable. SAME THING, only worse, because it's coming from self when the FIRST love we're supposed to ever have is with self.

    Without that everything else comes with difficulty, including motivation. For me (athough it wasn't weight loss in particular) I kept motivation and keep motivation (as this little not-so-little journey's still a-rolling for me as well) through faith and constant assistance from The Most High. I find that trying to change yourself for the better is always going to come with ups and downs and the best way to keep on trucking is to acknowledge accept and embrace that fact. The best way to tackle the challenge is to take things one day at a time one step at a time. If you keep lifting your head up to look at how much further you've got and how much longer you have to walk you're always going to become discouraged. If you keep turning your head back to look at all the mistakes you made and your moments of imperfection and weakness (which are absolutely normal) you'll also still become very discouraged and want to give up.

    The way I kept on going was by not looking back and not looking too far ahead. I simplified my vision to one day at a time, one thing at a time and I stopped focusing on Achieving and started focusing on Progressing. The earth wasn't made in one day, plants don't bloom in a week. The trees didn't grow overnight. It took days and months and years of growth and chaos and struggle. We're products of nature and the same is going to apply to us. If you plan to take this on and keep to it for the longhaul, it helps to let yourself know now that you're going to fail and fall and stumble many many many times before the end... But don't let that daunt you! Rejoice! Celebrate that fact, because you never learn anything from being perfect and it's not our job to be perfect anyway., we're supposed to stumble The times you fall are meant to teach you how to get back up stronger and wiser.

    When it comes to motivation, I find the best way is to detach from the notion of GETTING there as that only brings on heartache and sorrow. One thing I also found was that if you're doing something for the wrong reason, it'll never come out right. If trying to lose weight is because of some need to change your image it'll never come out right. Love yourself first as you are, right now. Take this on because you deserve to be happy and healthy. Not because you hate how you are now.
  4. Cidnee Williams

    Cidnee Williams New Member

    Weight loss is also the hardest thing I have faced. It isn't so much the working out part that gets me, It's the eating right and drinking enough water. I do not have it in me to stay away from all of the yummy cupcakes and sodas! I would also love to know where and how to find the motivation to eat healthy and take care of my body. I've tried so many times to completely cut down/out the caffeine, white foods, and sweets, but it seems nearly impossible!
  5. itsmindy

    itsmindy New Member

    I lost a lot of weight by strictly limiting my carb intake. This helped my with other problems I had at the time as well, linked with inflammation. Even realizing all the benefits, it is still so hard to stay motivated! So many of our commercially prepared food has gluten or corn syrup in it (or something else I can't have) so it makes going out so dull. I usually end up with a chicken caesar salad. If this salad hadn't been invented I would have starved to death by now. It's really sad. It does get a little easier as your strict eating becomes a habit. I do not view bread as an edible item anymore. It might as well be a stack of napkins! Same with chips. I do let myself eat a taco shell every now and then. Still, I feel your pain. It is definitely a struggle.
  6. ymayler

    ymayler New Member

    Best thing to do is don't think about it to much if you stress over losing weight you will gain more weight.Think of this as a new life style or rebirth,start by getting rid of most dairy products you have if you drink milk thats fine.try not to fry every thing instead of a fried egg,boil the egg instead of fried chicken,bake chicken.Add more veggies to your meal,and drink pliantly of water,don't forget to eat breakfast if you don't your body will fill up with water weight and thats hard to get rid of.
  7. Jimscubbie613

    Jimscubbie613 New Member

    I have been struggling with my weight for several years now. I have tried all the "fad" diets and alas nothing works. Right after the birth of my children I did Weight Watchers when you were still "ticking" the boxes and found that was the most successful eating plan around. I tried to new counting points and it was a disaster.

    Now I'm under the care of a doctor and on a high protein eating plan. As you can see I don't refer to them as diets as, in my mind set, it is a short term goal, but an eating plan as I have to change my behavior on how I consume food. I use to have a very stressful career and found that I was eating because of the stress and frankly was not eating the right foods. Working 60 hours a week, I was too tired to come home and cook, so I would grab whatever was easiest on the way home or grab whatever can I can open and pop in the microwave. Before I knew it I gained over 100 lbs!

    Now, with this new eating plan, I have lost 75 lbs, and feel great! I have energy and all around feel healthy.
  8. emily jones

    emily jones New Member

    If you are looking for weight loss and don't wanna do exercises. I would highly recommend you to do household chores because they are the best which helps you in cleaning and maintaining your house as well as you don't even know that while you are doing the chores you are actually performing exercises.
  9. Krystyl Chwa

    Krystyl Chwa New Member

    I was literally that cliche college freshman, except instead of the freshman 15 it was the freshman 30. It was super tough because somehow, up until college, I'd gotten away with eating whatever I wanted, and exercising very little, and still remained skinny. I think it was really just the increased opportunity to exercise my gluttony that led to so much weight gain in college. After a lot of failed diets and plans to work out, I finally found a system for me that helped me lose about 10 lbs in 2 months, but it was grueling. CICO. Calories in, calories out. It sucked counting calories, but it worked better than eating salads for a month or hitting the gym for an hour a day. Changing my diet and eating the correct proportions was the most difficult thing ever. I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and just logged everything, and that really helped with understanding how much I was eating. I calculated how many calories I needed to maintain my weight and ate at a deficit. If I had a donut for breakfast, it would be the same calories if I made a healthy egg white, turkey bacon and cheese on wheat toast. Sometimes I chose the former if I was gluttonous, other times I wanted to feel full and eat the other one. No matter what I counted the calories in and the calories out. If I went to the gym that day, I could squeeze in some extra calories, maybe for ice cream! It seriously worked, and now logging my food has become second nature!
  10. Kenya Friday-Clark

    Kenya Friday-Clark New Member

    Replace all and I mean ALL drinks with NUMI brand Ginger Pu-Erh tea and any brand Oolong tea (often spelled wulong) and stevia sweetener. Drink this round the clock all day before and after you eat and the weight will fall off like magic. You can have your morning coffee and water also.
  11. Pete

    Pete New Member

    In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to losing weight, is not being "consistent" with healthier food and regular exercise - it's a life-style.
    If you realize that these are the 2 main factors always preached, it's because other things that may be the contributing reason for weight problems(like stress, unplanned life irregularities, even hereditary traits) can also be resolved by practicing the consistency of these 2 factors. It's important not eating too much of the wrong thing at one sitting but eating healthier smaller portions at multiple times(like 6) of the day. As a previous personal trainer, I've actually seen more people follow and eat a set diet however may not be consistent with their exercises, whether the reason be they're procrastination or other unavoidable circumstances. If you're consistent with both, your metabolism speeds-up and your body will become accustomed and your healthy weight, reached.
  12. Christopher murray

    Christopher murray New Member

    To lose weight you of to exercise everyday and eat a healthy diet and drink alot of water just doing this make u lose alot of weight so you can get slim and healthy
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  13. Jon90

    Jon90 New Member

    Do not rely on motivation to get in shape. Motivation is unreliable. It comes and goes and isn't there when you need it.
    What you really need is DISCIPLINE. Form good habits that help you lose weight. Being in shape is not an event, it's a lifestyle.
    You need to give yourself one week to follow all of your rules, whatever they may be.
    It can be something like:
    Exercise 4-5 times a week.
    Consume ____ calories a day. (varies by person)
    Drink ____ amount of water.

    Don't worry about motivation. Just follow your rules and just do it for 1 whole week. If you can do it for 1 week, you can do it for 2 weeks. Once you've done this for 30 days straight, it will be a habit. You'll start doing these things without thinking. Stay disciplined and you'll enjoy a healthy life without needing to rely on motivation.
  14. laurie98

    laurie98 New Member

    You probably won't want to hear this, but I lost weight by going vegan. I started going on walks as well. It's important for your heart to get in some kind of exercise. There are tons of really great vegan recipes online for free. To be honest with you, I don't miss animal products at all. I think most people assume they will so they don't want to give up the foods they love. I feel so much healthier and I have a lot more energy since going vegan.
  15. kingrichez

    kingrichez New Member

    The best course of action to lose weight is the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Diet is the biggest factor which determines weight lose. It's not necessarily calories that make people overweight but their high intake of sugar.
  16. Varun Bharti

    Varun Bharti New Member

    The number one, BEST way to lose weight is to burn body fat by exercising and doing cardio. In my opinion the best type of cardio is H.I.I.T cardio. This stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and it basically requires you to do certain exercises that allows your body to burn fat even after the workout by just sitting around and not doing anything. In facts, you only have to this type of cardio 3 times a week for 15 minutes each!
  17. pbgresty

    pbgresty New Member

    There's lots of good advice posted here and all of it will work for some people. You just have to try different things to see what works. But Pete is right in that it's a lifestyle change if you want to keep the weight off. Understanding the science can really help. We know now the chemical compound of certain foods help to boost metabolism such. It's not always about calories in, calories out. I think cutting way down on the sugar is key, which is the biggest challenge because it is so much a part of our Western diet. I've just recently started making a conscious effort to lose weight again (after many years of not caring!) and now begin my day with a glass of water with lemon to help boost my metabolism. Green tea will do the same as well as provide a dose of antioxidants. Then I have a coffee without sugar and then I do a quick high intensity workout - 10-15 minutes depending on the day. That short training session lifts my energy and helps me focus for the day. I also walk my dogs and incorporate movement throughout the day. Walking has always helped me still fit and it's free!

    Other things you can do without changing diet are too use a smaller plate, such as the salad plate, for meals. This way you are eating less without having to think about it. And don't eat two-three hours before going to bed. Drink green tea before bed, again to boost your metabolism.

    Another lifestyle change that works but is a bit more challenging is intermittent fasting such as the 5:2 diet. This diet you would want to consult a doctor about first but fasting definitely works and has many added health benefits too.
  18. CJ Deala

    CJ Deala New Member

    By eating lean meats and more natural plant based foods you will begin shifting into your natural body state. Eat natural, you'll have a naturally strong lean body by adding proper technique to your workouts. If you do a workout and want the results. YOU HAVE to do the right form or else you'll be at the gym for 3 years and look the same. Ive seen that to many times. When you workout put down your phone and focus listening to how your body feels while working out.
  19. Joeyrich

    Joeyrich New Member

    Losing weight is not a over night process, but a journey, as long as you are moving forward towards the right direction, do not be too hard on yourself.

    A few tips to losing weight;
    1- Eat less calories per day then you are using as energy per day, this will force your body to use the energy in your body which is stored as fat, resulting in you losing weight everyday,(don't not starve yourself, this will only force your body to store everything you eat as energy because it doesn't know when it will get its next)

    2- Try hit style exercises, this is when, you are forcing your heart rate to go up and down and not having it at a constant rate, you can achieve this by mixing the combination of, walking and jogging , walk 200 meters/yards then jog 400meters/yards and without stopping go back to walking for 200 meters/yards, basically keeping this patten going for about 10 to 15 minutes per session.

    3. Increase your metabolism by doing plank exercises and walking more, start at a comfortable pace, try to incorporate planks into your exercise routine, and try to walk more everyday, even on your rest days.
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  20. roxanam84

    roxanam84 Member

    Whenever I try to follow a diet, I lose weight but I immediately gain it back. What really works for me is to eat with moderation. I can eat anything I wish, even sweets, as long as I don't exaggerate. For example, if I crave chocolate, I eat a small piece and save the rest for another day.
  21. randmeister64

    randmeister64 New Member

    Now that I am in my 50's, finding the energy and motivation to lose weight and exercise seems impossible.
    I was a competitive tennis player throughout my teens, 20's and 30's so getting exercise was a given and my youth allowed me to control my food intake well. Once I had kids, I gained weight because I didn't play tennis much anymore.
    You'd think that after my kids grew up I'd go back to tennis and exercise would be back in place. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Once aging started to take hold and I injured my back, pulled my shoulder and experienced pain in my hand, tennis was all but a distant thought. I'm a lover a sweets, so eating took a turn and I gained additional weight.
    I just do not know how to find the will and energy to exercise and eat healthy again.
  22. Ronniep6

    Ronniep6 New Member

    Some might say this is somewhat abrupt, but I personally feel as though losing weight or anything for that matter should not be hard if you REALLY want to do it. Some say making money online is hard but if you just do it and don't give up, you can't put a time on success. You make deadlines. Don't judge me yet now because I accept people from all shapes and sizes and walks of life. I believe were all beautiful people, for we were created, and something created is beautiful wether it be what you wanted or not. The lesson for today isn't how you lose weight, because, you know what you have to do. eat better, exercise and consume less calories than you burn. The lesson is that your beautiful and you can do anything you put your mind to. You can't cheat yourself. Get out their, get tired, get sweaty and I guarantee you will see results.
    Keep in mind you get out what you put in. You exercise 3 days a week but you eat out every other day and snack all day your probably not going to see any progress or result.
  23. Only1Zeo

    Only1Zeo New Member

    Its funny how people think I'm crazy in the ways that I maintain a good weight. I usually have an orange or two sometime after my morning coffee and practically go into starvation mode for the rest of day until the evening. For me I think its more because of the way I eat around my schedule I just plainly don't feel like eating even when I'm hungry. When I work I eat more when I work I eat less, so I work more and work out less.
  24. wizzywiz

    wizzywiz New Member

    A lot of factors comes to mind when you talk about weight lost in individuals. Weight lost can be a reflection of an ongoing physiological change or an existing pathology. Exercise, dieting, malnutrition, normal growth of an infant are few examples which can be grouped under factors affecting your physiology. For the pathological aspect we have chronic and acute diseases such cancer, TB, HIV etc. Some people who are obese may opt for a surgery just to loose weight.
  25. LaceWing

    LaceWing New Member

    If you change your diet to something a bit more healthy and don't eat a huge amount of calories all in one go, but rather split things into portions, where you'll consume less calories than the amount you'll burn, you'll easily lose weight, especially if you exercise while doing that! Just stay away from sugary foods/drinks, pastries and starchy veggies as much as you can, anything with simple sugars really is your enemy. Check how much you consume per meal as calories, do not exceed the amount you'll burn out in the next 4 hours, try to incorporate a healthy leafy salad before each meal in your diet, drink a lot of water and tea and exercise as much as you can! You'll have no problem losing weight if you do all of that, but remember that it's something you'll always need to kind of keep in mind! No point in doing all of that and then going back to your bad habits of overeating on junk food!
  26. Inqogn1to

    Inqogn1to New Member

    ~From my experience with loosing weight it has always came down to theese basic steps~
    • Exercise in some form (burning more calories then I consume). There are no quick fixes to loosing and maintaining body fat on a healthy level. If you are not the gym type I would recommend taking morning walks before breakfast, this helps trust me.
    • Drinking plenty of water. The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) recommends drinking 8-12 glasses of water per day. For me drinking plenty of water helps me feel full and override cravings. It's scientifically proven that drinking water helps the liver to metabolize body fat.
    • Counting your macros and micros while making sure that you eat your meals closer to each other rather then several hours apart. There are many apps you can download and use that are free of cost to count your daily intake of calories carbs etc. On theese apps there's usually also an option to set goals and challenges for yourself.

  27. webgirl5000

    webgirl5000 New Member

    Metabolism. With a good working metabolism, our bodies settle to their natural size and our weight becomes normalized. It takes dedication to bring the metabolism back if it has slowed for some reason. However, it's completely worth it. Currently I am eating a protein rich diet with carbs brought in during one meal. This is working wonders on my metabolism, since it had slowed over the years through lack of attention to my eating.
  28. Blessn Vincent

    Blessn Vincent New Member

    There are so many proven ways to loose weight, i bet if you search online, you would get tons of information on that issue alone, i just want to list a few natural ways i myself can guarantee as a means of loosing weight, so they are as follow;

    1. Minimize calories and fats

    On the off chance that you need to consume calories and fats, you should practice once a day. This will enable you to remain fit and help prevent several illnesses. In any case, you might need to seek a doctors counsel before doing any activity.

    2. Sound Diet

    Following an abnormal eating routine may likewise bring about weight gain and a considerable measure of medical issues. These days, we fling on fast food. Fat nourishment contain high amount of calories and may prompt expanded fat in your body. On the off chance that you need to dispose of the fats and the additional pounds, you may need stay away from garbage nourishment.

    3. Carbonated Beverages

    Like fast food, carbonated drinks likewise prompt weight gain since they are rich in calories. As opposed to these beverages, we recommend that you decide on common organic product juice. Normal natural product juices contain nourishment however don't contain a great deal of calories.

    4. Vegetables

    Remember that fiber substance, vitamins, and proteins found in vegetables are an incredible wellspring of solid supplements. You can keep up your craving in the event that you supplant your dinners with steamed veggies since these don't contain a considerable measure of calories however offer a great deal of sustenance.

    5. Organic products

    Fiber substance, proteins, vitamins and carbonates are found in organic products that assistance in your sustenance levels. In this way, natural products is a decent option to veggies in the event that you need to smother your hunger and lose those additional pounds.

    6. Stay away from snacks

    If you are taking snacks all the time, you are gaining weight quickly. This additionally makes your body leave shape. The snacks that you ought to stay away from incorporate finger chips, burgers, and treats, just to give some examples. Dodge them and you will get into shape quick.

    7. Quit eating sugar

    Much the same as snacks, sugar causes an expanded measure of additional fat in your body. Subsequently, you wind up noticeably unfit notwithstanding experience the ill effects of a great deal of medical problems. In the event that you decrease your admission of sugar, you will have the capacity to keep up your body.

    8. Diminish sodium

    Salt is a decent wellspring of sodium and devouring excessively salt may bring about weight gain. In the event that you constrain the utilization of salty nourishment, you will have the capacity to maintain a strategic distance from water maintenance in your body. Accordingly, you won't look fat.

    Well, these are just a few tips out of hundreds of them out there on how someone can naturally loose weight, wish you success in this regard.
  29. Angel Shiflett

    Angel Shiflett New Member

    I have tried everything! This past month I have been keeping a food diary, writing down everything I eat and counting the calories. I try not to go over 1,300 a day. So far, I have lost six pounds. I try to exercise lightly too. I have been eating a mostly vegetarian diet, but I do eat meat about two times a week and I take multi-vitamins.
  30. happybear

    happybear New Member

    If you want to loose weight, you need to have a healthy lifestyle and you should be consistent. I know it is not easy because it requires a lot of patient and self-discipline. Eating the right food and regular exercise for atleast 3 to 4 times a week is a must. I can still remember the poem Go Grow and Glow that was taught us when I was in lower grade school. Go foods are those rich in carbohydrates like rice and bread. Grow foods are those rich in protein. Fruits and vegetables are classified as Glow foods. Every set of meal we are going to eat should consist of these 3 classifications of food in the right proportion. We called it balanced diet which I believed will be the key in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight.

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