How the heck do people lose weight??

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What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to losing weight?

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  1. Changing my diet

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  2. Drinking so much water

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  3. Exercising

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  4. Finding the motivation

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  1. shantaiwrites

    shantaiwrites New Member

    I lost weight by making the decision to lose weight, and I made that decision every day until I lost the weight I wanted to lose. The best way to lose weight is to honor your body and recognize the importance of aiming to get your body to a better version of itself, not to get your body to look and/or behave like someone else's body. I naturally treat my body well when I'm valuing all that it does for me:
    • It allows me to travel and experience the world
    • It allows me to give and receive hugs
    • It allows me to understand and learn
    • If I challenge it, it will get stronger and more powerful
    • and so forth
    On a practical level, finding a diet that you can live with is crucial, and it's okay to experiment. Failure is just feedback. If one plan doesn't work, troubleshoot and create or find another. Eat less and eat better (high quality foods that both taste and feel good to you). Some people do well with lots of salads, while others do well with lots of meat. Everyone is different. Portion control, in my opinion, is the one thing that is universal. Too much of anything is rarely good.

    Exercise doesn't have to be killer. Daily walks can be enough at first. Then, with confidence, those daily walks can turn into jogs or sprints or bike rides or hikes. Who knows? Do the activities that you enjoy because it's important to keep active after you've lost the weight.
  2. damagedmonkey

    damagedmonkey New Member

    Honestly I believe it is the little things that make a huge change. A friend of mine lost a ton of weight just by changing his drinks from sodas and juices to water. He did nothing else, he just changed that little thing and boom, weight loss. Some other times it is about being more active, walking to work instead of taking the bus.
    It is all about patience;)
  3. James Arthur

    James Arthur New Member

    The three p's are the key to losing weight and getting anything done in life. Persistence patience and perseverance. It takes time and consistency and that is how anything is done. Just keep going a little everyday
  4. Andrea McKenzie

    Andrea McKenzie New Member

    People lose weight the same way they gained it, around other people. Our culture is facilitative of both gaining and losing weight. If the people who surround you eat lots of fast food, drink sodas, sit a lot, and don't give a care to their lifestyle, then you won't either. The power of association plays a strong role; especially if you want to keep the weight off. So, if that association is a family member, friend or a fitness mentor (whether video or print), if you spend enough time around them, you will become like them.

    Indeed, there are lots of great products on the market to help. From tried and proven supplements and recipes to exercise regimens and fitness material. Weight loss can be achieved. But even with these tools, if the consistent influence is lacking then meeting goals will be a lot harder. Hope you found value in this post, good luck.
  5. jardiniere

    jardiniere New Member

    I think the hardest part about losing weight is the fact that you have to change your lifestyle. If you want to get weight off and KEEP it off, you have to change your daily life--the way you eat, the way you exercise. You have to count calories every single day. You have to exercise regularly, not just "I went to the gym once this week, that's good enough." You have to make lasting changes to your daily life. Stop eating dessert every day, take the stairs instead of the elevator (every day), exercise in some way (at least a few times a week), make a conscious choice to choose fruits and vegetables over more convenient but more processed foods. It can be a very difficult change to make, and the journey is long--life-long. You're in this for the long haul. You can't just diet for a month, go back to eating the way you were before, and keep the weight off. It doesn't work that way. You have to change your lifestyle permanently. And a lot of people aren't prepared to deal with that. It is a lot of hard work for a very long time. But it can be done. I should know; I've done it.
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  6. nhuj72

    nhuj72 New Member

    Losing weigth is not an easy task to do.... For some people weigth loss is not a serious thing coz others tried going to gym or participate in some zumba dance or having a diet plan then you lose weight but after a few weeks of getting tired doing all that weight loss program going back to eating program is much more easier to do..
  7. MateXon

    MateXon New Member

    In my experience, a strategy that works is:
    • Think about your body as a machine: it needs a certain amount of calories to function, so if you cut your intake your body will be forced to burn fat;
    • Limit the amount of simple sugars you eat: most people wrongly believe that fatty foods will make you fat. In reality, simple sugars are the culprit, as they get converted into fat by the liver when they aren't immediately burned;
    • Don't starve yourself: eating very little makes you lose a ton of weight, but at the same time it overcharges your cravings. A lot of diets that claim they can make you lose weight quickly simply don't work because people can't help but relax and start eating a lot again, and as a result, they get back all the fat they just lost;
    • Do some physical activity: not only it helps to burn calories, but also to keep your metabolism going;
    • Motivate yourself: following the points above will make you lose fat for sure, but it will be a very slow process, and this has the potential of making you lose interest in continuing the diet, so keeping the morale up is the key to success.
    To give you an example here's what I did: I found out what my basal metabolism was, this acted as an upper limit for how many calories I could ingest each day. Then I restricted what I ate in 3 meal per day, with sugary foods only for breakfast or lunch (so that I could burn them immediately by doing my various activities). After that, I started doing 1 hour of fast-paced walking every day. Finally, to motivate myself, I measured my weight every Sunday and took photos of myself every month.
    I lost 10 kg after 8 months and my appetite now is much lower than it was before.
  8. hellofoxie

    hellofoxie New Member

    Just "watching what you eat" or "trying to eat right" isn't enough because you might have no idea how much or how little you actually should eat. Counting calories helps for that reason, but don't stress yourself out over it either!

    Finding motivation for exercise is hard, so you should find something that's actually fun to you.
  9. lux99

    lux99 New Member

    When I am cutting I like to have only 2-3 meals which I switch up and that can be measured easily so calories are more easily counted it is boring but it what works best for me
  10. Annag

    Annag New Member

    It is very hard to lose weight in practice even though it sounds so simple in theory. I think that the best way to lose weight is probably to do it slowly by making small changes that you can really commit to. Even if it means losing a pound a month it's still weight loss. The slow and steady approach is where I've seen the best progress overall. Otherwise it's too easy to end up yo-yo dieting.
  11. Damistrauss

    Damistrauss New Member

    There are many ways by which one can lose weight actually. But the 2 most effective methods for me over the years has been by adopting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that I can sustain and working out. There's no doubt that what you put inside of you goes a long way in making you fat or slim. So basically I try to control the level of calories I take, I try to avoid sugar and carbohydrates and I take in lots of protein. The other part is working out. For me, working out is very effective in shedding some weights. I try some low impact exercises every morning and evening and this keeps unwanted fats away from me. Walking, swimming and light jogging are some low impact exercises that can help you burn some calories and help you in your weight loss journey.
  12. Noah1

    Noah1 New Member

    Weight loss first of all is a very demanding and arduous task which requires exceeding focus, endurance and optimism, without which will be quite unfeasible and exasperating.

    One quality advice I always proffer to those seeking to loose some weight is 'learn to know what works for you best'. From my estimations and observations, i have safely arrived at this concrete and phenomenal conclusion. Lots of folks just take up random weight loss routines just because others are, without fully comprehending the functionality of their individual bodies. It's very simple, try various kinds of excercises and dieting patterns or related activities individually for a stipulated period of time while taking strict observations and measurements of your body reactions. After this has been done, you can facilely ascertain and implement the most effective and positive routine of all your tested routines.
  13. L'opiniondeDavid

    L'opiniondeDavid New Member

    In order to loose weight you need to be able to identify the reason why you are overweight.

    Do you over eat because you are bored? Sad? Lifetime of bad habits?
    Some people have serious health conditions that makes then gain weight easily.

    It is SO important to do your research and seek help from a professional in order to develop a healthy way to loose weight and keep it off.

    For me, I find that starting the day off with 10 minutes of quick cardio helps me activate my body for the day. I drink a lot of water and do my best to schedule fun activities with my friends that require physical movement.

    Anyone can loose weight. You should have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself (1)- Why do I want to loose weight? (2)- How will I do it and keep it off?

    Eat healthy, exercice and do your best to align your values with what your goals are.
  14. Feta4

    Feta4 New Member

    OP, in your post you ask how to maintain motivation every day. I have gotten advice in the past stating that you don't need to be 'motivated' everyday, but that you just need to be in the right habits. Then even if you're not feeling motivated and determined you will hopefully still just get on with your healthier eating/exercise. In terms of how to do it, the only way is CICO - calories in, calories out. If you are burning more calories than you are consuming you will lose weight, regardless of what you're eating (although eating healthy foods is clearly a better idea in the long-run!). You can supplement calorie burning with exercise, but if you are serious about weight loss, the calories burned during exercise should be considered a bonus, rather than being factored into your CICO calculation. In terms of what to eat, I would advise lean protein, lots of leafy green vegetables, and low GI carbohydrates. Snacks could be fruits, natural yoghurt, nuts, seeds, raw vegetables, etc. To learn how many calories you should be consuming, check out a TDEE calculator. Make sure to also track your calorie intake daily using an app such as MyFitnessPal. Good luck!
  15. Gethsemane Geling

    Gethsemane Geling New Member

    We are stuck with this modern world already, all of us doesn't want to be neglected and wanting to be accepted by this society, mostly teen agers are the ones who are very conscious about their weight so they want to look good. They try to loose weight by going to the gym and by exercising, eating nutritious foods that could benefit ti them/
  16. caribgurl

    caribgurl New Member

    I have been struggling with my weight since my teenage years and I have finally found what works for me 5 months ago. For me now, it is pretty simple 85% diet, 5% exercise and 10% rest. Yes people, rest!
    I also have PCOS which makes its quite difficult to lose weight , it affects insulin resistance etc however using the 3 steps listed above, I have managed to lose 30 lbs in 12 weeks and is still losing weight.
    Diet- on days I train I include carbs (steamed or boiled) in my diet ONLY for my post workout meal which is also my heaviest meal ( even if you workout at 10 pm). The post workout meal should also have protein and dark green vegetables. All other meals should only include dark green vegetables and protein ONLY ( baked or steamed, not fried). No oil or butter and LOTs of water at least 3 liters per day this includes teas without sugar or cream of course.
    Exercise- HIIT is great. Jogging is also great to lose weight and keeping in shape I do this at least 2 times per week.
    Sleep! The body needs rest, we need to keep our stress levels down! Just rest!
  17. I've been struggling also in losing weight but I read a lot of articles online and one of the top pick to lose weight is you have to work with your metabolism. I agree with that because my niece and best friend does eat a lot but they're not gaining weight because of their metabolism.

    In able to lose weight a part from exercising and cutting some calories is to activate our metabolism. One way to activate our metabolism is to eat your breakfast with real foods not with cereals or any other process foods. Drink coffee or green tea, I prefer brewed coffee without sugar. Drink a lot of water, eat vegetables and fruits.
  18. Phill R

    Phill R New Member

    Whatever you put into your body will stay there unless you do something to burn those calories off. So if you eat unhealthy i.e lots of calories, you'll need to do a lot in order to maintain or lose weight.

    If you exist on lettuce and water, you don't need to do much, in fact after a very short period you won't be able to anyway as your body needs a certain about of carbs, sugars, proteins, vitamins, minerals, liquids, etc every day just to keep going.

    So, it doesn't really matter what diet you follow provided you get the right balance of essentials into your system and the amount of energy you consume exceeds the amount that you put in. When this happens your body will use stored fat (your extra weight) to make up the shortfall. Keep doing this until you reach your desired weight. If you have an off day, don't worry about it, just start again tomorrow.
  19. brynneroja

    brynneroja New Member

    I think motivation or your drive plays a big role when one wants to shed some pounds. Because if you don't have it, diet exercise and discipline which plays a big role in losing weight would be difficult to pursue. Everything would seem like a burden. So I strongly suggest to people who want to stay fit and healthy to find your motivation first and the rest would follow.
  20. lynger

    lynger New Member

    I was almost 90 kg in the past and now I'm 72 fitness person with marked abs and body, I built all this with calisthenics and healthy food, the stuff that I do to burn fat is high interval intensity training (HIIT) I really recommend you this if you want to lose weight, and do abs every day! you will see the results, just need patience and constancy
  21. Samisule

    Samisule New Member

    A big part of the challenge is understanding that it's not a one time solution. Rather, a fitness journey is about taking inventory of your current nutrition and exercise habits and making positive and lasting changes. The journey doesn't end once you hit a waist size you're happy with. You have to keep maintain these habits, such as substituting water for cola or eating appropriate portion sizes in order to have your results last. I think a lot of people end up yo-yo dieting because they haven't realized that.
  22. shreeprasad

    shreeprasad New Member

    One can easily loose weight by doing exercises in the early morning in empty stomach. This burns more fat than any other diet. 15 min workout in morning is equal to 1 hour at gym in evening.
  23. Anne Yarih

    Anne Yarih New Member

    Exercising for me is very effective. I take 20-45 minutes of exercise four times a week. This helped me not just to lose weight but also helped me to destress. And whenever I want to eat more, I remind myself of all my hardwork from exercising and I don't want to waste it so I help myself to eat healthy.
  24. beautifulmarisa

    beautifulmarisa New Member

    Weight loss is a matter of self-discipline. You exercise and have a proper diet both. If you do the exercise and will not have proper diet, your effort will be helpless. The tendency is you will eat more. So do proper exercise and proper diet both at the same time.
  25. rjohndava86

    rjohndava86 New Member

    Some people exercise less but they are thin, some are doing exercise but they are still fat. In order to reduce weight, you must have enough courage to do it. You should also have a clear goal while you need to decrease you weight. Check your BMI if you are in normal limit. You should discipline your self and have a good lifestyle. Do exercise daily at least 15-30 minutes. Avoid eating fatty ad oily foods. Drink more water to flush out toxin in your body. Have enough and proper sleep pattern. Drinking a glass of water with lemon every morning when you wake up will help a lot to reduce your weight and in burning the fats in your stomach.
  26. Pauleta

    Pauleta New Member

    Losing weight can be hard, for starters depends on youre goal, when i started i was trying to cut some weight and get a lean body, but its too hard to accomplish. I met tons of people with that goal, its hard but take you longer to achieve.
    Always start by checking youre initial weight, how much you have ? and how much you want to lose? Remember that when youre training, youre burning fat but youre also burning muscle, thats where a diet can help you out. Why diet you ask? Most of the weight losing and muscle gaining is from 75 % dieting and 15% is from working out. You need to study youre own body, what body type you have, how much calories you should take to lose weight or to gain muscle.
    I love muay thai, been practicing for ages by now, and for me it was the best sport to get in shape and burn up fat.
  27. Prettygirl25

    Prettygirl25 New Member

    on the off chance that you resemble the vast majority you have shed pounds just to pick up it back a couple of months not far off. its disappointing and a typical issue. to help you improve here are 3 regular hindrances I see individuals make when attempting to get more fit. Being excessively strict in your arrangements. its basic learning that to get in shape a man needs to diminish calories and exercise frequently. as a rule people get started up and hop into a strict eating routine as well as exercise program that basically isn't anything but difficult to keep up forever. it might spur at first since you see a few outcomes. the soreness in your muscles stars to blur and you can rest easy. Be that as it may. its hard to continue practicing a hour a day and viewing all that you eat so you don't go over your calories for the day. we as a whole Ned to lose those additional pounds rapidly however the way of life that permits you to appreciate eating and practicing so you will probably build up the sound way of life you covet. Applying mindfulness methods to your life can be a major help in taking after your arrangement without all the blame and judgment that frequently goes with excessively strict of an eating regimen and exercise program. Not perceiving there frequently are passionate binds to your dietary patterns. we known about the expression " comfort sustenance association with eating those specific sustenance and they don't have anything to do with craving . our psyches make relationship with occasions, individuals, areas and sustenance that are put away as great recollections for different reasons. the intuitive personality clutches these convictions since they offer insurance in some shape. These conviction are not generally clear nor do they generally bode well in the present. when we discover those associations we can utilize trance work to rewire them to make new associations that improve it simpler to settle on sustenance decisions, wipe out or decrease desires and control indulging. Not having a major " Why " the vast majority can drop a couple pounds to prepare for a wedding, class get -together or excursion. we've seen a significant number of the candidates on the biggest loser who lost a considerable measure of weight, looked extraordinary and experienced achievement just to come back to their old propensities after the challenge finished. Why? it could be they were in it for the prize more than for the positive life changes. lasting weight reduction is persuaded by an essential explanation behind making the change. It could be a genuine medical issue that turns into the inspiration, may be it's seeing youngesters or grandchildren grow up or having the capacity to take an interest more in life. finding the " Why " is a critical piece of achievement in weight reduction. that is the place drilling comes in. working with a qualified life coach you can figure out what truly matter to you , and that is what's most imperative to achievement. it must be imperative to you. sufficiently critical that you conclude that you will eat better and you will practice routinely on the grounds that YOU need to make those great propensities a piece of your life. At the point when a man finds an adjusted arrangement they can take after , sees any enthusiastic binds to their dietary patterns so they can changes those contemplation and interfaces everything to at least one improvements they are we'll on their approach to achievement.
  28. Jimmyjj

    Jimmyjj New Member

    I wish I knew how people lose weight. What works for some folks doesn't work for others, especially me! I suppose if you seriously train to be a long distance runner you'll lose weight by necessity. Either that, or you'll blow out your knees and ankles!

    As for "miracle diets" ..... forget it! Unless you're going to do something crazy like ingest viable tapeworm eggs, (not a good idea, by the way), I don't see how any one item could cause you to lose weight, unless, of course, it's a parasite or a pathogen.

    As for healthy, sane ways to lose weight, it all comes down to the basics: diet and exercise. Like everything else in life, there are no shortcuts. Eat less and workout more, and you'll slowly, safely begin to shed the excess pounds.

    By the way, I have read that in certain cultures, (Samoa, maybe Saudi Arabia), being overweight is considered sexy. So if that stubborn belly fat refuses to melt away, you could always chose to relocate!
  29. KhalilaRose

    KhalilaRose New Member

    Your mind is often the biggest obstacle to overcome when it comes to losing weight. It's important to understand why you want to lose weight in the first place. Are you doing it for someone else? Or are you doing it because you want to become a healthier person? A lot of the time, internal motivation is much more effective than external motivation (like doing it for other people).

    I find joining a supportive community really helps to keep me motivated. Weight loss can be a lonely task some times, so if you have a support network around you all striving to achieve better health, it can be much easier to keep going when you feel discouraged.
  30. joshuaxeon

    joshuaxeon New Member

    I tried to go swimming, I also joined the varsity team in my university. Making me to train more because its required for my scholarship to be active. Also adding proper diet for fast results and proper flow of my body system. More workouts and core trainings makes your body to build up while losing weight, which makes it really cool when the final results come. But be aware when you tried to skip your routine you can never have it back by the satisfaction in eating a lot

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