How the heck do people lose weight??

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What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to losing weight?

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  1. Changing my diet

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  2. Drinking so much water

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  3. Exercising

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  4. Finding the motivation

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  1. ch-arlie

    ch-arlie New Member

    There's a reason the weight loss industry is worth billions. People want instant solutions: 'detoxes', hacks, 'miracle' teas. Sure, some of these will help people lose weight - but it won't help them maintain a healthy weight.

    The solution really is quite simple: calories in vs calories out (CICO). Eat fewer calories than you 'burn' and you will lose weight. This means you will be in what we a call a caloric deficit. It's not an overnight solution but it's certainly effective and safe (as long as your deficit isn't too large - consult a medical professional to ensure you're being safe).
  2. writeside1

    writeside1 Member

    First, drink a glass of lukewarm lemon water on an empty stomach early in the morning. Next thing, start your day with some exercise and then eat your breakfast. Cut the intake of salt and avoid junk foods and colas. Eat more fresh vegetables and include fruits in your diet. Try to eat less starchy foods like potatoes and rice. Consume less oil and increase the amount of water in your daily routine. It is vital to lose weight easily for all human beings.
  3. ESmikel

    ESmikel New Member

    If you want to lose weight First you need to set your GOAL. Ask your self "What do I want to happen?" Losing weight is not easy to achieve but if you have your goal it's easy for you. Second you need to START TODAY. Tell it to your self that you need to start today not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. START IT TODAY! Third thing is that NO SHORTCUT. You need to do exercise and healthy diet. Losing weight in natural way, there is NO SHORTCUT . Fourth is to MOTIVATE YOURSELF. Ask your self why do you want to lose weight? If your answer is to impress anybody then you need to stop this thing. You need to know that losing weight is good for you and that's why you will do it. Lastly is BE HAPPY. You must not deprive yourself. Always think positive okay? Do not starve your self because you want to be fit. If you want to eat then eat. But you need a balance diet.
  4. rsa620

    rsa620 New Member

    I lost weight slowly and gradually by changing my lifestyle, both in terms of dieting and physical activity. In terms of exercise, I went from not working out at all to exercising for at least one hour 4-5 times a week. My workouts were a combination of cardio (running mostly) and weightlifting. While exercising was great, the most impactful thing I did was eat healthier. One thing people do not realize is that even if you were to exercise intensively every day if you are eating a terrible diet that can destroy all the gains made in the gym. You have to cut back on processed and unhealthy foods. For my diet, I decided to only drink water and severe limit drinking things like soda or alcohol. Then I increased my intake of fresh vegetables and significantly reduce eating empty carbs (bread, pasta, rice, etc.). When I did both of these things, I lost 50lbs in the span of 6-7 months. I literally believe anyone can do it. It just takes discipline.
  5. Bumbolbee

    Bumbolbee New Member

    How do people lose weight?
    There's a lot of ways. You just have to choose which one is best for you. Not everyone can go to gym, so he might look for an alternative. Some people might have allergies, so they can't take a slimming thing with bee pollen or causing allergies. Maybe he has a medical condition, so a slimming capsule might be risky. Depending on a personal situation, people will choose how to manage their weight.
    1. Eating control
    2. Slimming capsules
    3. Slimming drinks or coffee
    4.Carbo blockers
    5. Fat burners
    6. Work out
    And many more!
  6. jetsaints30

    jetsaints30 New Member

    A majority of people would love to lose weight and look good or even just feel good about themselves. However, not all methods achieve the same results at the same time. Some methods are faster than others and some methods are more effective than others. As much as our bodies can be different, some methods of losing weight can still be beneficial to all of us. You may be having a wedding or any other occasion in a few months he time and you would like to fit in that great dress you spent hours picking. Well, read along to catch a glimpse at some quick methods you can use to shed some pounds.

    1. Lift Weights One main side effect of losing weight is a slowed down metabolism which is not good for your body. To avoid this you need to do some resistance activities like lifting weights to ensure burnt ng calories without reducing you metabolism rate. However, you don't have to spend a whole day at the gym to get results. All you need to do is hit the gym for 3-4 times in a week. You can consult a trainer for professional advice to know which parts of the body to concentrate on. If you're not comfortable with lifting weights you van do cardio workouts which will give the same results. You can also alternate between the two.

    2. Make a slight change to your lifestyle Various past studies have shown that making small permanent changes in your lifestyle, for instance, your food choices, works better than making drastic changes once. It's even better than trying to stick to the normal physical and calorie restriction routines. Changing your lifestyle is an easy way to lose weight but you should focus on doing it bit by bit. If you embarkbon an all or nothing approach you will definitely fail.

    3. Reduce your intake of sugar and starch This is one of the most important steps to take if you wanna lose weight fast. It's very necessary to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. Carbs play a major role in providing the energy for most of our body parts. The most popular advice you will get out there is that low carb diets will help you lose some weight. Most people will say that if you eat most of the foods with low carbs or eat less of the foods with high carbs you Will easily shed off some pounds. Well, this isn't totally true since you can gain weightvm due to an excess of energy which can come from different types of foods. If you're really serious about losing weight, combine fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk, yoghurt with exercising. This method works most of the time.
  7. zeph456

    zeph456 New Member

    Recently my wife and I have decided to lose weight and get into shape. Well, she has been working out for a while and her progress has inspired me to lose weight as well. I would have to say that she is my inspiration.

    It really is difficult. One of the most difficult things that I have ever done to be honest. Sticking to your plan is essential. For us we have decided to start with changing our diet to a lower calorie diet as well as exercising daily. Changing your diet in small ways really helps and doesn't leave you feeling hungry all the time.

    Look for high calorie foods in your diet. Keep a food journal if need be. Sneaky changes like changing spaghetti noodles to a zucchini noodle drops the calorie count on a bowl of spaghetti by nearly half. Research low cal recipes and make a meal plan for the following week.

    For exercising we each got a step counter and walk every morning. Recently we decided to up our walking to a couch to 5k program. It starts by a 5 min brisk walk and then running for a minute then walking for a minute and a half, alternating for a half hour. Ill admit that my legs really hurt doing it but it make me feel better once I'm done.

    My wife has been doing this for nearly a year and she is happy to say she has lost 150 pounds. I recently started this as well and am down a little over 10 pounds so far.

    It might not work for everyone but this works for us. Try it and maybe it will work for you as well!
  8. vivivi26

    vivivi26 New Member

    Perseverance to lose weight maybe. It is needed that you yourself should know and ready to get fit. It is still depend on the person if he/she really wants to lose fats and get physically fit body.
  9. ipbascar888

    ipbascar888 New Member

    As a mom of two boys, weight loss came when I started breastfeeding my sons from day ome. I believe this has a lot to contribute in my post partum weight loss journey. Breastfeeding help contracts your stomach making it firmer as soon as you give birth. It also encourages your body to produce more milk amd thus helps you burn more fat. I've also noticed that no matter how much I ate when I was breastfeeding, I was not gaining much weight. It was because my body is doing double time to digest my food intake and at the same time produce more milk for my babies. It is really amazing how the human body functions, especially in women as it undergoes several changes from pregnancy up to child birth. So for me, I encourage all mothers to breastfeed your babies, not only it makes you lose those unwanted pounds, but also you are making your babies stronger and healthier because it's nature'a gift after all!
  10. churchil

    churchil New Member

    As for everyone motivation is the basic need, it keeps you going through the process. Secondly, our own routine is a must. Additional exercise is recommended. Drinking sufficient amount of water and proper diet also help along with the others.

    The most basic and understanding way of losing weight is to stay active and mentally and physically active.
    This may help in both losing and gaining weight in a proper and understanding way.
  11. Hi every one!

    There are a lot of diet tips that we can use to loose weight. But the question is how do we really LOOSE WEIGHT!?
    I research a lot about diet and they're pretty much good and I think effective even you don't exercise. But I heard many feedback that no matter how they try on dieting still NOT effective??? Hmmmm!? Why!? :(

    And I am one of those who said that diet is not effective, but that was before. I've tried hundred times but still no work. Until I found the right way on handing diet. It should be PROPER DIET + DETERMINATION + CONSISTENCY = GOAL. The answer to those people who said that diet is not effective no matter how you try it is that they just consider the minimal eating but they are not determined to work it out. You must have the determination why you're doing this and of course loosing weight will not happen in just one snap of your finger, it will take months with the help of consistency.

    Don't loose hope on loosing weight! just be determined and consistent! :thumbsup:[​IMG]
  12. gabgab1218

    gabgab1218 Member

  13. TerryShorty

    TerryShorty New Member

    I work out a lot. This is the only way in my opinion, because if you decide to follow a diet, how long to you think you can last? will you suffer for ever? yes, because eating no chocolate and candy is suffering for me. I love myself too much to do it. So I take me lazy body and I work it out hard. This way all of the calories that you receive burn off and you stay fit.
  14. gabgab1218

    gabgab1218 Member

    Exercise, proper diet and drink water.
  15. MsClaverhouse

    MsClaverhouse New Member

    Losing weight never happens overnight. It takes a long time and a lot of persistence but it can be done. Slowly develop good eating habits rather than trying to change it all in a day. Count calories with FitnessPal, SparkPeople or another free calorie counting app. Celebrate when you stay within your calorie range and forgive yourself when you go over your range. Just remember that slow and steady wins the race.
  16. Roemann

    Roemann New Member

    Eat less

    Exercise more
    This is literally the only way, there's no trick or quick fix, if that's what you're looking for.
    Your body stores fat during starvation as a defense mechanism. It also breaks down muscle instead. 500 calories under maintenance intake is a good level for cutting.
  17. cristina23

    cristina23 New Member

    Actually its easy to say tomorrow im gonna start diet but the truth is its hard for me. i know i need a self discipline and a motivation. I will try my best and do my best start my diet to achive the healthy and fit body.

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