How to attract anything you want in your life

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Do you know the Law of Attraction?

  1. Yes! I know it and use it everyday.

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  2. No! What is this Law of Attraction?

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  1. satopeng4

    satopeng4 New Member

    There are many words that are used in order to explain such happenings. Words like coincidence, serendipity, fate, luck, karma. Sayings like, "what goes around comes around" and so on. All of these words and expressions are different ways of summing up what is known as the Law of Attraction.

    The Law of Attraction is very simply defined as that which attracts towards your life anything that you pay attention to, focus on, or spend energy on, whether you actually want it or not. You can use the Law of Attraction to build your business. The principles of the Law of Attraction can get you more clients, contracts, referrals, business partners, and of course money.

    The Law of Attraction will attract anything that you pay attention to. Stick to the positive and you will attract the positive. Keep thinking about the negative and that is all you will attract. The Law of Attraction does not care whether you want something or not or whether it will be good for you or not. It simple takes your current mood or feeling and goes ahead with it.

    The Law of Attraction has a very simple definition that goes, "like attracts like". What the Law of Attraction states is that if you can think of it then you can achieve it.

    Every time you make a negative Declarative Statement as yourself, "What do I want?" Focus on that aspect and rethink your thoughts. Once you know what you want you also know if it is good for you or not and you are bound to choose only that which is good. You must practice on this until it becomes a habit so that you never have any negative thoughts. After a few days you will see that merely thinking positive will start making a healthy affect on your life and business.
  2. reyhard

    reyhard New Member

    If you want to attract anything, follow your heart and not your ego.
    Listen to your conscience, be simple and follow it.
    Focus on great/big things not to the small ones.
    Accept yourself the way you are.
    Think clearly and believe in yourself.
    Do the right thing and have faith in doing so.
  3. supahcharles

    supahcharles New Member

    Use the law of attraction, dream it, feel it and set your goal to achieve what you want. You have to work hard for it and let the universe do it's own thing. Make the best of what opportunity you have and see beyond the lines. Everything will fall into place when you learn how to believe and be gritty in life.
  4. Certainly. I have always believed in the saying, 'you attract what you think'. If your mentality is always towards the good and the positive, then by setting your mind to it, everything that you do corresponds to what your mind wants to achieve-- positive outcome, great results, success. No matter how many tries you needed to do, it's okay. Because you are focused. You trained your mind to stay in line and do things despite the struggles and obstacles and so it does.

    However, if you are a pessimist and you just think about everything in a bad light, then everything that will follow is not that good either. You will start to doubt yourself and will start to doubt everything else. Your mind would now be creating scenarios of failing, of not achieving anything; And so, what happens is, you are already ruining things even before it started.
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  5. emilytw19

    emilytw19 New Member

    To attract what you want, you must surround yourself with that situation. To be a smarter individual, choosing to associate with those smarter than you will encourage a higher level of thinking and force you into a mindset stronger than your current one. Surround yourself with what you desire and watch your goals become reality over time.
  6. To attract what I want. I just do work hard for it. I always give my best to do my task. I value every small thing. I choose to be more practical than to buy anything I want. I keep on my mind that I need to do work hard to achieve my goals and to be successful someday.
  7. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    I had read the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne which is all about the Law of Attraction. The highlight of this book is that, what we try to think or what we visualize, whether it is good or bad, will come into reality because that is how we manifest things what we want them to be. We attract negativities because we always think and feel about negativities and we attract positivities because we always think about abundance and gratitude to small things that we have. If we begin to expect great big things, even though on times on adversities, we will create great life on advance. So focus on your joy, focus on the things that make us feel good and with this, we will attract things like this back to us. :)
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  8. Chfuen99

    Chfuen99 New Member

    That is the same question I keep asking myself too. How can I attract anything I want in my life? Is there a magic potion for that? I do hope there is, but, unfortunately, there's none. Attracting something you want does not fall from heaven. It takes a million steps to actually PLUCK it from heaven. Those little habits that we do, the early morning walks that we always take, the optimism that we always bring, those are what helps us achieve what we want. Nothing beats planning with enough amount of action. And the most important thing to consider is: if it is not meant to be, no matter how hard we try, it will never be. But, if it is meant to be, but no effort has been done, why would you think for a second you can attract it?
  9. doudou

    doudou New Member

    Mindset, the willpower and courage to stick to it.
  10. chrizj

    chrizj New Member

    To attract positivity is the lead to a successful life, for us to succeed in life we first have one goal, focus and take action. a successful life doesn't mean a happy life. happiness starts within so, keep being happy, if you are not happy just think positive, that this negativity you are going through will come to pass your way.
  11. Purplehayze

    Purplehayze New Member

    Do you think this really works though?

    I really love the ethos of this and I try to practice it at times but I have doubts.

    Is this the same thing as Cosmic Ordering then? I remember that became a popular thing after Noel Edmonds publicised having used it. I had a book on it at the time, again, I loved the idea and I wanted it to be true I just had doubts.
  12. shaamei

    shaamei Member

    A few years back, a friend of mine recommended this Law of attraction for me to watch. It opened a new perspective to me. Relaying this law in my own words and understanding would be is - if you want something, you must never loose focus to your goal. This is the key points that will motivate and inspire you to achieve your dreams no matter how hard it is.
  13. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    When you want to attract someone make sure that you that you do all that you can to achieve that goal. Change for the better to attract that person or get that job. You have to invest yourself to make yourself presentable. You have to gain skills that would give you a greater chance of winning. Hope you achieve your goals.
  14. wkndroyal

    wkndroyal Member

    I believe in the Law of Attraction and strong positive belief in God that you can obtain what you desire, in line with honest hard work and perseverance. You can not just be sitting on your butt doing nothing just waiting on wishful thinking and luck, you have to work or exert effort to direct the circumstances in your favor to help you attract what you desire. When you work hard to achieve something, the reward is always greater than you can hope for. Accompany this by tuning in and filling your spiritual side with positive thoughts, strong belief, prayers, and gratitude, in God's time you will achieve what is due for you. What you put out will come back to you as in the law of Karma, which also means the energy you put out into the world is what you will attract/ receive back. Always choose to give out good and kindness and you will receive good things back in your life.
  15. iansilvino18

    iansilvino18 Member

    There is another point you should be thinking about. Even though most people want to be rich, how many really and truly want to be very rich and have a rich lifestyle? How many would accept all the responsibilities and activities entailed? Subconsciously, they might be afraid to be rich, due to negative mental programming.
  16. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    Listen to your heart and dont think negativity and, go with your good friends may be they attract you and in good things.
  17. vebselpo

    vebselpo Member

    In order to attract anything you want in life- First, is to set your goal or do a proper planning. Evaluate yourself and your capability if when you are able to achieve your goals or plans in life. Second, when you're already all set with your goals whether its short-term or long-term goals- Better have a positive outlook in life, always have a positive mindset for you to able to achieve your goals. Third, it is also important to work for your plan when you're already done planning for it. For you to able to get into the next level you need one step to move forward and start working, one step will make a lot difference. Fourth, just rest but do not quit. It's normal to feel exhausted and tired when we kept working for our goals in life. We may feel we're too far behind from our plans and we can think of giving up and that's fine- but do not stop, just rest. Remember how you've started your plan and keep going. Winners doesn't know how to quit.
  18. AngKool27

    AngKool27 Member

    work hard and love your work,..

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