How to avoid using phones or internet

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by gomaeez, May 2, 2018.

  1. gomaeez

    gomaeez New Member

    I know many would say that they could not live without their gadgets. But for me I am trying to challenge myself to lessen the use of phone and internet because it caused me to be not productive and worst is become depressed.
  2. Littlemonster302

    Littlemonster302 New Member

    My first recommendation is don't quit cold turkey! Allow yourself for a certain period of time to check your phone for alerts and current events, and set a timer for when you have to put it down. The self control part comes in now for a certain amount of time when home alone place your phone either in the care of a friend or in an inconvenient place. Outside of home a phone is a crutch. Its a comfort object when in public to disengage from a situation. Instead of taking your phone out of your bag take out your wallet or keys and fiddle with them. Keep a journal of your daily random thoughts both to keep occupied and gain inspiration! Another good thing to do in public if you purchase one small enough. Even try to strike up a conversation with someone who seems to be in the same situation as you.
  3. cious13

    cious13 New Member

    i love gadgets. i cant live without it ofcourse with internet as well. i am using samsung a9 from singapore for almost 3 years and still in a good condition. i love this phone simply because the camera is awesome and the screen is really wide. i also had an ipad. i am using it to watch some youtube videos for my cooking ;)
  4. cious13

    cious13 New Member

    Since i love gadget i cant find any solution to avoid it unless i am sleeping. well that's the truth. but if given a chance to change my addiction to gadgets i will absolutely try it.
  5. edis

    edis New Member

    nowadays we avoid playing games in the field so most of the time we are using cellphones for entertainment purpose like gaming chatting browsing and watching videos it is waste of time but i think it is not possible to avoid cellphones everyone addicted to it
  6. roquedetera

    roquedetera New Member

    Just go outside play like your kid again remember your kid life and eat.
  7. i avoid my phone usage when i focus on recreational activities and not thinking the posting on to say i am cool. hehe
  8. david90mm33

    david90mm33 New Member

    Limit it.
    You can't just quit your "e-addiction" you have to replace it with something else. Picking up a hobby is the first thing that comes to my mind.
    About the depression part, you could replace some of your phone and internet time with Working out.
    Exercising will release serotonin which will make you feel a lot more confident, it will help reduce stress, wash off feelings of anxiety and depression and I'm sure there are a lot more benefits that come along.
    Of course that wont all come in a day but within 2 months you will definitely notice it.
  9. Jaynshi

    Jaynshi Member

    I have no idea how to avoid my phone. Although sometimes without internet i put it away for sometime.
  10. Julz98

    Julz98 New Member

    Limit the usage of cellphone and try to control yourself to avoid using phone by keeping it in your mind that you should avoid using the phone. You can concentrate to avoid it by keeping your phone away from you and then try to join fun activities in your place like playing sport activities, or exercising. It will help your healthy lifestyle to improve with these activities. I also want to tell you the things you need to do other than joining activities outside your home is to turn off the notification of your phone and turn it to airplane mode so that no one can bother you to use the phone.
  11. Kwinsil

    Kwinsil New Member

    Here are the tips how to avoid too much using of cellphone and internet. Never use you phone as your alarm clock. Weall know how it goes: once you're done dealing your standard wave of 20 snoozes, you flick off the alarm, and go straight to browsing: Instagram, email, videos of baby elephants—you’ve already bogged yourself down with a tech overload before your feet hit the floor. If you want to distance yourself from your tech in a meaningful way, you need to nip the problem in the drowsy bud. And since so many of us literally wake up with our phone in our hands, this is the first place to start cutting back. Remove excess applications. Having instant 'round the clock access to Facebook is as superfluous as a nipple on my elbow. As a wise man on the Internet once said, Facebook is like the fridge—you check it every 15 minutes, even though you know nothing’s there. By eliminating time-wasters and attention suckers, you can rid yourself of the urge to draw your smartphone from your pocket every three minutes out of pure impulse. Don't bring your phone on your bedroom. Leaving your phone out of the boudoir not only gives you another clearly defined tech-free time/zone, it makes sure the unnatural light doesn't mess with your circadian rhythm, leading to better sleep.
  12. AaronW62

    AaronW62 New Member

    When I wind down at the end of the day, I usually set an alarm a couple hours before bedtime. This tells me to unplug from the digital world for the day. I've found several activities to do in this time away from the internet or electronic devices. These activities often include doing a newspaper crossword and/or other things in the same section (word scramble, sudoku, etc). Aside from that I utilize this technology-free time to meditate, prepare tomorrow's lunch, write a journal entry and make a to-do list for the next day. You can also play solitaire or darts if you have a board. Having this late evening routine has helped me cut down on time spent online or on electronic devices.

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