How to be happy.

Discussion in 'Books' started by Rochie, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Rochie

    Rochie New Member

    For me I seek happiness , don't expect someone to make you happy became you'll be disappoint ,make yourself happy know that if you fail to make yourself happy no one will ,seek happiness with everyone know that you you're created to make others happy ,so you too be happy ,stop worrying about things you can't change God knew it all before you come across it .be a good person all the time.
  2. Jonathan A. Velasco

    Jonathan A. Velasco New Member

    You need to enjoy Your Life, Do Something Like Malling Joy Ride, Trip Around The World, But if still not you satisfied and You Feeling Alone Just Tell Theme to Your Family Start it a conversation with Your Family, Life is too short Don't Be Afraid in Life. You Just enjoy Life is a gift' from God Be Happy to Take time to Realize to be Happy is represent to have a Good Life Keep it enjoy Be Happy Always, Forget all the Problem That You had Right now, Keep Calm Don't See Back, Focus on your Future Done be Mined The Problem Just Be Happy Okay Happy Life I Hope You Understand be Happy Always Smile.
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  3. geraldrimula

    geraldrimula New Member

    Based on my experience, in order to make happy first you must be contented in your life i mean dont aim too high beyond your capabilities. Next is forgiveness, learn to forgive all of those who have bad affairs with you, just let God give the judgement. Another is dont think too much on your problem, dont overthink, remember that there is always solution to that. just divert yourself to happy things like make yourself busy. Lastly is develop your relationship with God, He will never fail you
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  4. mlfreya01

    mlfreya01 New Member

    To be happy is to be able to have no worries at that moment. You can be able to find your happiness with a person or with a hobby. If you are having fun with that person and you are not worrying about your problems whenever you're with her/him, then that person is your happiness. When you're doing something or your hobby and you are feeling like you have nothing in your mind, no worries nor problems, then that hobby is your happiness
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  5. clf.dn

    clf.dn New Member

    Always remember that, in order to be happy you must accept yourself, you must know yourself and you must love all your flaws. being happy is not about being famous, having a lot of money or having all the most expensive gadgets. you just need to learn on how to appreciate the simple thing you've achieve in your life even the small things or effort that other people gave you. being true to yourself and contented in life is hard but once you realize how bless you are for everyday you woke up you can say to yourself that your happy enough.
  6. mlfreya01

    mlfreya01 New Member

    For me, to be happy is to be able to have no worries at that moment. You can be able to find your happiness in a person or in a hobby that you like. If with that person you are having fun with no worries at all, then that person is your happiness. If when you are doing something that makes you feel like there is nothing to worry about in life then that is your happiness.
  7. Being happy is not about finding what you do not have because happiness is about enjoying the things you already have.
    just do you what you want. enjoy with your family and create a good memories.
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  8. shichijane

    shichijane New Member

    As for me, I choose to do things that won't harm me and others. In that way, I can be happy and the people around me can be happy as well. Choosing what makes "you" happy without considering others is an act of selfishness and therefore, it cannot be considered as total happiness. You might be happy for a while, but, later on, you will realize that you have hurt others, and it is not what we want. Do what makes you happy but don't forget to do it without hurting other people.
  9. shichijane

    shichijane New Member

    Happiness cannot be achieved if you are not contented with what you have. You may have acheived great milestones in life, but if you compare yourself to others, happimess will not be glued to you. Remember that happiness must come from within and not because you outshined others. Contentment plays a great factor in our life balance
  10. vhalsyub

    vhalsyub New Member

    True happiness is simply contentment. You will be happy if you have fulfillment and satisfaction in life. The moment you opened your eyes in the morning is a sign that you should be happy. Do not let hindrances defeat you. Just be happy.
  11. mlfreya01

    mlfreya01 New Member

    To be happy is to doing the things that you love without worrying about others opinions. It also being contented of the things that you have.
  12. Jaylaw

    Jaylaw New Member

    Happiness doesn’t just happen, it has to be made, it has to be produced, created, discovered, built from the ground up. And it has to be a decision in one’s mind: the decision to be happy. It is really simple, believe it or not. One must have a conviction to be happy no matter what trouble life throws at them; because life can certainly disrupt a person’s happiness, getting in the way of them enjoying their own life, with all the countless and never-ending mishaps and suffering. Happiness is something that comes to those who expect it and therefore deserve it.
  13. Marji-rFUJ

    Marji-rFUJ New Member

    How to be happy ? For me You just need to live your life to the fullest don't think what other's will say to you as long as your not hurting any one. You have your family and friend's at your back, Spend time with them, laugh with them, talk about happy memories that you have in that way you will forget to be sad or alone. Everyone deserve to be happy!
  14. yokobautista7

    yokobautista7 New Member

    Happiness is always a choice. You should learn how to be contented with the life you have.
    Constantly seeking for more or for what others you think might have that you don't will not get you anywhere near happiness.
    Love every detail of your life. Count your blessings. Be thankful for the people around you.
    And most especially, thank God for the life you have. Jesus, our God is always the answer for the emptiness you might feel in your life. He will always complete you. Seek for Him and you will find content, peace and HAPPINESS.

  15. tifanyshinL

    tifanyshinL Member

    There are many reasons on how a person can ve happy. For me here are the following things that we should always bare in our minds.

    First, Be contented with what we have. We should not compare things with other people. Each of us has a different ways on how we can live our life to the fullest. Second, Always look on the positive side. Negativities will only bring us down. We should not have any rooms for these. And lastly, End your day feeling grateful. We should be thankful of everything we have. Even it may seem less we should be thankful for it. Enjoy little things and be proud of it.
  16. theresajane

    theresajane New Member

    Everyone wants to be happy in their own ways. It is like the end goal in every milestone that we are in. When you seek for happiness, you must not be too pressured of finding and gaining it. Let happiness come to you naturally and every positive thing will follow.

    Being happy means you have done what you always want while others are not affected negatively, no worries. You are at peace. Laughing though your heart is hurt is not happiness. True happiness is felt within and is not necessarily seen in your outer appearance.

    For you to be genuinely happy, you must do rightful deeds and make sure that you do things wholeheartedly.
  17. Jazzy26

    Jazzy26 New Member

    To be happy? you just have to be yourself be you are and live your life to the fullest do not limit yourself or give yourself a hard time, don't think too much about what other people's are saying about you as long as you are at yourself it is good, be yourself you don't have to fake it.
    Happiness is when you know that you can do things without other people controlling or limiting you do what you want and always do what can makes you happy stop thinking about other people if you want to be happy just think of the possible things that you think can make you happy and do it without restrictions. Let go all the negativity around you and forgot about what happen yesterday learn to move on , on the things that can make you or feel you down.
  18. phasermindzet

    phasermindzet New Member

    To be happy is to be contented with who you are, and what you have as of the moment without being lazy to improve yourself more, to be a useful citizen. To be happy is to use your time wisely so that you will not regret at the end of the day. To be happy is to prioritize the things 'first things first'. To be happy is to be thoughtful of your action; look before you leap. To be happy is to make the right decision from he start, so that you can go on with your life step by step, leap by leap; and not go back from the beginning when you realize you made the wrong decision. Any wrong start will not end right. It has to be the right decision to end rightfully.
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  19. Dark_Light

    Dark_Light New Member

    Happiness is all about cherishing of what you already have. You need to focus on your achievements and avoid focusing on what you do not have. Having a positive personality will absolutely help you to be satisfied with what you have.
    When you leave the pain from the past, you can live freely without focusing on the negative side of life.
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  20. tinetine31

    tinetine31 New Member

    Just be who you are. Free from everything that makes you unhappy.
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  21. shantel733$

    shantel733$ New Member

    I am not happy at the moment, yet here I am telling you how to be.why? because I have been happy, tasted and felt what it is. Biting into your favorite meal, like a juicy piece of fried chicken, just thinking of how succulent it is makes you happy. Licking on your favorite ice-cream paid for by your very first paycheck makes you happy.
    That is all material, but you know what? True happiness comes from within when you are at peace and comfortable in your own rights, because only you know what makes you happy.
  22. Ericbreezy

    Ericbreezy Guest

    True happiness is not as elusive as most people believe, the problem is that most times we follow other people's concept of happiness and other people's laid down ways of trying to find happiness. If we can each first define what happiness means to us as individuals, it would be much easier for us to create happiness in our lives.
  23. alexatag26

    alexatag26 New Member

    How to be happy? Sinple. You just need to be contented in your life. If you're contented you would not ask for more. But it is always up to you if what you want to choose to be happy.
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  24. davidusa1993

    davidusa1993 New Member

    You need to be crazy .This is the truth.
  25. Noypi20

    Noypi20 New Member

    How to be happy? It is very simple, Happiness is when your life fulfills your needs. In other words happiness comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled. Happiness is a feeling of contentment, that life is just as it should be. Perpect happiness, enlightenment, comes when you have all of needs satisfied.
  26. eocasion

    eocasion New Member

    I think the question is wrong, maybe the question must be" ARE YOU HAPPY?" Its like your degrading yourself to attain happiness well in fact happiness is free. There is no secret formula to attain happiness. Just remove all the negativity you have. Life is full of happiness. Just be yourself in everything you do. Live your life to the fullest because we only have one life. There is NO BUT's and WHAT IF's in life. Your are the Captain of your own happiness.
  27. jackiesunga

    jackiesunga New Member

    To be happy is to live at the present moment. People are never contented, if a person achieves a goal in life, he/she still asks for more. So, in order to be happy, just live in the present, do what you can to achieve your goal without losing yourself in the process. Remember, life is a journey and not a destination.
  28. To be happy is a self choice. You can found your hapinnes only inourselves, we need more better on ourselves so that we have a happy and contentment in life. Happiness is a choice!
  29. CherryNapila23

    CherryNapila23 New Member

    Based on my experience, happiness does not necessarily depend on anyone or anything but yourself. True happiness will come from your own point of view the things around you. Any situation can be a stimulus for everyone so it depends on the person how we view and react to specific situation. If you have always been optimistic and see things in a good or positive way, then you will be able to see the purpose of every action and find something that you can be happy or content about.
  30. Coherence24

    Coherence24 New Member

    being happy is not a matter of facial expression of happiness it's not about the smiles and the laughter. its not about being funny or hearing something funny. the true essence of happiness lies from within. happiness starts with letting go of the things that makes you sad. not to the point that you forget about the problems instead never let the problems affect you. by letting go you'll finally learn to move on. happiness is a choice, so always choose to be happy. its either you win over sadness and problems or they win over you. it's always your choice.

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