How to be happy.

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  1. sammiii

    sammiii New Member

    You can't expect it to be given to you by someone else.

    Happiness comes first within you. How? Proper mindset, is one. You got to visualize the positives and negatives in you life. Next, is family. "No man is an island" they say, and it's true. You need people who supports you but don't depend on their existence. You control your life, your emotions. Another is to do the things you love. Do something that excites your soul.

    And sometimes, being content can make you genuinely happy and worry free.
  2. Keeshia05

    Keeshia05 New Member

    Seeking for happiness? Then seek God. He is the only one who can gives us happiness he is the only who can take away all your sadness with God you will feel complete and you will feel renew. So why seeking for short term happiness wherein you can find an everlasting happiness.
  3. leslie0706

    leslie0706 New Member

    Happiness is a choice. But what if there aren't any choices, to begin with? Sometimes that what life will offer you, NO CHOICE. You just have to live the moment, either drown yourself or try so hard to breathe and live. If you get yourself drown then you will lose. If you try hard even if it's killing you in the process still you have a chance to live and try again. Happiness isn't just about having something you hope for, or comfort, or money in the bank, or availability of everything you need. It's about fighting for it and getting the desired result in the process. Happiness is being satisfied with what you have and what you did to have it. Life is not always having butter in your bread but also making jam out of a strawberry.
  4. Besa

    Besa New Member

    You need to be happy to get rid of the problem,just focus on your future,if you have any problems,just approaxh those friends to share them with what you feel for losing the lumber and being happy because sometimes it happen in life.Happines is about enjoying the thinhs already have.
  5. conniemac

    conniemac New Member

    To be happy is to be contented. There’s in nothing wrong with wealth or success but learn to appreciate what you achieved and be grateful about it. Happiness is the simple things around you. Family, friends, pets, etc. It is a state of heart and mind. When you get to appreciate life no matter how hard it seems that’s happiness. Try to look what’s good in people, what’s good in every situation and you will be happy.
  6. Eric35

    Eric35 Member

    to be happy is contented on what we have in our life toether with our family we should be more Faithful to God
  7. Valerie Ann

    Valerie Ann New Member

    To be honest, only yourself can answer that. Only yourself can make you happy and it is our choice if we want to be happy. Doing things you really like makes you happy, enjoying the moments with precious somebody can make you happy and not caring about what people's say to you, trust me you'll feel so light and happy. And I think to maintain this happiness is avoid someone or something that holds you back to be happy. They are toxic. You don't need someone like them in your life but still it is all you choice.
  8. ens04

    ens04 New Member

    how to be happy? maybe you just need to be you. do whatever you want to do, go to a place that makes you alive, be who wants to be. you only live once, so dont think any negative, just smile and everything will be okay.
  9. maricrisleddaverano

    maricrisleddaverano New Member

    For me happiness is a choice. Follow your heart and find out what makes you happy. For me, happiness starts with yourself and does not depend on other people. When you learn to accept your flaws and differences your soul will be happy and everything will follow. Being positive in life can also make you happy because you tend to fight negative vibes and sadness. Be contented in what you have and appreciate all the simplest thing will make you happy as well.
  10. Beth77

    Beth77 New Member

    To be truly happy one should have felt sadness. If you haven't really experienced the emotion at the opposite side of the spectrum, then you can't claim you are happy. For me, I think being happy is living simply with the people you love without worries. And I hope everyone can be happy like that.
  11. Kiasos

    Kiasos New Member

    Be contented
  12. whlven

    whlven New Member

    The key to be happy is to have a strong faith, if you have this, nothing will ever shake you down. Second, you have to be contented with what you have. You should start focusing on what you have and be grateful for each and everything. Third, stop comparing yourself to other people. Each and every one has a different way of life, needs, wants and responsibilities. Other people’s life is entirely different from yours. Fourth, stop complaining. Instead, have the initiative and the will to make a change. Fifth, have the courage to stand up to what you truly believe and what you really want to do. Do not let other people tell you what you should and should not do in your life. You should be in control of your own life, after all, it your life to live not theirs. As everyone is saying, you only live once, so make the best out of it.
  13. acd

    acd New Member

    How to be happy? I think first thing you need to do is to accept all the things that is around you and love the people around you because true happiness comes from our heart.
  14. Medalina

    Medalina New Member

    You must accept of what you have today for you to be happy.Unhappy people never seem to get what they want.I will agree with being contended with what you have. Second, you must also enjoy with what you do. Many people are not enjoying of what they are doing with their job.Third, we should choose happiness. You need to actively choose to be happy.Fourth, stop worrying. Don't take yourself too seriously.And fifth, think positive. Optimism is the mind's natural self - defense mechanism against depression.
  15. lessurmitch

    lessurmitch Member

    Being happy is a choice. Be happy even if your life's a mess because everything happens for a reason. Being happy is kind of showing that you are being positive in life. If you are positive then good things will come and you can be happy. Even in sadness, you need to feel it and soon it will heal and what comes next is happiness. You can be happy with your life any time and anywhere you'll go, travel the world, explore new things, be contented of what you have now. Soon you'll reach the happiness you seek.
  16. John0520

    John0520 Member

    To be happy is to be contented with what you have as being loved and cared is the utmost point of happiness. Being happy is easy on the outside but harder on the inside. It is because happiness must be earned, treasured and give importance to. If you want to be happy, there are many paths to choose and walk, considering the amount of time and change, happiness may also change depending on the constant or responsive act in nature or environment you belong. As said, beautiful feathers doesnt mean you can fly. Belongingness, self-worth, love, respect and both hope and faith are the reason why you are happy. Smile and that simple smile can brought happiness and may change the world.
  17. jeffzod

    jeffzod New Member

    No one can be happy on your behalf.Happiness comes from deep within. In order to be happy, you have to let go of past hurts and bitterness.Money can not buy happiness.A story is told of a King who was very wealthy and he wanted more.He called for a monk and asked for his secret to happiness.The Monk had nothing but a loin cloth, a blanket and a lamp that he had been give.The King asked the Monk why he was happy.The Monk replied that the lamp could give a person whatever they wished for and double it.The King requested the Monk to give him the lamp.The King wanted to give the monk a lighter lamp covered in gold and diamonds.The Monk refused and the King was dismayed.He wondered how a lowly monk could refuse the request of a king.The King had the Monk arrested and the soldiers confiscated the lamp.After the King had possession of the lamp, he locked himself up for three days.He kept asking the lamp for things and the lamp kept on urging him to ask for more.The King later died.The lesson is that material things can not make you happy.
  18. andyryse

    andyryse New Member

    Hi! This is my very first time posting on forums. And this forum gets me more interested in sharing what I'd like to say.

    How to be happy?
    The very fact that we all know no man is an island and that we have to get along to each other to live a harmonious life, can make a person become happy.
    You can live the way you want. You can say whatever you feel like saying. You can choose the kind of life you want to live on. But, are you not hurting anyone? Are you making sure that the people who love you are happy with how things are on your end? Well, if they are not happy with that, then you may still not get the happiness and peace of mind you need. On contrary, I'm not saying to please the people around you, it's not healthy either. What I'm saying is that, if the people who are close to you think that you are in a good shape and they feel good about it, and your happy with that too, that's when I say, real happiness is there.
  19. kthrn

    kthrn New Member

    Happiness is a choice. i looked at my child "i felt happy. even in small things you can be happy. But there is more than just being happy. It is a joy you cannot find in this world it is to have a joyful relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. With Him, you're heart will be content but will be excellent for His glory so when people will see you, they don't see you but they see God in you. Let your light shine unto men , they may see your good works and praise your Father in Heaven (Matthew 5;15-16) Cheer up Be happy God loves you.
  20. Einalem

    Einalem New Member

    Fate isn't something we can easily define. "Will I ever be happy?". In doubts and questions, eagerly seeking for answers we might never have as none of us knows and will ever know what's ahead of us.

    Majority thinks happiness is destined only to some individuals, but for me it is the destination of our own paths. Nothing is written in the stars. Our own happiness lies within us and we have the right to take control. Instead of being too critical, be flexible enough and learn from every ups and downs. Leave the worries behind. Conquer what you think is rightfully yours and be the master of your fate.
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  21. simplyjoy

    simplyjoy New Member

    How to be happy? It really depends on individual perspective and choice. The happiness of one may not be a happiness for others. Simply stating it is a state where we find ourselves envelope in fulfillment and satisfaction. A state we reached when as if we are enveloped in barriers that no worries and negativity could put us down.
  22. burgosmichael2407

    burgosmichael2407 New Member

    Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. Happiness is a choice. It is not about your relationship status, your financial stability, your success in your career or about getting everything you want in life. Happiness is the condition of your heart with the Lord. Your happiness is not based on the absence of your problems but in the presence of God in your life. You can do everything you want to do and you can have everything you want yet in the end you will realize that everything is in vain without God in your life. I love what Jim Carrey said, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.”
  23. Kirstieox

    Kirstieox New Member

    Being happy is not just to be contented in what we have in life but also aiming to reach our goals and aspirations in our own pace. Our happiness will not be complete without the support of course of our families and friends.
  24. ThankyouGod

    ThankyouGod New Member

    Being happy is being contended. You will not be happy if you are complaining about everything. Start your day with thanking God for what you have. Be thankful for small things such as the pillow, blanket, and bed you have while you were sleeping. The coffee that you are drinking in the morning or the breakfast itself. If not then your lunch or dinner. In general, that food you ate. And it sounds annoying or cliche but not all have the chance to wake up in the morning. There is some who doesn't have a chance to see what a beautiful life God gave to us. Think of what you have now in your life. It makes you appreciate everything. Thank God always. I believe this way by thanking Him even the small things can make us happy.
  25. bencherik

    bencherik New Member

    Happiness is not a simple goal, but it is about making progress, we must change our thoughts, forget the negative experiences but remember positive one, we can actually change the way our brains function. We can train ourselfs to be happier by seeking self actualizing work and our kind of fun!
  26. Happiness is not something that will happen when you want to be happy. You have to appreciate the things in front of you. Sometimes, we are happy in just a little thing but we always forget to be grateful and to be contented, that's why sometimes even if we had everything we want we still not happy.
    Being with someone will never guarantee that we will be happy. always remember that every little thing maters.
  27. jpsnow14

    jpsnow14 New Member

    Happiness is the key to life. How to achieve happiness? simple, be contented on what you have and use it to achieve what you haven't. Even if you get all the material things you want in this world, you won't be happy if you are not contented on the first place. Being not contented is a natural characteristics of every person, so a person is very lucky if he or she overcomes. Being contented is the key to life.
  28. Monique Bakker

    Monique Bakker New Member

    It's a matter of perspective, what makes one happy. It's always personal because we determine it for ourselves. What works for someone might not work for another. As for me, happiness is finding one's gratefulness. When we are grateful enough, each and every little blessing we count, makes our hearts flutter with happiness. Be it rain or sunshine, we welcome it because we are grateful.
    Being aware of others happiness and making it a reality for them, channeling that happiness to them is one source of happiness as well. Making people happy is happiness indeed.
  29. MTKiliulis

    MTKiliulis New Member

    For me, being happy is being in the present moment. If you are thinking about the future or the past, you cant experience anything new or exciting and that's just depressing.
  30. glayting

    glayting New Member

    personally , i do this:
    Smile from your heart and then close your eyes, and remember something happy in your life and made you smile , then imagine you are still inside this situation , and think about it well, make sure you will feel a wonderful feeling that brings you other ideas that cause you Happiness :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) try > it works

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